The end of a Chapter

Another year has passed by as if its nothing. Time has been going fast, they told me the older you get, the faster time will go. So I try not to think about it that much. It was a great year, This place is wonderful and I really felt at home here. So much possibilities to be involved with and knowledge to be learned. So much amazing people met, friends made and love found. Part of me is sad I’m leaving it all behind, I wouldn’t have had any problems staying here. But last year I left with an idea, The idea to travel Through Europe and visit different projects. meet friends I have made over the years in other countries, See this tiny world were living on which we mostly take for granted. This was always in the back of my mind, Besides. this world is so small, No matter where on this earth you are, you can take a plane and be at any place the next day. Thats why tomorrow morning, I will be on the road again, This time towards Transylvania. With good memories stored and bearing in mind that I can go back here any time I want. and meet the wonderful people I now call my friends once again!

Yesterday I was able to finish the front entrance of the house, Previous week there was quite some rain and wind, not the nicest weather to saw planks and work with electric tools, besides that Aiste was visiting so we did some work we could do together, for example planting some trees, and chopping wood, working on the garden and planting some potatoes, artichoke and flowers! cleaning a bit :)). she also thought me how to knot bracelets, played Shithead etc. we tried to be as productive as possible when the sun started shining and enjoy ourself’s whenever the rain hit. This week the weather was great! and I couldn’t just leave this place with the awesome entrance project unfinished. where my brothers Esci and Crayray helped with. So here it is, Before and after pictures!

I’m really curious whats going to happen in the future at IzReal. Recently a friend of Bas bought some land next to “ours”. Oliver, a very cool British dude with quite the connections in the Natural Homes Scene. together they have mad loads of plans involving Natural Building etc. there probably will be a lot of Natural Building going on here, So if you want to learn something about this, you should keep yourself updated! I really hope with all the stuff going on Bas will be able to finish at least the outside of the house this year, for we failed to complete it last year D:

How does one end a post like this? Gheghe, I have no idea. It doesn’t matter really I suppose, I want to thank everybody I met in Vilnius for the wonderful time you have given me, whether you offered me your place to stay, invited me to events, saw each other a lot or even if we didn’t see or speak each other for a while now, You will all be remembered! all of you! Labai ačiū draugų. And of course everybody at IzReal that either stayed for a longer time or came to volunteer for short time! But mainly Bas, For giving me the opportunity to do this, have patience with me and giving some guidance and sharing all the knowledge he has to offer.

Bedankt mattie bom battie, en mogen u nog van vele pastas genieten. hou je taai broeder!

It was a great year!

It was a great year!

 May Our Paths Cross Again.


Spring Awakenings

I have awoken from my winter sleep, yeah I know. I haven’t been blogging much the past months, this obviously because i was sleeping! The truth is, winter wasn’t so bad as i had expected it to be, there was allot of snow, ice and coldness, but it didn’t get much below -10. we did some work on the inside of the house, a bit of claying and upgraded our fireplace. making plans for the kitchen etc. but mainly winter was a period of rest, eating and sleeping! To put the special occasions in a nutshell: I spend Christmas in Vilnius together with Rasute and she invited a friend of hers Aiste. we ate Traditional Lithuanian Christmas dinner. There are quite some Traditions involving Christmas, not gonna get into it in this post. but the main thing you should know. is that they prepare 12 non meat dishes, and everybody should eat at least a bit of every dish, we made them all our self’s. and the 3 days after Christmas we ate from the same food we made for Christmas eve. It was awesome.

Due to the fact that Aiste is a wonderful woman, and she invited me to join her for New year in Kaunas, I spend new years eve in Kaunas. I initially intended to go to Vilnius, but i haven’t been to Kaunas before and i figured it would be nice to get to know this city also. New year was quite the experience, for Lithuania was Covered in mist. We went to this mountain, which has a panorama view of Kaunas. but when the fireworks started we could only hear the Bangs as if WW3 just broke lose. We ended up running back to the Old town(or city center) where we managed to see a bit of fireworks, but visibility was very low. somewhat sad for i love fireworks and i didn’t see shit really, we spend the rest of the night wandering around the city, checking out some river sides and raided every children playground we could find while not trying to break anything on the icey paths.

