The end of a Chapter

Another year has passed by as if its nothing. Time has been going fast, they told me the older you get, the faster time will go. So I try not to think about it that much. It was a great year, This place is wonderful and I really felt at home here. So much possibilities to be involved with and knowledge to be learned. So much amazing people met, friends made and love found. Part of me is sad I’m leaving it all behind, I wouldn’t have had any problems staying here. But last year I left with an idea, The idea to travel Through Europe and visit different projects. meet friends I have made over the years in other countries, See this tiny world were living on which we mostly take for granted. This was always in the back of my mind, Besides. this world is so small, No matter where on this earth you are, you can take a plane and be at any place the next day. Thats why tomorrow morning, I will be on the road again, This time towards Transylvania. With good memories stored and bearing in mind that I can go back here any time I want. and meet the wonderful people I now call my friends once again!

Yesterday I was able to finish the front entrance of the house, Previous week there was quite some rain and wind, not the nicest weather to saw planks and work with electric tools, besides that Aiste was visiting so we did some work we could do together, for example planting some trees, and chopping wood, working on the garden and planting some potatoes, artichoke and flowers! cleaning a bit :)). she also thought me how to knot bracelets, played Shithead etc. we tried to be as productive as possible when the sun started shining and enjoy ourself’s whenever the rain hit. This week the weather was great! and I couldn’t just leave this place with the awesome entrance project unfinished. where my brothers Esci and Crayray helped with. So here it is, Before and after pictures!

I’m really curious whats going to happen in the future at IzReal. Recently a friend of Bas bought some land next to “ours”. Oliver, a very cool British dude with quite the connections in the Natural Homes Scene. together they have mad loads of plans involving Natural Building etc. there probably will be a lot of Natural Building going on here, So if you want to learn something about this, you should keep yourself updated! I really hope with all the stuff going on Bas will be able to finish at least the outside of the house this year, for we failed to complete it last year D:

How does one end a post like this? Gheghe, I have no idea. It doesn’t matter really I suppose, I want to thank everybody I met in Vilnius for the wonderful time you have given me, whether you offered me your place to stay, invited me to events, saw each other a lot or even if we didn’t see or speak each other for a while now, You will all be remembered! all of you! Labai ačiū draugų. And of course everybody at IzReal that either stayed for a longer time or came to volunteer for short time! But mainly Bas, For giving me the opportunity to do this, have patience with me and giving some guidance and sharing all the knowledge he has to offer.

Bedankt mattie bom battie, en mogen u nog van vele pastas genieten. hou je taai broeder!

It was a great year!

It was a great year!

 May Our Paths Cross Again.


Northern Lights LT

It’s just after midnight around 01:00, I go outside to empty my bladder which I usually do before I wander the dreamaverse. I open the door and i’m rather confused by the brightness of the sky at this time of year. I didn’t even have to put on the light to see the things i could stumble upon laying all over the ground. There wasn’t a full moon either. I walk past the house, for the light was surely coming from behind it. when I reach the corner and looked North/West my jaw dropped and I had a moment of Euphoria I can not describe. The ground was darkish and hilly as usual, but above the horizon was shimmering light. It was the Northern Lights.

All my life I wanted to see the Northern Lights, It really amazes me, not only the way it occurs which still somewhat confuses me, but mainly the extreme beauty it paints up in the sky, the fact that this hit me so unexpectedly in a country close but not so likely to encounter them made it a even more wonderful experience for me.

I believe I stood in the open fields for about 20 maybe 30 minutes until they faded away. Just staring at the light, silencing the mind. This time of year is also very special to me for all the constellations I know are visible in the sky, From the South was Leo (my starsign) gazing over me, if I looked straight up I could see the Big dipper and close by Small dipper and Polaris. Orion was already below the horizon, But a bit to the right of Leo was Jupiter and Sirius was also just visible.

The usual pictures you see of the Northern Lights are Red/Green/Violet, but the aurora was more of a subtle blue/white tint. It was waving through the sky like an ocean, changing shape slowly. There were some straight looking lines going right up in the sky, pointing towards Leo and the Big dipper. At some moments there occurred a wave of light, which riced from the horizon going up for a few seconds and then fading away. It was so wonderful. Completely hypnotized by the lights, I realized at some point that Cassiopeia was right in the middle of it all. shining through the magnificent sea of light.

It was a unforgettable moment for me, when the lights started fading I went to bed. even though I had some trouble falling asleep due to the amazing thing I just experienced and my mind going nuts, I soon slept like a rose and woke up so fresh and so clean clean. awwwyeah! I also had a dream, where I was reliving the moment I just experienced, but this time a Spaceship came to visit me, it was a orange-ish orb, shooting beams of light around it with balls of energy in it. One of the balls took me and shot me into space. it was somewhat scary at that particular moment, but I tried to get sucked into it as much as I could and go with it. when I eventually woke up in my bed. I’m not quite sure yet if I actually got abducted and anal probed that night or if i was just dreaming after all :))) The Northern Lights I saw before sleeping were Real for sure though, and it will be imprinted in my memory for eternity!


Assisting @ Šironija

This weekend (16/17th of August) We went to help an acquaintance of Basz with his Straw house, The Dude (Which is the son of the old mayor of Moletai) decided to build his own house on the land of their family for his wife and future kids most likely, to live there happily ever after. We visited a while ago, when he started on the frame of his house which was rather interesting. back then it looked like this.

