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Cabinview Time Flies in da Mountains (4/28/2016) - I stayed in Cluj for a couple of days chilling with a friend, that weekend we hitchhiked to Viscri. Viscri is a little village in Romania where things go back to basic. Really basic, as if you go back in time 100 years. But what makes this place even more “interesting” is that Prince Charles […]
Windmills To da Land of Mountains, Zacuscă n Țuica (3/9/2016) - So yeah, It has been a while again since I last wrote something, It was in Ireland to be exact. To make sure the story doesn’t have a few empty pages let me nutshell the last couple of months for you. Ireland was nice, and the Carriage project was interesting too, But due to unforeseen […]
IBheader Inch Bofin Carriages (11/24/2015) - Rain, Wind and Rainbows, Wooosh, Woooosh. Rakatakataka. The sounds of the Rain falling on the roof of the workshop is wonderful. Rain never bothered me that much. Though I have to admit, after a month of mostly Rain and Wind it gets you somehow. Beautiful sunsets are rare, simply because most of the time its […]
ukireboat Hitching the Boats, NL to Ireland (11/3/2015) - After a couple of days visiting family and chilling with friends my Journey continues towards the West, Longford, Ireland as my destination. I started my Journey on a Wednesday late morning on the A27 heading south. It didn’t take me that long to get a ride, I walked around the parking lot only once when […]
a12damsco Cluj – Amsterdam Hitch (10/13/2015) - I intended to start hitching on Monday, sadly rain hit Cluj. I figured ill kick back for one more day and get going the next. It was a great choice, for Tuesday morning the weather was much better. I arrived at the hitch-hiking spot around 09:00 and got a ride in about 50 minutes towards […]
Last day of Ierii Turning the pages, România (10/9/2015) - It is as if I’m writing a book called “The Tales of my Journey” Yet at the same time I’m reading it, Excited and amazed of the story and where it is leading me. I bet that the great writers of our time have some kind of guideline or idea of where they want to […]
Rosia Header Roșia Montană Carpenter Tales (9/15/2015) - Many things have happened in the past 2 months, Sadly I don’t always feel like blogging, But when I do, Amazing stuff will be brought to you. So today I will tell you stuff about Roșia Montană, A quiet little town in the Alba region. The place where I have been Volunteering for the Adoptă […]
CIMG1804 Tiny Strawbale Project (7/7/2015) - In June we spent 2 weeks at a different project. A tiny strawbale house far away from the city, supermarkets, internet and crowded places. A little village somewhere in sălaj county Transylvania. A little village where the locals live like back in the days, where everybody grows their own food, has their own cow, chickens, […]
squirrlez Să creşti mare! (6/7/2015) - Riding the bicycle, something I love to do and something that has been quite common for me throughout my life, almost daily even. ever since I started traveling, riding the bicycle has not been that common sadly. While staying in Lithuania I bought a bicycle in Vilnius and whenever I went to Vilnius I would […]
Dat Sheeple Hiking to Citadel (4/23/2015) - We did a hike towards a old abandoned/destroyed citadel. The hike was about 8 hours total, the first hike I ever made in my life over the crazy mountaintops of Transylvania. Due to the fact that I have been feeding you with way to much text lately, This will be a Silent Audio/Visual experience  
horsey checking da cabin Mâine du Pâine la Câine (4/22/2015) - On Wednesday evening I arrived at the project, approximately a 1 hour drive from Cluj deep into the mountains! My arrival was great, Walking to the bus in Cluj I saw this backpacker dude. When I got into the bus he also entered a few minutes later. We didn’t really speak but I figured he […]
High Cluj Cluj Adventures! (4/21/2015) - That night I slept wonderful, not that i’m a bad sleeper or anything. But probably the combination of Țuică and being aware that I have almost arrived at my next project made it just wonderful. That morning I was fed with an amazing omelette, full of veggies, spinach, eggs and I have no idea what else […]
