Buying sum Milkz

So we just went to the nearby Milkman to try and buy some Milk, Cheese and Yoghurt.
The first farm we tried didn’t have milk yet, they told us either to come back in about one hour. or try the next farm.

We drove towards the direction he pointed out, and stopped at the next Farm, English is not an option here. luckily we knew that Pienas is milk, Yogurtas is Yoghurt, Cheese we didn’t know gheghe. This farm also didn’t have Milk, they pointed us towards the next one

Until now we had nice Dirt roads with allot of holes, but lelzzz, the next farm didn’t have a road like this. Indeed. this is what we drove to the next house. (our car was not exactly appropriate for all the ditches and holes in this part of the road)

 Roadz to da milkman

Arriving at the destination we could clearly see we were at the right farm, there was a dude and a lady chillin with some cows, As usual I asked if they spoke English. Gal Kalbate Angliskai ? but this was not the case, so we pointed to the can we brought and said Penki Litrai Pienas??? (5 liter milk) Yogurtas N Cheese? Yogurtas he didn’t seem to have. but Cheese he did understand.

He told us to wait a bit, and started to fix some fresh milk for us.

After finishing his shizzle, he poured da milk in our can, to explain this: here if you wanna buy some milk you have to bring your own canister or bottle, then they fill it with milk fresh from the cow. due to they don’t sell it in bottles.

For the cheese we had to go back to the farm we passed by before, so we turned around and drove back to his neighbor. there in some shed he had a fridge full of cheesle!

We had to pay 26 Litas for 5 Litres of milk and 2 cheeses, this is around 7 euroz,and he hoped to see us another time.  They were all very friendly and helpful, and even without being able to communicate appropriately we managed to get what we were searching for!

Mission Successful!

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