I come from a rather complicated family situation, i gues the most simple way to describe it is something like, don’t expect both sides of my family on the same table for Christmas dinner, for this will be an awkward situation. For me seeing a family like this, as in: Parents, kids, Grand kids, Grand parents, Cousins, Uncles and Everybody living together in there own house on the same plot of land as one happy family is a somewhat new experience for me.

So you can probably imagine that when we went here, I was amazed by the fact that this dude just picks a hill somewhere in their garden, chops down some trees, makes some beams out of it and starts to build his house :)) Anywayz for we are also building a Straw/Clay house And he doesn’t have so much experience with it, We joined, Cuz Basz is the Straw/Clay Guru A La Lietuva and always ready to help! also this would be my first project working with Lithuanian locals and a nice way to learn more about Straw/Clay

When we arrived on Saturday I was amazed by the progression he made. the house was Certainly getting more shape and starting to show its future awesomeness.

First things first, we were with a pretty nice group op people. Around 8 to 10. To keep things going and let everything go smooth, we first got our selfs an old bathtub to mix the clay in, managed to let some people get sand, some others some clay and prepared the straw bales for claying. it was rather amusing to see how things went here, i’m used to organized work and when you stand still you get a “whip up your ass” you know. but here people were very relaxed just chilling, talking a bit, having long discussions who would get clay and sand and so on. I gues there was nothing wrong with it, I was rather amused. it was just different. Also the fact that some of them were walking bare feet and children playing around the work in progress was rather amusing for me. Anyways, after checking things out for a while we just started doing what has to be done.

When everybody got a little idea of what was going on. things started to go pretty well. clay was always ready, we were claying the walls, filling the gaps, we worked for a vew hours straight and progressed nicely until lunch.

Lunch was very nice. They baked fresh bread, which we ate with some Pea and Bean paste on it, and next to that some Sliced tomatoes freshly harvested from the garden. For drink we had home made Apple juice which was also made from the apples around their land.

After our delicious PeaBeanPaste bread with tomatoes and some Obuolių sultys, we chilled for a bit and had a chat about the progression of the house. To put it in a Nutshell, The way things were going now were not that well. The base clay layer we were putting on the Straw bales wasn’t sticking well enough and the bales were rather loose, Basically if the base layer isn’t perfect and you will put more layers on it N eventually the lime layer. There will be a high chance of them letting go or cracking, meaning moist inside your straw bale. Where moist goes Fungus goes and a composting straw bale wall is not something you want when you are living inside it. We came to the conclusion to remove the Straw bales, And make Straw Clay walls instead of Straw Bale walls (you feel me?) Of course at first this was a mayor setback, For almost all the Straw bales were already in place and about 1/4th of the bales were already covered in the first clay layer (which wasn’t properly done)

Luckily our lunch wasn’t done yet, and after realizing we had to do thing completely differently for the house to be able to survive at least a vew generations instead of just 5 years. There was freshly made Šaltibarščiai with Boiled Zucchini with some more Obuolių sultys (dang I love Lithuanians and their food man, its so delicious and you know, almost all the Lithuanians I met use there own grown foodzies instead of buying everything, Make their own juice, Jams, Everything!!! Man Patinka!)

And so with our Full stomachs and a new plan we changed our setup for mass producing Straw/Clay Mix and learned them how to make Straw/Clay walls like a boss! We spend the rest of the day doing so, We returned the next day. (Indeed, usually Sunday is our free day but we are such good people you know, we sacrifice our free Sunday to help a Brolis in need) to give them a bit of a Kick-Start. It was also nice to see that The Dude got more confidence after a night of sleep, now he saw how easy it is to make Straw/Clay walls and how fast it can go if you have good preparations.

It was a good weekend, It was good for me to see a different Straw/Clay house for i was able to see a different technique, but also because now i learned allot of things about how you should. and how you should not build your Straw/Clay house, and what you should think about building your Straw/Clay house. It was very amusing to see how a group of Lithuanians organize and work together, for this is completely different them what i am used to, And of course my favorite part of the day was lunch for every time i have lunch with a Lithuanian they surprise me again with the amazingness of there food creating skillz! Very inspirational!



23Da July, Trakai Chillin.

Ever since I came to Lietuva, I heard about Trakai, A Small town with a Castle. surrounded by water and amazing forest and so I wanted to see it from that point forth. Although I wanted to go there before, eventually it failed ery timez Cuz I was hoping to go with someone I met in Vilnius, I Figured. going there with A local would be far more fun and interesting due to the history they can tell rather then solo checking. After 3 months in Lietuva, and failed attempts. I figured Fuck it, Today I will go Trakai. Whether someone is in or not.

The night before Ausra happen to give me a call, and so luck was on my side again. She was in for some Trakai chillin! I picked her up late next morning N we headed to Trakai. We both didn’t really take breakfast. We decided to take some Delicious Kibinai for Breakfast/Brunch.

Armoarz Kibinai originates from Trakai, so the best place to eat it was also located in Trakai. We parked the car somewhere outside to avoid parking costs and walked towards the most famous Kibinai place, The road was nice. First there is this small town. nothing special actually besides the fact that it is surrounded by lakes. At some point we crossed a market, I’m always curious for dem market so our route went though dem market. After a while we walked next to water. But I was so focused on the market stalls that i didn’t even notice that if i would just look the other side, i could see da Amazing Trakai Castle :))) eventually I did :))).

