It all started early 2014, when I decided to quit my job and do things different. Before this moment I studied Fine woodworking (Furniture) for 6 years,  played in a band, spend the weekends with my friends, spend money on useless stuff. The somewhat “regular” life-style. Although I had nothing to complain, after I finished my study I started wondering, wondering what I wanted to do with my life. Meanwhile I felt somewhat stuck in the System. Afraid to leave it, searching for a job which wasn’t that easy for my profession around that time etc. I spend almost 2 years doing small projects here and there, when I finally managed to find a Furniture maker who offered me a contract for 1 year. That’s when it happened, by the end of that year I had no doubts any more, This was not my Path I decided to travel around Europe and Volunteer

With my background in woodworking and my Interests in Sustainability, Natural Building, Perma-Culture and related shizzle. A lot of options opened up, after a bit of searching I found a few projects in Europe that interested me! Then I came in contact with the dude behind IzReal. He started his project early 2012 Building a Natural House from Straw/Clay, with the plan to become as Self-sufficient as possible within a few years. That’s when the ball really started rolling, We skyped a bit and he invited me to come over for the summer to help him out at his project. There was only one problem, How to travel for a longer period of time without to much costs? Besides I wanted to actually see Europe and not just hop on a plane and arrive at my destination a few hours later. It was easily solved! Backpacking/Hitch-hiking in combination with Stealth Camping/Couch-Surfing.

I did some research, Bought a backpack, A tent, some gear, changed my diaper, Said bye to the People I cared most about and before I knew it I was standing next to road with my Thumb in the air. first destination: IzReal.eu in Lithuania!

My Objective

I want to Venture through Europe for an undetermined time, with the least amount of money possible. Searching for- and Volunteering at intentional community’s and “ecological” projects learning as much as I can about Sustainability, Perma-culture, Natural Building, and related. While doing so, Visit friends in other countries, Make new friends, improve my Social skills, Couchsurf, experience other Cultures/foods and get to know this planet were living on a bit better. Consider this the “In a Nutshell”

Looking for a Volunteer?

Are you part of a project similar to what I described above? could you use extra help? Would you like me to write and blog about your project and my experiences? Contact me! I’m always interested in New projects, New people to meet and New destinations to add to my Journey! So do you know an Awesome project or are you organizing and could use an extra hand? Don’t hesitate and let me know!


Where am I:  Preparing trip to: Latin America
Reach me at: info(at)erthwalker(dot)com //  fbbutton