But back to Spring!

CIMG1177 Whoohoo, Its here! snow disappeared some time ago and in the past 2 weeks we had quite some nice weather. Thus i was busy sawing planks again working on the front entrance of the house. last summer we cleared the old yellow planks, then build up the straw clay walls and finished them with a lime layer. now i’m making the roof bargeboards and adding planks to close it all up. the sides look like this now <-. the right side is closed till the roof, but i wont make more pictures until i finished both sides.

We burned through allot of the wood we had gathered this winter, we have some left for this summer. but we need to restock wood if we want to be able to survive next winter. so that’s what Bas has been doing mostly, cutting down trees from our forest and moving them with the help of our Horse, were also scavenging wood from next to the road. for this time of year allot of trees gets cut or trees that got blown over due to winter winds, but they leave it laying besides the road. Which is such a waste, so then we take them instead. also, sooner or later the stairs to our first floor will be made. so Bas will use one or two trees to support our new stairs, therefor they have to be removed of bark and stocked somewhere to dry.

Against our expectations some of the limestone layers we applied last year, didn’t have enough time to dry properly. also there was a period early winter where we had rain, then frost and snow. then it would melt and rain again, then frost etc. due to the weather the part of the walls low to the ground started to absorb allot of moisture, with the freezing and melting it started cracking. its a shame really. but due to these developments we decided to finish the house in a wooden layer similar to the front entrance. to save some time and be able to finishing the outside of the house this summer. to do this wood is needed, with our connections we bought a nice batch of wood, Pine wood to be exact. Freshly cut from the trees around our area and freshly sawn by the nearest sawmill. the truck dropped it with its crane, so we had to stack it properly so it can dry enough for us to be able to use it. I love the smell of fresh cut pine wood, its so sweet. also your hand get black and sticky due to the resin, which stay for about 2 or 3 days.

We stacked all the fine boards but there are lots of boards with mostly bark on them, (you get all of the tree you know) those aren’t qualified to be used for the house, so we decided to use them to build a new floor for our firewood stacks. This winter there were quite some times when either rain or snow got blown onto our dried firewood. and it was really annoying. also the current floor was not leveled either, and those barky boards are strong enough to make a reasonable floor. so we started taking out the wood and constructing the new floor, then we gathered some old wood from previous years to make the sides. Now our firewood has enough cover not to get all soaked by a rainfall or snowstorm.

Friday 20/3 was the Solar Eclipse. we were working outside and enjoying the lovely weather, it didn’t get dark here but we tried to check it out making a hole in cardboard and projecting it onto another piece of cardbord. which worked somewhat. i knew it for quite some time, but still i didn’t prepare for it well enough to be able to look at it and see it happening. it was a nice afternoon anyway. and Aiste managed to make this picture of the eclipse!

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse


Northern Lights LT

It’s just after midnight around 01:00, I go outside to empty my bladder which I usually do before I wander the dreamaverse. I open the door and i’m rather confused by the brightness of the sky at this time of year. I didn’t even have to put on the light to see the things i could stumble upon laying all over the ground. There wasn’t a full moon either. I walk past the house, for the light was surely coming from behind it. when I reach the corner and looked North/West my jaw dropped and I had a moment of Euphoria I can not describe. The ground was darkish and hilly as usual, but above the horizon was shimmering light. It was the Northern Lights.

All my life I wanted to see the Northern Lights, It really amazes me, not only the way it occurs which still somewhat confuses me, but mainly the extreme beauty it paints up in the sky, the fact that this hit me so unexpectedly in a country close but not so likely to encounter them made it a even more wonderful experience for me.

I believe I stood in the open fields for about 20 maybe 30 minutes until they faded away. Just staring at the light, silencing the mind. This time of year is also very special to me for all the constellations I know are visible in the sky, From the South was Leo (my starsign) gazing over me, if I looked straight up I could see the Big dipper and close by Small dipper and Polaris. Orion was already below the horizon, But a bit to the right of Leo was Jupiter and Sirius was also just visible.