We were both pretty hungry so after the market delay and da first glimpse of da Castle we went straight for the Kibinai place which was not so far actually. I tried lots of types of Kibinai already in Vilnius, This time, it was time for some professional Kibinai Tasting!

Mutton, Chicken, Curd, Spinach Curd N Chocolat Hazlenut Kibinai AwwwYeahh!!

Mutton, Chicken, Curd, Spinach Curd N Chocolat Hazlenut Kibinai AwwwYeahh!!

Da Kibinai were so delicious, its not normal. I cannot find a word to describe it except for…. Osnapazizzle Delicimanizzle… The Gira (Kvass) was also home made by the restaurant and super delicious. (for those who don’t know what Kvass is. In a Nutshell its a Drink made from fermented bread) we took our time and chilled at the restaurant for a while. The Kibinai filled us so much, it was hard to make the decision to start walking again. (In the end we didn’t eat anything all day, Not even dinner. Diz Kibinai dish is so amazing. it fed us enough to live da rest of da day on it) eventually we headed to da Castle. Time to see it up close!

Trakai Castle

Trakai Castle

First we walked around it, and through the old Canal in between it. checking the environment and inspecting the castle. Eventually we checked inside. Its a rather small castle and lots of people told me it was not worth to pay for the entrance. When i checked the map it seemed they also had an Archery range, I always liked Archery. Never actually practiced it. so i figured. This is my chance!!! Ausra as awesome as she is, managed to get free entrance to the castle for both of us. But only if we headed straight to the archery range to shoot some bows. Of course we agreed and could enter the castle for free, on our way to dem Archery funzyy!

Basically you could buy arrows shots for a vew litas, and you were able to shoot both the Longbow and da Crossbow. There were not so much people, so we decided to have a little match, We started with shooting the longbow. I managed to get 2 arrows (out of 6) in the middle. the rest were a bit on the edge. Ausra gheghe. most of her arrows didn’t even hit the Target. she was having some trouble with Aiming the bow and also stretching it. (FYI We were both trying it for the first time eh)

Afterwards we tried da crossbow. in my opinion the crossbow was a bit Easy. with the Longbow there is still some Skill required to actually hit something. But with the crossbow. once you knew how much you should aim above your target. you basically just hold your breath. Aim and shoot. It wasn’t that hard. But in any way it was Fun! And it was really nice to finally feel the difference between the two. apparently we could walk to the targets and make a picture. I didn’t do this with the Bows (you will probably laugh anywayz) But I did take a picture of our Crossbow match. Much Phunz were had!

Ausra loves rowing da boat, And the lakes around Trakai are perfect for that. so after shooting some bows we went to find someone that rented some Classic Wooden Rowboats. for we didn’t like the Dolphin water bicycles or the plastic rowboats. we wanted a Real wooden one! We found a wooden Rastafarian Rowboat and started scouting the lakes of Trakai. (of course we had planned something before and bought some beers for maximum chillin somewhere on the lake). Basically the first hour Ausra rowed da boat, we had a little Race VS a Duck and went around da Castle. afterwards we went to some small Reed island where we chilled for a while and drank sum beers. it was very Zen. She wanted to row it also the Second hour. But the fact is. I Nevah rowed a boat before. Atleast not that I can remember So at some point I was like. Move Ausra!! Ima learn to Row! And its not that Difficult actually. Of course I had to get the feeling a bit. but once I got it things went pretty smooth. and it wasn’t tiring or heavy at all (as I actually expected)

Serious Face Forreal

Serious Face Forreal

After rowing da boat and returning to shore, It was just before dinnertime. But hungriez was no where to be found. Via a Couchsurfer i got a recommendation to check out a protected Nature area, Although she also recommended to Bike it. we tried to find it by foot. It took a while to get there “on foot” and we spended another view hours walking through amazing Swampy Pineforesty scenery. I didn’t take any pictures because i really liked it and didn’t really care to. you should probably visit it yourself sometime if you will be in Trakai. I think we arrived back in Vilnius around 22:00. And we were very tired from all the walking and rowing and the amazing day.

That night we spend on the Balcony with Sarune. Drinking Shit loads of beers. Basically we had a Beer tasting evening. All of the sudden Ausra randomly took a CD from her collection, she was like, we should listen to this. It was Doe Maar Greatest Hits :))) You can probably not imagine how amazed I was. cuz dem be crazy! The whole evening for me, Chillin in Lithuanian, With some Lithuanian Ladies, Drinking shit loads of beer and listening to Doe Maar :))))) It was a great experience for me and could have never expected it at all. Her favorite song be like Nederwiet. funny thing was that she had no idea it was about weed and when I started translating other song like they were amazed that this popular dutch music from back then was about love,weed,sex, n crazy shizzle.

It was a good day, Completely different then previous years. I did get a little Nostalgic for my friends at some moments, Usually I open my house. Invite dem all. Get some DJ Gear up. Get supah High n do some Drinking Games. But most of all tell them not to bring anything except there smile. Then allot of crazy things happen. But well, Things Change. Now i’m in Lithuania, Living a completely different live, made new friends. who I will not see for a while once I start to continue on my journey like dem back in NL. Its the way it isz at the moment. But thanks To Ausra, and ofc Sarune. I had a 23d O July I will nevah forget. Aciu Labai,

maybe you will have to learn dutch first. but basically this is a Pro tutorial on how to grow n harvest yo weedzels je weet toch.