Cluj Shield Cluj, Here I Come! (4/20/2015) - That morning we woke up early, enjoyed an eggy breakfast and said our goodbye Eva gave me a huge bag of food for on the road, It had a sandwich, Orange, some candy and cheesthings. I decided to take the train to a nearby village where I could access a petrol station to the highway. […]
Budapest 4 Days in Budapest (4/19/2015) - The couple I was Couchsurfing were named Marcus and Anita, they were quite busy at the time I stayed there, nonetheless they did everything in their power to make my experience of Budapest the best of the best. Thursday morning we had breakfast and discussed where I should go and what I should definitely see. […]
Reaching Oblivion's Gates Hitching out of Oblivion (4/15/2015) - That morning I took the bus to Vyšehradská which is on the southern edge of the city, from there it was about a 30 minutes walk to the nearest petrol station connected to the highway, the walk was quite the adventure. I already did some research and knew I either had to go straight through farmland […]
Praha benzin Oward to Bratislava (4/14/2015) - The next morning I packed all my stuff as usual, Had a walk to the city center where I took the Red Metro line to Opatov, There I took bus 363 to a little village called K sukovu a bit south of the city. From there I walked for about 20 minutes to the highway, […]
Weird no face things Praha Adventures (4/13/2015) - When I got dropped of in the Center of the Center of Praha I started with a little walk towards the old town. One of the first things I noticed about Praha is the amazing architecture, it is really a very beautiful city! What I didn’t expect really was the fact that besides it beauty […]
Fancy Bridge Onward to Praha (4/13/2015) - Monday morning when everybody got ready for work I woke up as well, gather all my stuff and got ready for the road towards Praha. I took the U-bahn to Frankfurter Allee, where I took the S-Bahn to S Altglienicke. There was supposed to be a quite busy road with loads of traffic heading south and […]
Berlin Rainbow Berlin Reunion (4/12/2015) - That afternoon (Friday the 9th of April) we arrived in Berlin, Even though Leifur had to go to the more outskirts of the city to meet his friends, he decided to get a haircut first, which was almost in the center of the center of Berlin, it took some time to find a parking spot […]
CIMG1234 Moletai to Berlin (4/9/2015) - Its thursday morning, around 05:30. Bas dropped me of at the nearest bus stop, the ride was somewhat weird. you know, you have been living together for about a year. developed a friendship and then its the moment when your roads go in different directions. It was bearable, the only somewhat dificult moment to not […]
DSC03122 The end of a Chapter (4/8/2015) - Another year has passed by as if its nothing. Time has been going fast, they told me the older you get, the faster time will go. So I try not to think about it that much. It was a great year, This place is wonderful and I really felt at home here. So much possibilities […]
Spring awakening Spring Awakenings (3/21/2015) - I have awoken from my winter sleep, yeah I know. I haven’t been blogging much the past months, this obviously because i was sleeping! The truth is, winter wasn’t so bad as i had expected it to be, there was allot of snow, ice and coldness, but it didn’t get much below -10. we did […]
NL Northern Lights LT (3/18/2015) - It’s just after midnight around 01:00, I go outside to empty my bladder which I usually do before I wander the dreamaverse. I open the door and i’m rather confused by the brightness of the sky at this time of year. I didn’t even have to put on the light to see the things i […]
CIMG1077 Winter is Coming. (11/5/2014) - Slowly the weather is turning, last week was actually doable, but the week before. Osnap. it started freezing at night like crazy. Every morning there were big layers of ice in our buckets and wheelbarrows, getting thicker and thicker. When you feel like adding some more clay, you suddenly realize that all the clay is […]