The usual pictures you see of the Northern Lights are Red/Green/Violet, but the aurora was more of a subtle blue/white tint. It was waving through the sky like an ocean, changing shape slowly. There were some straight looking lines going right up in the sky, pointing towards Leo and the Big dipper. At some moments there occurred a wave of light, which riced from the horizon going up for a few seconds and then fading away. It was so wonderful. Completely hypnotized by the lights, I realized at some point that Cassiopeia was right in the middle of it all. shining through the magnificent sea of light.

It was a unforgettable moment for me, when the lights started fading I went to bed. even though I had some trouble falling asleep due to the amazing thing I just experienced and my mind going nuts, I soon slept like a rose and woke up so fresh and so clean clean. awwwyeah! I also had a dream, where I was reliving the moment I just experienced, but this time a Spaceship came to visit me, it was a orange-ish orb, shooting beams of light around it with balls of energy in it. One of the balls took me and shot me into space. it was somewhat scary at that particular moment, but I tried to get sucked into it as much as I could and go with it. when I eventually woke up in my bed. I’m not quite sure yet if I actually got abducted and anal probed that night or if i was just dreaming after all :))) The Northern Lights I saw before sleeping were Real for sure though, and it will be imprinted in my memory for eternity!


Winter is Coming.

Slowly the weather is turning, last week was actually doable, but the week before. Osnap. it started freezing at night like crazy. Every morning there were big layers of ice in our buckets and wheelbarrows, getting thicker and thicker. When you feel like adding some more clay, you suddenly realize that all the clay is frozen and almost unable to use. It was an exciting period. For i was spending the time here alone. Basz had to go back to NL for a while.

In school they teach you to calculate, teach you to write and read. try to teach you rights and principles obviously only useful for living in the System. But they don’t really teach you how to grow food, And especially not how to keep warm in cold weather except for maybe the occasional. “put the thermostat on 20°” So for me this was an exciting time. For i had to figure out how i’m gonna be able to keep this house around the 20° while its freezing outside, this is something i know how to do in Theory. But obviously Theory is something different then actually doing it. Indeed we have a Rocket mass heater, and a nice cozy fireplace but my lack in experience was to great. I generally woke up around 10°, yup. thats dang cold. So then I would fire up the rocket stove for the rest of the day, but nope. I was doing something wrong and couldn’t get the house above 15°. Luckily i have sweaters, and my Desk where i spend most of my evenings is almost in front of the fireplace. You guessed correct, after dinner i would light the Fireplace until i went to sleep to keep me warm. only to wake up in 10° the next morning to try solving this mystery once again. I can remember very well, this one evening after cooking some Delicious Macaroni for me, myself and I realized the living room was actually 17.4° What a great feeling. I beat the 15° (“Euphoric state of mind Busting dance moves all through the living room on my extremely awesome Beat-full musix FYI: Brock Berrigan“). Luckily after 6 days, it stopped freezing. and weather turned back to “”normal”" between 4 and 7° outside. I gave up on heating the house though i kinda got used to the colder temperatures in the living room, and felt like wasting shit loads of wood. In the end, after dinner I would spend my time close to the Fireplace anyway and wouldn’t be aware of the 13° living room temperature.

I think the point i’m trying to make is, That for the first time leaving da “City Slickers Life” and spending 2 weeks alone here @IzReal, I started to realize what things have to be done daily to keep general things comfortable in this kind of lifestyle. obviously temperature of the house is one of them, No thermostat you can turn up or down whenever you feel like it. If its cold you gotta chop sum wood and burn dat shit. Chopping wood daily was actually something i really enjoyed. I would do this most of the time when the sun went down. so i could Enjoy chopping wood, While watching the amazing painting the sky drew for me with its beautiful colorful sunset.