Bilberry Gathering

Last Sunday i had to bring Chrisreal n Petersz to da airport again, and I figured if I’m going Vilnius that early I should find something awesome to do. I gave some people a call and I was able to join Rutaz and two of her friends Brojus n Justas to da Vilnius forest to Harvest some Bilberries. and other Edibles,

Around the clock of 9 I met with Rutaz, She drove N we went to pick up da other dudes N headed to the forest North-East of Vilnius, This was the first time I was actually heading into the bigger forest around here and I was very excited. also. Wild Bilberry’s to eat straight from the plan!? AwwYeahh!

It was about a 40 min drive to the forest, we parked the car and started walking. first we had to go over some sort of hill with a sandy road. The smell of the forest was amazing, and on the way we found some young Raspberries and vew Bilberries. but once we headed down they suddenly left the road and started to walk straight through the woods, at the moment I was like. what is going on. but very soon I realized. This was the place we had to be.

Everywhere you could look were small Bilberry bush, I have never seen So much bilberry plants in my life and even though we were pretty late for bilberry harvesting, there were more bilberries then I could imagine at first. They split up and started eating the bilberries, at first i was still amazed by everything that I was experiencing so after taking a vew pictures Rutaz told me to stop making pictures and start eating bilberry already :)))

I didn’t really have breakfast that morning, so then I realized I should indeed do so. I also took some distance to find my own radius of bilberry harvesting and started eating dem Oww so delicious Bilberry, I used to do this at the veggie Garden back home, but randomly in a forest was new for me. (or atleast, I don’t usually do this) I loved it though! and they hit the spot perfectly!

After stuffing myself with Bilberry I took my plastic bag and started harvesting them, while harvesting we headed deeper into the forest. They also showed me some other plants, Some Red berries which are maybe poisonous, though wiki says there not. so for sure we are not! also some Purple flower you can make tea from which helps you if you have cough, There were also Lots and Lots of Cranberries and some Raspberries, though it was not the right time to harvest them yet.

What I liked most about going into the forest with the Lithuanian locals (except for The forest itself and the bilberry eatingz ofcourse:) was the fact that they all knew so much about the plants that grew there, Like in there youth they grow up with this knowledge, as if its normal. they were able to recognize so many plants and uses for them. and thats awesome, Where i come from this is like Long lost Knowledge only to be found in books or if you find the right people. They also harvested allot of mushrooms, And i’m not talking about Champignon. But some funny looking Orange Mushrooms,

Amazing Vilnius Forest, Bilberry Paradise!

Amazing Vilnius Forest, Bilberry Paradise!

around 13:00 we headed back to the car, We ate allot of Bilberry and gathered even more. we went to buy some snacks N some Gira and headed to a lake nearby, There they took a swim. (indeed I didn’t feel like swimming that that moment D: ) the lake was nice also. But the rain hit us, Not that it bothered us. We were very entertained. And it was beautiful. We saw the rain come towards us from the other side of the lake. And we found a spot under some trees while looking at the water, you could see the difference in Raindrops where we sat and like half a meter away where there rain was super intense. After a while we figured to make some dinner.

On the way back to Vilnius we bought some potatoes and Kefiras, Basically the plan for dinner was to Boil potatoes, Make some sort of Sausze from the Mushrooms they harvested and drink some Kefiras with it. You might think, Dafuq? just that? Indeed. for me this is still a rather weird dinner meal. but here in Lithuania is pretty common to eat something like this.

Usually I don’t like mushrooms at all. Unless there Magic mushroomssss ofcourse Woooossshh. But the sausze they made from the Mushroom they gathered in Vilnius Forest was Delicious. you just put some of the Sausze over your boiled potato and eat it, Nothing more nothing less. And it filled the stomach right up!!

The dudes I got to know Via Rutaz were very chill. And they do some Abandoned building scouting now and then. Because I plan to stay in Lithuanian for a while. I will join them in the Near future to Scout some more Abandoned buildings and check out some crazy places. I cant wait to be honest! Gonna be some crazy Adventure, I’m very curious what secrets are hidden around here, and I might even get some very nice pictures out of it to share!

The night Sky back home that evening

The night Sky back home that evening


July da 4th Folklore Day

Its da 4th of July, at the time I didn’t realize this yet. but we took the car n headed to Vilnius to pick up a carpet and check the old town afterwards because Crayray didn’t see Vilnius yet. It was crazy nice weather and a perfect day to do this. We parked da car at Ausras. She had a Visitor, A Couch-surfer that Hitchhiked from France with his accordion, we chilled for a bit. Mathieu had a gig that night in Cafe de Paris and invited us to join.

But First things first, Me n Crayray headed to da Old town, on the way we bought some Kibinai, basically Crayray didn’t see or eat any of these things yet. so my quest was to introduce him to dem all. While eating Kibinai we headed towards the Cathedral Square, there was a big stage set up. with lots of dancing and singing. and lots of crazy clothes. It seemed it was Lithuanian Folklore day. And so Vilnius was crowded with People in Traditional Lithuanian clothes, food and thingssz!!.