Pure Art Recent Developments (9/6/2014) - Winter is coming, Slowly but surely, all of the sudden the 35 degrees was gone and we had a period of rain and winds. nights are getting colder and instead of a subtle light from the horizon its already dark at 9 these days. luckily for us there has been some nice sunny weather the […]
Šironija Assisting @ Šironija (8/17/2014) - This weekend (16/17th of August) We went to help an acquaintance of Basz with his Straw house, The Dude (Which is the son of the old mayor of Moletai) decided to build his own house on the land of their family for his wife and future kids most likely, to live there happily ever after. […]
Featured Esci Esci in da Hizzle (8/8/2014) - Last Friday, da first of August Me n Crayray headed to da Airport to pick up our Brha from another Mha. Escii! To put it in a nutshell, before I started traveling Me ray n Esci have been chilling allot, basically any weekend. Gettin Blazed, Playing sum Games. Adventuring. but most of all canceling on […]
Featured Trakai 23Da July, Trakai Chillin. (7/26/2014) - Ever since I came to Lietuva, I heard about Trakai, A Small town with a Castle. surrounded by water and amazing forest and so I wanted to see it from that point forth. Although I wanted to go there before, eventually it failed ery timez Cuz I was hoping to go with someone I met […]
Featured anotherdayz Just another Crazy DayZ (7/22/2014) - Before I start with all da madness, lets just go back a little and let me show you what we haz been doin eh! Although most of the straw/clay walls have been made and the house is closed, there are still a vew to be done at the Front and Back Entrance. Before the weekend […]
Berry Bilberry Gathering (7/16/2014) - Last Sunday i had to bring Chrisreal n Petersz to da airport again, and I figured if I’m going Vilnius that early I should find something awesome to do. I gave some people a call and I was able to join Rutaz and two of her friends Brojus n Justas to da Vilnius forest to […]
Probro Whatz happenin lately (7/13/2014) - Its mid July these days n things here at da Izreal are going pretty amazing. Not only are the plants growing and blooming, and are eating from the garden regularly, N we have been working on the house like mad!! We had a period of rain, lots O rain. but the last week it has […]
Buying sum Milkz (7/9/2014) - So we just went to the nearby Milkman to try and buy some Milk, Cheese and Yoghurt. The first farm we tried didn’t have milk yet, they told us either to come back in about one hour. or try the next farm. We drove towards the direction he pointed out, and stopped at the next […]
Folkloro July da 4th Folklore Day (7/5/2014) - Its da 4th of July, at the time I didn’t realize this yet. but we took the car n headed to Vilnius to pick up a carpet and check the old town afterwards because Crayray didn’t see Vilnius yet. It was crazy nice weather and a perfect day to do this. We parked da car […]
abadonned Adventuring abandoned Buildingz (7/3/2014) - Me n CrayRay randomly decided to check out some abandoned places nearby, maybe not exactly random.. When we saw a full rainbow we figured to search for the pot of gold, while adventuring towards dem treasure we got distracted and started scouting a abandoned building we found on the way.   the land around the […]
Kepta Duona N Šaltibarščiai (6/25/2014) - So Saturday night we made some Traditional Lithuanian dishes, don’t expect anything crazy, dem Dishes are so EZ its like, how can something so delicious be so simple to create. well, I will try to give you an idea! Kepta Duona (Fried Bread) Its my favorite snack since I Arrived in Lietuva, for making diz […]
kruid Žolynų šventė (Herbz Celebration) (6/23/2014) - Today is the 21 of June, another festival takes over Vilnius streetsz, This time its all about Herbsz n Spicez. Afrikos būgnų would play again today, Gediminas invited me to come check them out. I Renevouz with Šarūnė at the gigz. I just woke up like 1 hour before the gig, It was a perfect […]