Or for example thinking ahead a vew days, because if the clay is frozen due to not storing it inside, you cant use it or continue your work the next day whether you like this or not. Same for the water well, water comes through the hose, so if you forget to hang it low in the well it would freez. happens a vew times…. Cooking was not really a problem, normally you have to think about other peoples belly’s, and have some dinner done at an appropriate time. but these 2 weeks alone were amazing. I just started whenever i felt a little munchies and made what i was in the mood for. Then i would make enough food for 2 people. so basically i ate the same stuff for 2 days. then cook again for 2 days and so on.

What i also came to realize in these 2 weeks of solo time at da IzReal is this simple things as loneliness//boredom. I remember when i told some friends about my plan to Hitchhike through Europe searching for Ecological/sustainability projects by myself they though i was crazy. Not only because of the supposed “dangers” hitchhiking would bring me, but also because of Loneliness and my lack of good social skillz. The big difference is. when you hitchhike, you meet new people, lots of them every day. You talk to them, you give them your story, in return they give you theirs. some are interesting some are not so much. Some invite you to join them for a vew days,(like the 2 Belgian dudes i spend a vew days with in Berlin) Some you will never see again. When you are alone on the road, you have to talk to people whether you like this or not. and by doing so all these awesome things happen, simply because you surrender your self to them so you allow them to happen. This is why i didn’t feel lonely or bored at all while hitchhiking.

But then you spend some time all by yourself, on a 5hectare land, kinda isolated from lots of people and cities. and basically don’t really talk to anyone in real. For i had everything i need and no reason to leave this place (which i actually really enjoyed) I just noticed that at the Fridays and Saturdays, I actually felt weird for a while, i’m not sure if it was just Boredom, or Loneliness. i just had this craving to do something, go somewhere. meet people. Socialize. Hang out with some peepz i know in V-City. Yet i didn’t feel like randomly driving to Vilnius for an hour, go to a bar and socialize… This probably because Ausra has left the country, and i cant call her anymore to crash at her Couch so easily:( So instead i skyped with my brothers and played Dotehz. forgetting all about this weird feeling:)))

Of course some work has been done also. The front portal thingy is closed now, not finished for sure but definitely on its way. Here some Before and,,, Well not exactly after, more like an in between. pictures

and the entrance on the pantry side has been made. Massive heavy door dang.

A random Autum Sunrise for you enjoyment below here. and 2 pictures of some really interesting trees i made when i made a little walk through the woods and surroundings before the leaves were all gone.

Did you know that in Lithuania it is tradition to honor your ancestors every first weekend of November? They do this by visiting there graves and light candles on them. i got recomended to check out a cemetery at night, so i did. and it amazed me. i have never seen something like this before. Lithuanian graves are very well taken care of and seeing so much candles really made a big impression.

Basz haz returned today, so things instantly turned crazy again, also soon were gonna have some new visitors. A dude from Italy, and some people from England, who will hang around for a while and help around.

Molis ir šiaudai, Tai ko jums Reikia!


DIY: Rocket Cob Oven

Ovens are awesome! and i’m pretty sure you would agree with me when I say there simply awesome because pizzas are awesome, home baked bread is delicious and cake is no longer a lie when you have an awesome oven to bake dem in.

still not convinced? well let me show you how easy it is to build a “rocket” oven yourself with the use of straw, clay and bricks.

You start by finding a nice spot for you new oven, make sure it is leveld you don’t want a 45º tilted oven, u can use sand to level it, if the ground aint flat enough, afterwards you’re gonna have to decide the size of your oven. in our case we made the base of the oven around 1 meter in diameter, for the dome that will be on top has a +/- thickness of 15 cm. and we want enough space to make huge pizzas. once you’re sure about your measurements start with a single layer of clay then you can start laying the bricks and Rocket system. using a clay/sand mixture for cement, fill the open space with some random dirt and rubble to give the whole structure some mass

Once you reached the proximate height for the oven floor, you can prepare the bricks to optimize the airflow under the oven floor and into the dome. all the hot air will come out of the middle of the base, the vents into the oven will be incorporated into the dome structure so the idea is that the hot air will move from the middle, to the sides. heating up the oven floor ending up in the oven dome itself. we used firebricks for this (these bricks heat up quite easily) and finished the oven floor with a single layer of steel wire and refractory cement. make sure you don’t close it up on the sides and keep space to make the hot air vents

To make the air vents we used beer cans and basically clayed around them,pointing up towards the center. this will also be the base for the dome, try to make it as sturdy as possible and make sure the oven floor and the clay for the vents has dried well enough! before you start building the dome.