BreadtableInfront of the Stage was a huge table, It had lots of Breadz on it and different notes. from what i have been told, the breads were from different regions of Lithuania, the smell around the table was amazing, and the breads were pretty fancy, not just a regular AH breadz you know. all these crazy shapes and decoration. colors and grainz


Spacebreadz Spiralbreadz

After checking dem Breadz we headed to the Gediminas castle hill whatever. in the park was a market, at first it seemed like an ordinary marked, but on closer inspection this market was the most amazing market I ever walked through. They sold the usual Freshly harvested honey, Home brewed alus, Lithuanian cheeshizzle, thee and lots of on the spot woven scarfs, clothes and Folklore things. But the most amazing thing about this market was the fact that there were also Woodworkers and blacksmiths selling there wares and showing their skillz. I really liked it.

after checking Gediminas castle we got little hungriez. We walked through Uzupis towards Artistai where we ate some Kepta douna awwwyeah! the parks we walked through were very crowded but very interesting. there were stages everywhere and people dancing and singing. All these Traditional Lithuanian clothes and crazy shizzle was going on everywhere. It was so awesome, I never saw so much people in Traditional clothes together.

One of our side quests of today was to check some used clothes shops and buy some stuff. I did small research before I left (actually Šarūnė advised me). but while walking through Vilnius we didn’t feel like searching for them, some company is also fun so I gave Luka a call. Although she didn’t had much time, she was up for some chillin and showin us the perfect places to check dem shizzle.

When she arrived it was completely crazy again. Die gekke Luka whaha helemaal leip is die chick. She started spamming us from the first moment and doing her Dutch jokes all da way. we walked around a bit. she showed us da shops, but mainly we had allot of fun, She was amazed how my Lithuanian got better, (I think I didn’t see her for about a month) and that I know the way around Vilnius city center even better then she did lol. funny thing was. While we wanted to check Vilnius for dem used clothes. She and basically all her friends go to Moletai if they need clothes, cuz its much cheaper and better quality…. u get da point, we nvm da clothes.

She was throwing this party that night and she invited us to come. She had to prepare some shizznit. Our plan was to go back home due to we had the car. But she didn’t like this idea and really insisted we would join dem. I told her maybe. but every time she would try even harder. We figured. you know what. if we have a Accordion gigz and a Lithuanian home party. dafuq yo. lets get fuckdup. I gave Ausra a call, although she already had a Couch-surfer me and Crayray could also sleep there. Now its on!

We walked back to Snisnipiskeszes (taip taip aš žinau) moved the car to a more secure place, grabbed our shizznit, and joined Ausra to the Barras alla Paris. we chilled some. Meanwhile me n Crayray got some dinner, when we came back after FR vs GER Mathieu started showing some skillz. it was awesome! he had very catchy accordion songs. he was singing with it in French and Spanish. he really tried to involve the crowd. Even lots of people walking by waited for a bit to watch. It started with a small crowd but later on more and more joined. it was really fun! In the end he played from 21:00 until something like 01:00.


around 23:00 me n Crayray decided to check out luka her chillinz. basically it was around the corner. Luka told us she would have lots to eat n to drink n to smoke, But somewhere that afternoon we bought some benedictinas (which is in my opinion delicious honey Liqor) for the party anywayz. In the end we were lucky we did. because when we arrived the truth was, there was not so much to eat, to drink and to smoke :)))) not even a beer. This resulted in me and Creyray getting loessoee on dem benedictinas. Nobody there liked it anywayz gheghe. shizz is crazy. you bring a present. then nobody likes it and you end up drinking it yourself….. where I come from. it doesn’t really matter what you bring. if its strong alcohol. it will be gone by the end of the night.

Besides that the chillin was chillin. There were allot of interesting conversations going on. we were nicknamed Da Dutchies after a bit the neighbour got all mad due to the sounds. so instead of talking very loud everybody started whispering :)))) I was rather amazed that this was actually possible. Because if I or anybody from my group of friends would throw a party at home and you would ask them to whisper. Shit would get even more crazy. Lithuanians though. there respectful people. and they simply whisper, Also luka her understanding of Dutch got better after she drank more. we spotted some UFO’s and some chineese candles. When people got hungriez we started raiding her fridge and cabinets. basically she told us, what you can find you can have. So I took some Delicious Jam made by her grandmother :)))) (don’t worry I did ask) and we ate some leftover pie. Later on dey started dancing, Dey be in like diz Dancin crew droppin dem moves yo. later that night when they were going to this DnB Party to drop some more moves. we Bailed, n joined Ausra back home.

Check it out, its dem Dancin crew. snap er niks van maar dit is gewoon die Litouwse Crib Walk jwz gheghe


The next morning we got to know Mathieus a bit more, He had some pretty amazing stories about his Hitchhiking. Basically he Hitchhiked through France and morocco in about 3 to 4 weeks. Without money and only his accordion and some clothes. He didn’t bring money on purpose, cuz the truth is. you don’t really need money. if you have something to offer (in this case songs from his accordion) people are kind and help you. also if you travel in the right time of the year there is lots of food to be found in the forests and nature around you. He really inspired me with his experiences. Basically his Vision on hitchhiking is. Stay happy, Stay clean And give as much as you can give. talk to people, and walk if necessary. Then everything is gonna be alright!

Also Ausra brought me some more Jams, way more then I expected but ah well. At least I have lots of different Jams to taste now And there all from parents or grandparents gardens, home made awesomenesss!! I cannot describe how delicious these Jams are. I’m probably never buying Supermarket Jam ever again. because these jams. These jams are heavenly!

Heavenly Jamz

Heavenly Jamz


Adventuring abandoned Buildingz

Me n CrayRay randomly decided to check out some abandoned places nearby, maybe not exactly random.. When we saw a full rainbow we figured to search for the pot of gold, while adventuring towards dem treasure we got distracted and started scouting a abandoned building we found on the way.

