sodabreadfeatured Rye Soda Bread (3/23/2016) - Bread, Who doesn’t eat bread every once in a while? Most people do unless you have some gluten problems. What I find hard to grasp though, is why people like the Bread that is sold in the Supermarkets so much. Its is so light, so Airy, not to much taste. Eating a slice of supermarket […]
Renewaxe2 DIY: Renewing your Axe (3/17/2016) - Spring is almost here, this means that all tools which had a nice winter sleep will be used again excessively! Some of them in good state, but I bet you have some old rusted tools laying around somewhere. That for sure, was the case for us. Recently I came across This article posted by Natural Homes […]
eggplantcover Eggplant Salad(Spread) (9/21/2015) - Eggpant salad, A amazing spread for bread! While I was in Roșia Montană I learned how to make this delicious and healthy smearables!  I have been told that it actually originates from Turkey, though throughout the Balkans you can find a similar recipe. I myself got to know Eggplant Salad in Romania, where at first i […]
BO Fire DIY: Barrel Oven (6/23/2015) - Cob ovens are great! they are easy to build and maintain. The thing is they take some time to heat up before you can use them, meaning that you can’t spontaneously bake a delicious cake. There is a solution to that! Its The barrel oven! The barrel oven is a very practical and wood efficient […]
hops Brewing Beer (5/21/2015) - Back in the days I though that brewing beer was quite difficult, I have to admit I never really did research into the process, I just expected it to be a long process difficult to do at home. well, I found out this is hardly true. Its actually super easy, all you need is some […]
Oak_Tree Identifying Oak (3/16/2015) - Identifying oaks, or trees in general can be quite a challenge. there so many different species spread out across the globe, you can easily get confused especially in winter. to be able to identify the exact species you need quite some knowledge and experience, but with a few little steps you can get close enough […]
Plywood featured Plywood (12/9/2014) - Plywood is a flat panel built up of sheets of veneer called plies, put together under high pressure with glue to create a panel with an strong bond between the plies. Building the panel the plies are glued together in alternating directions, depending on the required thickens the panel usually consists of 3, 5, 7 or […]
steambending Steam Bending Wood (12/2/2014) - Steam bending wood is a technique used for centuries, back in the days it was commonly used to bend hull ribs for ships, different hand tools and weaponry. As time passed it became more popular under the furniture makers and they started using this technique for making chairs, baskets, tables and even musical instruments like […]
Featured pizza DIY: Rocket Cob Oven (10/16/2014) - Ovens are awesome! and i’m pretty sure you would agree with me when I say there simply awesome because pizzas are awesome, home baked bread is delicious and cake is no longer a lie when you have an awesome oven to bake dem in. still not convinced? well let me show you how easy it […]
45Sticky Dovetail Joints (8/21/2014) - The Dovetail joint is one of the joints I personally like the most, not only does it look beautiful. Its super strong and makes whatever your making instantly cool showing it off! Most people think dovetails are very hard to make, and although it requires some skill (for if you never used a chisel before […]

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