Cabinview Time Flies in da Mountains (4/28/2016) - I stayed in Cluj for a couple of days chilling with a friend, that weekend we hitchhiked to Viscri. Viscri is a little village in Romania where things go back to basic. Really basic, as if you go back in time 100 years. But what makes this place even more “interesting” is that Prince Charles […]
Windmills To da Land of Mountains, Zacuscă n Țuica (3/9/2016) - So yeah, It has been a while again since I last wrote something, It was in Ireland to be exact. To make sure the story doesn’t have a few empty pages let me nutshell the last couple of months for you. Ireland was nice, and the Carriage project was interesting too, But due to unforeseen […]
IBheader Inch Bofin Carriages (11/24/2015) - Rain, Wind and Rainbows, Wooosh, Woooosh. Rakatakataka. The sounds of the Rain falling on the roof of the workshop is wonderful. Rain never bothered me that much. Though I have to admit, after a month of mostly Rain and Wind it gets you somehow. Beautiful sunsets are rare, simply because most of the time its […]
ukireboat Hitching the Boats, NL to Ireland (11/3/2015) - After a couple of days visiting family and chilling with friends my Journey continues towards the West, Longford, Ireland as my destination. I started my Journey on a Wednesday late morning on the A27 heading south. It didn’t take me that long to get a ride, I walked around the parking lot only once when […]
a12damsco Cluj – Amsterdam Hitch (10/13/2015) - I intended to start hitching on Monday, sadly rain hit Cluj. I figured ill kick back for one more day and get going the next. It was a great choice, for Tuesday morning the weather was much better. I arrived at the hitch-hiking spot around 09:00 and got a ride in about 50 minutes towards […]
Last day of Ierii Turning the pages, România (10/9/2015) - It is as if I’m writing a book called “The Tales of my Journey” Yet at the same time I’m reading it, Excited and amazed of the story and where it is leading me. I bet that the great writers of our time have some kind of guideline or idea of where they want to […]
Rosia Header Roșia Montană Carpenter Tales (9/15/2015) - Many things have happened in the past 2 months, Sadly I don’t always feel like blogging, But when I do, Amazing stuff will be brought to you. So today I will tell you stuff about Roșia Montană, A quiet little town in the Alba region. The place where I have been Volunteering for the Adoptă […]
CIMG1804 Tiny Strawbale Project (7/7/2015) - In June we spent 2 weeks at a different project. A tiny strawbale house far away from the city, supermarkets, internet and crowded places. A little village somewhere in sălaj county Transylvania. A little village where the locals live like back in the days, where everybody grows their own food, has their own cow, chickens, […]
squirrlez Să creşti mare! (6/7/2015) - Riding the bicycle, something I love to do and something that has been quite common for me throughout my life, almost daily even. ever since I started traveling, riding the bicycle has not been that common sadly. While staying in Lithuania I bought a bicycle in Vilnius and whenever I went to Vilnius I would […]
Dat Sheeple Hiking to Citadel (4/23/2015) - We did a hike towards a old abandoned/destroyed citadel. The hike was about 8 hours total, the first hike I ever made in my life over the crazy mountaintops of Transylvania. Due to the fact that I have been feeding you with way to much text lately, This will be a Silent Audio/Visual experience  

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