  Suddenly Rainbowz Towards da Rainbowz Suddenly Buildingz

the land around the buildingz was rather trashy, after investigating in the type of trash that was left behind, scouting the surroundings a bit, we decided to check whats inside. We ventured towards the building.

The first Room.As usual, there were tests, the entrance we decided to take was completely blocked with hay, we climbed the hay blockade and slided through the entrance. it was an big open room, there were these ditches, probably a lava trap. in the end was a bright light.

Walking towards the light avoiding all the possible traps. it seemed that on the other side some organism is trying to take over this part of the buildingz, the organism was not hostile. We headed towards the light, there was a damaged wall, through which we left the building.

Over time,.

Da organizm

Follow da RainbowOutside we noticed another building and Smaller chambersome random electricity related things. The building was towards the rainbow, so we checked it out, no traps seemed to present at the time. We entered the building, it were a vew rooms. One had some sort of hibernation chambers in it, but judging from the size, it couldn’t fit a human properly. it could maybe also have been used to bathe or feed something, who knows. Venturing forth through hallways, some of which only had a vew pipes we could balance on to get to the other side, we arrived in a bigger chamber. It had the same hibernation chamber things as in the other room, but on a far larger scale, The organism was also present in this room, using time as his weapon.

In the far end of the Hibernation room was another exit. It leaded outside towards open hilly fields and some farms, we checked a nearby hanger which was empty and a small collapsed brick building, the rainbow in the meantime vanished. On our way back we noticed the sky above the ruins. some magic was going on there for sure! luckily not so much traps or magic encountered. I am curious about the organism living there though.

Inorite, Working on it!!

Inorite, Working on it!!


Žolynų šventė (Herbz Celebration)

Today is the 21 of June, another festival takes over Vilnius streetsz, This time its all about Herbsz n Spicez.

Afrikos būgnų would play again today, Gediminas invited me to come check them out. I Renevouz with Šarūnė at the gigz. I just woke up like 1 hour before the gig, It was a perfect waking up Concert!! Šarūnė didn’t see Afrikos būgnų that much yet, Yesterday she came to the park also but she had some food somewhere behind the crowd and didn’t experience much. this was her first time checking dem Front row seats!! She liked it very much!

Man Patinka Afrikos būgnų Lithuanian flag colours

MarketzAfter the gigz we went to chill with the group, figured they would go into Vilnius but they had another gig right after, like a private gigz. so instead Šarūnė n me went to find some breakfast, we passed through this market, Tasting all the free tea we could, and on the way we found some Trakai Kibinai, Apple Azijn this time. It was a very nice breakfast. I have been scouting Vilnius for a bit now and at first we didn’t know for sure what to do, but in the end Šarūnė had nice inspiration.

She took me to the University of Vilnius, (which is where she and Ausra studied) she told me they have this super awesome hall, which is still in the original style with paintings and all. It was Sunday but the University was open anywayz, she told me some tales about the hall, for example. the roof has Squares in it, and every square would represent a Season. it was one painter who painted the complete room, and he hid allot of things in it. he also painted the world tree (or atleast his impression of it) people in the Red would be working, and People in the green background would be having fun. Blue were season related, stuff like that

Can you imagine this is like a random hall/room in their university? for me its like wauw. in breaks students like chill here or work here and shizznit you know. its pretty amazing!

There was also this Sheep figure painted on one of the walls, Šarūnė explained me the meaning behind it. The sheep is to represent the Ruling El!te who try to herd the General population as sheeple. They see us as the herd of sheep they have to control. but this painter saw it the other way around and represented them as dem sheep. in which you get this hatted sheep.



After walking through the Universities courtyards and checking their gardens we ended up at the Bel tower, which rings his bells once in a while, its also conected to the University complex. The elevator was broken. but you could have this very nice Panorama view of Vilnius on top. Šarūnė is a sportzy girl, so we climbed some stairs Awww Yeah!!

ErthulumAfter climbing the first 2 stairs there was this Pendulum, I can describe what it does. but I made a picture of the Text Eh. so you can just read it yourself.
But in a nutshell:

An experiment to show that the Erth turns around his axis, The idea is that the Pendulum goes from left to right, the Erth underneath rotates, from which the pendulum goes North to West in midday, and East to West at night.


We headed to the top to check out the Panorama, It was very nice to see Vilnius from up high, I could recognize allot of buildings and locations, which was rather amusing for me. Also I haz dem new cameraz, with Panorama possibulatiez, Not a Pro yet though :( but good enough!











My Guide for the day didn’t have anything in mind to do next, but it was not a problem. we went down the super tiny stairs, walked through the University a bit more. when we went outside we arrived at a Governmental building (the building where Napoleon slept) There was some sort of Artzies Expedition, it was free and Šarūnė never actually went inside the Garden. so we decided to check it out. We had to go through some security, checking for metal and u bagz. but nothings special. of course I beeped. I always do. but they were not threaten it seemed. and we could go in,


There were not much people inside, we encountered like 1 dude but he went out when we went in, it was very simple art, Clay art but also some stone, like this abstract thing or figure and with a little sign on it. we had a good chat and tried to Gues what the sculpture was before actually reading the Plate, this worked a vew times! Much funz were had!
After the Expedition we got hungriez again, we figured, Lets get a beer and a Kepta Duona. For some reason we ended up buying Pie and chocolat milk, and chilled in a park to enjoy this freshly baked sweetnesz! :)))) much funzies were had once again!