To shape the dome we use a pile of sand, close the air vents with something so the sand wont be able to fall in those gaps. then shape the dome as you like. on top of the sand you should place some damp paper so the sand wont stick to the clay on the inside. this makes it easier to smooth the inside of the dome. then you can start building up the dome with your straw/clay mixture. and shape the door.

Meanwhile we filled the gaps on the outside of the base and also added a layer of sand/clay to make it more round and smooth. to speed up the drying process of the globe, you can carefully start digging away a little bit of sand on the top of the dome (only if the first layer is dry enough) and start a small fire. carefully dig out more layers of sand while you make a fire in between the digging of those layers until you have dug out all the sand. its very important to do this carefully. if you go to fast and the first layer is not strong and dry enough it could collapse. or you could just wait until the first layer has dried completely before removing any sand.

Now the globe has its shape and is completely dried you can start adding layers to isolate it and finish it. we made the brick arch first to be sure what shape the door would become, and from there it is easier to shape the final layers of the globe. the second layer you add to the globe should have straw again, for this isolates better. every layer you add should be as thick as the first layer +/- 5 cm, and completely dried before you add the next. while we were at it we also made a little door :)

So now the oven has its finished shaped. but its still only from clay right. either you need to have a roof over your oven. or you should finish it with some lime or lime/clay finish for it to be able to survive some heavy rain. we still have to do this. so a finished picture will be added sooner or later. but its really important that you do so. if you leave it unfinished and rain hits the oven. things can turn out to be bad for your awesome oven.

you might be thinking. whats the deal with this chimney brha? basically a chimney is not needed. but we like our things to be multifunctional. we build the chimney and a hot air flow “system” so we can boil some water or keep a pan heated up while we use the oven. we will make a special lid for it, for you have to be able to close the chimney because you don’t want to lose the heat in the globe. but for now this aluminum lid will do.

the hot air flow “system” is pretty simple. through the hole on top of the globe the heat is able to leave. if you put the lid on, it will be pushed down over the outside of the globe. where it will eventually will be pushed up again being able to leave the oven. basically the Mohawk has 2 shafts. 1 going down from the top of the globe and 1 going up like a U



Dont forget to clean the inside of the oven before use!



 Curious how to make a Barrel Oven? Check out DIY: Barrel Oven!


Recent Developments

Winter is coming, Slowly but surely, all of the sudden the 35 degrees was gone and we had a period of rain and winds. nights are getting colder and instead of a subtle light from the horizon its already dark at 9 these days. luckily for us there has been some nice sunny weather the past week and so we were able to finish some work we were not able to do in the rainz.

lets start with the most amazing project lately, Our pizza oven. We started on it a vew weeks back, but it had to go on hold for a while. its nearly finished now though. and although we still need to give it a test run. its pretty amazing, i will be making a How To: Pizza oven post sooner or later. for now you will have to do with this

Pizza oven Pan placement

As most of you know we cook on wood, to keep the pizza oven running and keep us warm all winter we have been chopping wood like crazy. well maybe not like crazy but whenever we feel like it. though we have lots of wood, and we want to get it all chopped and stacked before snow hits,

Meanwhile the road to our house was getting pretty bumpy, big holes and ditches everywhere. it was getting very hard to drive it normally, especially when the rain hit you couldn’t tell if it was a deep or undeep ditch. which made driving pretty exciting. but luckily our friend came to fix da sandyness and made all fancy new roads for us :) they usually fix the roads like 3 or 4 times a year. but this year they only came once… this was the second time and it was badly needed. he really saved the day eh!

due to all the rainzies recently we done some work on the inside of the house. one of which was a fireplace, not only is a fireplace very cozy and awesome. it will help us survive the winter for the fireplace gives of so much nice warmth when burning and easily heats up all the living room. Ever since we made the fireplace we light it up every night. gotta love da Fireplace!