KulturosNaktis Kultūros Naktis (6/22/2014) - Its da 20th of June today, Vilnius Culture night, Afrikos būgnų will be playing again tonight, so of course I had to check dem out! Due to Ausra graduating and finaly recieving her Diploma, she also had time to join to the awesome Festival thingies. I woke up early and took the bus to Vilnius […]
Table Tinkering (6/18/2014) - The last two weeks we had an extra visitor @IzReal. Andre, he is a photographer. Last year he was here for the first time, he liked the project so much he decided to come back Every year from now on to Photo Report about the happenings around here, if you are interested about last year […]
Le Weekend: Potato Potato (6/9/2014) - After like 3 weeks at da Eco project, between al dem Senior’s I felt like checking out some Lithuanian nature, go somewhere. meet up with peepz. mix with some younge energiesz! I’m very curious about Trakai, so I tried to find someone to join me to Trakai. but this was harder then expected (due to […]
Featured Greenhouse Project Greenhouse (6/6/2014) - Last Friday we started on Project Greenhouze, Friday n Saturday we worked on it here n there, we got about this far, Sunday Rain hit us again. so basically we didn’t work on da Greenhouze that day and chilled like a Baws. The reason we started on the Greenhouze is because we have lots of […]
Lietuva, Saulėlydis Paradise! (6/4/2014) - I did promise to show you all some better pictures of the landscape around here, I did make a vew, but I think the Sunset (Saulėlydis) is way more interesting to show you, This post is dedicated to the Landscaping around here and also the Saulėlydis pictures I have gathered so far Enjoy the awesomeness of […]
Meduoliai-Tai-kazkas-auksciau-suvokimo-ribu Lithuanian Snackz (6/1/2014) - Most of you probably already know about the Delicious Trakai breadz snackz. called Kibinai Usually filled with mutton and other meats, but on some place also with sweeter fillings like Strawberry, Cherry, Apple cinnamon enz But ooh ooh oooh I found these new amazing Snackz!! (Actually Ausra recommended me these) It lays in the refrigerator […]
What I haz b333n doing lately (5/24/2014) - All of the sudden I realized, I didn’t even show ya all the Workbench I finished a vew weeks ago, So I will Dedicate this posts to some random thingz I have been doing in the past 2 weeks To begin with, I started on the workbench. After finishing the yurt n clayying some dayZ, […]
The day after GMD (5/18/2014) - The Day After GMD, Da 18th Of Mayz Ausra can be a sleepyhead, I gues its mainly because the intense studying for hours n hours, and the lack of sleep here n there. but she asked me to wake her up in the morning. I usually rise to my senses more early in the morning. […]
gmd_logo Gatves Muzikos Diena (5/17/2014) - Vilnius Street Music Day (Gatves Muzikos Diena) A perfect day for a dude like me to wanders the streets n check whats up. I Arrived in Vilnius by bus around 11:30, Due to the fact that Ausra had to Study for her Exams nxt week she could not join me for the day, she was […]
tvtower Adventure Time:West Vilnius (5/14/2014) - I don’t have much to add to da Blog these dayZ now I’m up to date n Clayying Eryday! But I feel like writing anywayz. So ill just tell you about the Awesome day I had today. Because I did not expect to be playing da Tourist, I didn’t bring my camera. Which is to […]
Add Sum Clay (5/9/2014) - Last week was very fun! We all Tuned into da Izreal Vibes. build a Mongolian Yurt and the amazing weekend in Vilnius. Buts its Monday again! Work haz to be done. To bad the weather was not with us. A heavy northern wind hit us. Northern winds are Strong and cold. So basically Monday we […]
Chop Chop Chop (5/8/2014) - Everybody should have a Theme Song right? Today they decided this should be mine for a while! Gathering resources is fun! Wood n Clay mostly for now. Using them even more! Curious how? be patience, I will show you soon! For a mid week update check Izreal Status update!
What doez da fox say? (5/7/2014) - So I was chopping some wood for the night. Then all of the sudden I hear these crazy sounds coming from the far distance. its sounded exactly like this! Apparently it were Foxes calling out to mate! shitsz crazy. I never knew what does a fox say!