Composition Interia DNA Manipulation Delicious Cakez!!

After our Delicious Apple/Cherry pie lunch we headed home, Ausra was still shoppin with her family, Me n Šarūnė played a game of chess, introduced eachother to some new music, we found out while walking that we have a pretty common taste in music. The plan was to make some Kepta Duona and Šaltibarščiai. Finaly I will learn how to make these two Traditional Lithuanian recipes!!!

when Ausra came home she was not that hungry yet, but eventually we started on the dinner. It was very fun to make. Super EZ but most of all Super Delicious! If you would like me to explain the process of making Kepta Duona and Šaltibarščiai in detail: Check it out!


Kultūros Naktis

Its da 20th of June today, Vilnius Culture night,

Afrikos būgnų will be playing again tonight, so of course I had to check dem out! Due to Ausra graduating and finaly recieving her Diploma, she also had time to join to the awesome Festival thingies. I woke up early and took the bus to Vilnius around 10. We planned to wander da streetz, buy some stuff, She is not the shopping kinda type, neither am I. I figured this will be perfect, due to not spending shit loads of time on nothing you feel me? But the weather wasn’t as perfect as expected, mostly rain. little sun. it went on like diz almost all day. so the Usual happened. we ended up on the Balcony chillin n talking about the last 2 weeks.

OmlettoluncieszAround the clock of 15:00 we started to get Hungriez, I expected to take a light lunch, a bread or something simple. I totally forgot that Lithuanians eat completely different, instead of taking a light lunch. Ausra made some Crazy  Omlet, with like Wild pig meat (which her uncle hunted himself and put in cans) pasta, veggies. and a Salad (all from fresh ingredients from her Parents garden). Later we would just add the Eggz to da pasta, add some Tomato sausce, n then eat it with dem salad. It was Very very delicious!!

Afrikos būgnų Wouldn’t play until 23:00, Ausra made plans with a classmate of her to check out some sort of Vilnius Tour. Everything today is free, there were lots of music events Tours and allot of things going on, she was interested in the tour because it was about Artist but one part of the tour had Graffiti related things. This was the main reason she wanted to check the tour. Da tour started @ 19:00 After the delicious Omelet it was time to head downtown to check it out.

To bad for me the tour was in Lithuanian. so I couldn’t understand shit. Ausra and her friendz would translate the most interesting or important parts for me, but in general I couldn’t follow the story. The tour was fun though. they had like assignments. for example you had to look around at places and whatever memorie would pop up you could write down. they asked us to Gues how many times it would rain through the tour and stuff like: when we would enter this Courtyard we had to find like a statue or a painting or something hidden. and whenever you found it yell it out loud! it was rather fun. Even though I could not understand anything. Due to the fact that Ausra likes Graffiti so much, I Decided to make pictures of the Graffiti instead. I had to make some picturez anyway, don’t wanna end up writing a chapter of my book without pictures!!!

DSC02849Recently there were Elections in Lithuania, there is this woman who was chosen last time, and won again this time. I got some information about her from the time I chilled with Agne. for example: she has like her own garden and grows her own food and really tries to live/help the people of the country. shes a very powerful woman within Lithuania. Cant imagine dutch political figures growing their own food lol.Of course there are allot of people who would not agree, and with the amount of artist and conspurazududes, you end up with this kind of stencil. Obviously it refers to the Puppet masters of this world today, and the influence she haz over Lithuania. so yeah. I like this kind of artzies. but i cannot judge because I don’t know any details eh. saw this atleast 3 times that day walking through Vilnius


DSC02851 DSC02850

Zenmusixa bit further this artist start to talk about the history of Uzupis, the group could enter his home and check out the gallery. it was cool to see. while the group was still walking around we found these three playing some very relaxing interesting music. I really enjoyed seeing them play diz, the lady in the middle was completely in Trance. and it sounded very nice. our group continued with the tour so we couldn’t stay that long.


After chillin in some more Courtyards and unknown storiez, we had another assignment. they were telling about some group of people that were Ani The system/Rich people, they would make jokes about rich people and so on. I didn’t get much details,
the nice part about this was, that out of nothing Ausra recognized Gediminas his car due to his African pants laying on the side chair. she grabbed a chalk and started to Graffiti hisz car gheghe. of course this was rather awkward for the people around. but she don’t give a fuck and started yelling like. This is the car of a friend of mine bla bla im gonna Graffiti it or something similar. on one of the Tires I wrote, Groetjes uit Nederland. I’m there dutch Fanboy you know! I think I missed only 1 of their Gigz ever since I came to Lietuva

Dem Ausraz taggin Wheelyfiti

We were getting close to the Graffiti building, not much to tell here I suppose, Basically there is this door, which looks normal. but when you enter it, all the stairway is completely painted with Grafiti. ill just post the Graffiti stuff to give you an idea. Jwz maatje

so it was getting late, Its around 22:00 now, almost time for Afrikos būgnų. The tour still had 1 more thing to check it was somewhere on a mountain. our priorities were checking the gigz. We went for a beer in Uzupis, of course I wanted a Kepta Douna but the kitchen was closed. while drinking a beer Ausra her friend Jordana and a Spanish friend of her joined us. we went to check out Afrikos būgnų with the 4 of us. (yall don’t know Jordana yet, but she came to IzReal to chill with Chris about a Retreat plan they have) when we went for the park where the Gigz would be, things got crazy. Ausra started to yell to let them know we arrived at the gigz. very amusing. she did this all gig long all da timez. I’m amazed she still haz her voice.