Under construction close to finish but working!

our future kitchen and rocket mass heater bench have been getting some nice upgrades also, the first wall finishes in the future kitchen have been applied. we have been working on the World Tree Window, But most of all some amazing decorations on the rocket mass heater Bench! its really starting to show of how beautiful everything will look like once its done. cant say everybody hasz dem decorations on dem benches eh!

and ofcourse due to the better weather last week some work has been done on the outside of the house, we filled the front porch with straw/clay. which is now ready to get a clay/lime layer. when raymundas was still present @ Izreal ft Esci we worked on the walls in the pantry. but we didnt fill them all to the top. so we have been filling them up to the top so we can also add some Clay/lime layer when done. when this has been done we can start building our boiler for we would like to take a shower inside instead of oustide this winter. but for that to become reality we have to finish the pantry, build the boiler. and build the shower before winter/in winter. Gonna be exciting!!

Front porch Pantry Progression

Although nights are already starting to get very cold. I really love the sky here. there are no streetlights here, so when you go outside its pitchblack everywhere. this makes stargazing perfect. and Dang. you can see so much stars here, its crazy. falling stars are also pretty easy to spot here almost anytime with a bit of patience, and its even possible to see a part of the Milkyway if its a clear night. i was told that in winter it will be dark here around 4/5 o clock. i can hardly imagine this. but we will see, gonna be short days then. gues we should get some construction lamps gheghe.

This summer has gone by so fast, its already September, soon there will be snow, soon i will freeze to death, soon i will experience Lithuanian winter. Aww yeah!! (no srsly, im already cold now sometimes. how will manage -30 degrees) ah well, thats why i decided to stay for winter. to see whatsup! winter will probably rush by as fast as this summer did and then ill be on da road again, towards destination unknown.

Autumn Sunset

Autumn Sunset


Esci in da Hizzle

Last Friday, da first of August Me n Crayray headed to da Airport to pick up our Brha from another Mha. Escii! To put it in a nutshell, before I started traveling Me ray n Esci have been chilling allot, basically any weekend. Gettin Blazed, Playing sum Games. Adventuring. but most of all canceling on everything else due to being Way to Blazed.

His reason to come visit us was simple, In the Netherlands there is this Festival called Lowlands. Crayray decided to go there. so Esci figured to pick him up “in a way” also he was curious what we were doing here exactly.

We also had more visitors that weekend. Kazimieras and Rasa, A dude and a lady I met in Vilnius on the day after GMD Kaz has some friends who are basically doing the same as we are, They bought some land. and are beginning to build there own houses on it from Straw N Clay and do things differently, so I invited him to join us sometime so he could learn some stuff about the Straw N Clay Shizzle.

Actually made this pic da week before, when my elder visited,

Actually made this pic da week before, when my elder visited,

The weekend was crazy. Friday we chilled like Mad, First we had dinner at the Pirate in Moletai, Who makes his own liquor and gives us free shots. Esci likes Vodka eh, So basically when Esci is in da Hizzle There is Vodka in da Hizzle. So you get the point. after dinner we had some more funz back home, it was a crazy night. the next morning it was time for some work and even though the funz we had last night we woke up around the clock of 10. N started to work on the Front porch, To explain this a bit: Most of the house is already in clay But the entrance in the front was still from the original wooden structure. Our mission today was to get rid of all the wood and make it ready to put some Straw N Clay walls in it.

Meanwhile getting rid of the old wooden boards and trying to expose the frame, We found an Ancient Facebook Hidden behind between the walls and some wall post most, likely love letters in Lithuanian.