The Iron Wolf “Legend” (5/4/2014) - Not only have I been meeting new amazing people, n trying to learn some new languages. I’m also learning allot about history from different regions of Europe, The legend of the Iron Wolf, and the Rise of Vilnius is by far the most interesting until now. I will try to tell you this legend in […]
caution African Drumz (5/3/2014) - Finally the time haz come for me to share you my story about the Day/Night I went to check out da African Drumz concert, lets travel back in time, ” WWWOOOSHHH ” Its Saturday, da 3th of May. I joined the Almerians who were heading to Vilnius to check out some stuff and visit the […]
MG_5189 Building a Yurt (4/28/2014) - After getting to know each other a bit more and tuning in to the IzReal Vibeez. Monday arrived, Its 28th of da aprilz!. We made so much plans yesterday, and lots of ideas what will happen this week. But things here are not plan-able, because Monday morning everything was different then expected. So we just started […]
Tour Da IzReal (4/27/2014) - Sunday 27th of April i arrived at IzReal, I’m sure ya all be curious whats ballin here. so i will give you a little tour de IzReal so you can all get a little idea of how life goez around here. This is the Crib, It originally was a little wooden house. Since 2012 Basz […]
Final destination (for now) IzReal (4/27/2014) - The day hasz come. It was time for me to head to my new home, its Sunday da 27th of Aprilz. My final destination for now is located somewhere in the Green circle. It got pretty late last night. So much phunzies we had! Also it was the first time in a longer while that […]
1dayvcity First day in Vcity (4/26/2014) - Its Saturday da 26th of April, Around 10 o clockz. the night in the hostel was oke-ish. It didn’t had free breakfast though D: So my first Quest for today was some delicious breakfast. At first i wanted to take some traditional Lithuanian breakfast but this was not so easy. (apparently breakfast is not so popular […]
Heading towards Vcity (Vilnius) (4/25/2014) - My week of Warszawa haz passed. Today is Friday 25th of da aprilz. Ill be heading towards Vilnius. Its an early one this time. I decided to take the train to Suwalki (a town very close to Lietuva borders) there were no highways in between Vilnius and Warszawa, for some reason I was not in […]
Warszawa Day 3 (4/24/2014) - At first I wanna to continue my Journey towards Lietuva, but due to the Shizznit that happened yesterday, Asia asked me to stay one more day. She wanted to chill with a lady friend of her (that speaks both English n Polish) and show me some more awesome stuff. Slawek, Pio n the family would […]
Warszawa Day 2 (4/23/2014) - Slawek (my host) n Pio(his son) are really kind. Slawek especially is an very open person, and speaks his mind. he’s a rather free person, he used to be a hippie and you can see this in his way of doing. If you ask him something he replies. If you ask him again the next […]
Warszawa Day 1 (4/22/2014) - Its Tuesday 22 April. I slept very well, and felt all recharged. although i slept in the hotel the day before. Hitchhiking requires mental silence Imo. and can be very tough due to: you never know whats next sometimes you are stuck at a Gasz station for a vew hours, n your senses absorb so […]
warsawrs Towards Warszawa (4/21/2014) - Its Monday morning. The time has come for me to continue on my journey into the great wide open, I was able to enjoy Berlin for the last 3 dayZ but I’m really excited for the unknown new things to come. The night before i used the utilities of the hotel to wash my socks […]
belgianbye Da Weekend in Berlin (4/20/2014) - Its Saturday 19th of April, Me n my Belgian brothers had a nice breakfast, but the time came for our paths to split again. I thanked them for the hospitality and of course the HH lessons/Tour de Berlin. I had a great time with them! I send and sms to my elder, checking where he […]
berlin Off to Berlin! (4/17/2014) - Its about 8 o clockz in da morning. The day has come. my Journey will start, most things have been arranged, and I’m mentally ready to go, my backpack turned out to be 17 kilos. this will be my bro for a while. hopefully I will be able to reduce his weight. but i don’t […]