The gigz was awesome once again. Gediminas had a friend of him who plays Saxon to join the gig. which made some interesting different feel in music. they also went of the stage to dance sum. I’m still amazed how they manage to entertain the crowd in different ways. no gig isz the same!

After the concert which took about 1 hour, we went to eat pizza at the place where we ate pizza before on the African drumz night, On the way to the pizza place, we encountered some Classical music ladies who were preforming. Me n Ausra chilled there for a little Due to the fact that Ausra likes Classical music allot. I was not bothered by this either. The rest of the group moved on, Eventually we went to the pizza place, and ordered some foodzies it was very fun once again. and the pizza’s there a very delicious! we chilled until early morning.



Tomorrow I will chill with Ausra her new Room mate, Scout Vilnius a bit more. check out some Expositions. We will also make Kepta Douna our self, and Šaltibarščiai Check it out!!

Le Weekend: Potato Potato

After like 3 weeks at da Eco project, between al dem Senior’s I felt like checking out some Lithuanian nature, go somewhere. meet up with peepz. mix with some younge energiesz!

I’m very curious about Trakai, so I tried to find someone to join me to Trakai. but this was harder then expected (due to exam times here in LT), eventually Friday evening I got contact with Ruta, she was going to check some Asian Culture day/event in Vilnius city center with a friend of her. I figured, ah well. its not Trakai. its something new though. she asked her friend and I could join them,

Its da 7th of June, I arrived in Vilnius rather early, so I went to Visit Ausra first to secure a place to sleep, drop some stuff and say hi. we chilled for a vew hours, So much to talk about, Lots o shizzle happened, for example She haz a new roommate!! she still had to finish some stuff for her study though. So in the afternoon I went to meet up with Ruta n her friend Veronika,

They were pretty hung over from a crazy party the night before. I was expecting to walk around. check out dem culture day w/e. but they were verrrryyyyy lazzyyy and yawning all da time gheghe, they checked the Asia culture something and it wasn’t that special apparently. We ended up drinking a vew beers talking about random stuff.
around dinner time we went to grab some Traditional Lithuanian foodzies.

The place was very near, basically I’m writing this post because I want to share dem foodzies with ya all. but as usual I end up writing a full chapter due to. spammin pro you feel me bro? Anywayz We had Potato Pancakes, at first I was like, Pancakes!!??? out of Potatoooooo???? Dafuq???? I always though The Netherlands was Potato country. but this is BS Lithuania is Potato Country! Fo Real! They do so much more crazy things with potato, and they have so much more dishes its crazzyyy!!

Also, Kepta Douna!!!!!

bulvinių blynų with mushroom sausze/grease

bulvinių blynų with mushroom sausze/grease

It was very delicious, and very heavy also. so stuffed after dem pancakes. I was very confused though. No Veggies. No meats (except for the little grease) but you get the point. just potato pancakes you know. it seemed boring/not so vitaminny.

it seems that Lithuanians eat way different then what I’m used to in the Netherlands. they get much more vitamins at breakfast and lunch, so then just some Potato dish is not a problem in the evening, but does fill up da stomach easily!,

After dinner da Ladies got very tired, so they decided to go home and get some rest.

I went back to Ausra her place, while she finished her stuff. I chilled with some very nice Lithuanian Drum n bass music from her Mp3
She didn’t had dinner yet, so we went to the City Center to meet up with her “Ex” Room mate (the other Ruta) to get sum foodzies and some drinks. this was around 22:30, We ordered some Šaltibarščiai (cold beetroot soup) Ruta some vegetarian bread thingy,

Also Kepta Douna!!!!!!!!

Šaltibarščiai wif Kepta Douna n Veggiebreadie

Šaltibarščiai wif Kepta Douna n Veggiebreadie

This is the last picture I made with my camera, It died :( so lame, how can I keep on bloggin n show dem crazy things, if I haz no camera???

Wel Ausra is this very amazing Lady, She offered me to check if she can fix my camera somewhere for cheap. and in the Meantime I can borrow her camera. Whuuuuttt! Indeed. Shizz Crazyy! so now I can continue blogging! hopefully she will be able to find a place to fix my camera, and if not. The Apocalypse will be here, I tell you!

Besides my Camera’s death, I miss jammin, and making music, I figured: Ill buy a Djembe and leave it at da Eco Project, then I can make some beats whenever I like, you know. sooner or later we will make campfires here, then a Djembe is nice to!
Apparently Djembes are not so cheap here in Lietuva, Ausra used to play Djembe @ Vakarų Afrikos but due to her study n stuff she haz no time anymore, When I told her my idea about Djembe, she was so kind to offer me Her Djembe………….
yup. Ausra is Crazyly Amazing, Not only haz she allowed me a roof over my head when I’m in Vilnius ever since I arrived in Lietuva, We traded Jamz fo Dandelion Sirup, she offered me her Camera temporary, and I can use her Djembe until I Continue with my Journey or ofc if she needs it.

Da Djembe

Dem Djembe

I guess in the end, this post is not only Dedicated to the delicious food I ate this weekend. This post is also Dedicated fo my Gratitude To Ausra,