Ancient LT Facebook A Town Esci

Vew hours later our Lithuanian Visitors woke up. I showed them how to make Straw N Clay walls, because on the South side of the house there were still a vew meters of wall to be finished. Kaz really wanted to do this and see how it was done. So basically Kaz n Rasa with some assistance of Ray went to finish some Clay walls. while I worked some more on the front Entrance, andEsci anywhere he liked.

The weekend was apparently the hottest weekend ever in Lithuania, so you can imagine. around the clock of 13:00/14:00 it got way to hot. and we ended up inside, talking and chillin for a while. We did indeed do some more work later that day but overall the productivity that day was rather low :))). Crayray made Delicious Pasta that night, After dinner we ended up chillin outside, when it got darker we stared a nice Campfire so Again, We drank allot, Chilled allot. Had some interesting conversation. But most of all Enjoyed our time!

Sunday was a special day, Not only was it the hottest day in Lithuania in like Forever?.. Hitting 36degrees and no wind. But it was also Basz his Birthday, Not that he celebrates it but ah well. Kaz and Rasa had to go back to Vilnius in the morning, Me Crayray n Esci did some more work on the Straw N Clay walls and Front porch. But as expected on the hottest day Evah in Lithuania, We soon ended up trying to find a comfortable place to Not burn alive in the basement/shadow/anywhere.

Esci makes Music, And for his new amazing Song he wanted to make a video-clip-ish. So on Tuesday we made some Epic shots for him being As Gangster as possible, Think of Esci with some Vodka, and Riding da Quad. Smoking sum Cuz Thats the way he rolls yo. Of course we needed some Donut Shots with da Quad to make the clip perfect. This is how that worked out!

But don’t worry before all the madness happened and doing some pro movie shoots, We did actually finish the things we had to finish :)

Wednesday morning at 05:00 we left IzReal and I brought Crayray N Esci to the airport. For Lowlands is Coming, And they are gonna go Rampage over there. It was fun to have Crayray over At IzReal for a while and of course it was good to see Esci again. but for them its time to pick up there lives in da Netherlands. While I will stay here doing my thang.

The Almerian family arrived back in LT that same Wednesday an will be here for about one more week, then they will also head back to The Netherlands for the winter. Which means that soon it will be just me and Basz to finish the house before winter and make a stand against the Forces of Nature.


Just another Crazy DayZ

Before I start with all da madness, lets just go back a little and let me show you what we haz been doin eh!

Although most of the straw/clay walls have been made and the house is closed, there are still a vew to be done at the Front and Back Entrance. Before the weekend me n Crayray started doing some Straw/Clay wall building, to explain the process a little: You dig up some clay and add lots of water to make it Smearablez, Then you mix it with the Straw, Once that is done you push it in between 2 wooden plates and the wall beams until its full. Wait just 15 min for it to dry a bit. then you can go up and up and up. Its not hard at all!

Meanwhile working on da house, Jamesz has been protecting us from all the Intruders, This Terminator killer cat has been catching Mouse, Birds N Mole Rat daily lately and protecting us from harm.

So today Basz hasz been doing some professional shizznit on da  Western part of the house, almost finished Osnap! Just not yet!, Meanwhile i have been doing some preparations and Windowork on the South side of da house, in preparation for Basz so he can continue with his Lime layer.

Meanwhile doing all this work, Basz his Father came with some heavy machinery from Obuolių Sala to dig some holes for sand and bring it from the back of the property to the front. to spare us some time. Things were all going well. Lots of sun and lovely weather, Then around dinnertime when He wanted to leave and bring dem Machinery back to Obuolių Sala some crazy shizzle ma nizzle happend.

Gravitiez be a biotch

Gravitiez be a biotch

Tun Tun Tunnnn.

Me n Crayray were working on da house, we saw him drive through the holes and stuff. and at first we were laughing cuz the Tractor and things were Bouncing like crazy. Then suddenly it started tilting……

We managed to get the cart on its wheels again. but for the excavator we needed another tractor to do the job. so while they went to Obuolių sala to pick it up(Tractors don’t drive so fast) we bought some beers to sooth the pain. With the other Tractor the job was done easily and we managed to get the Excavator on its feet again. after checking all dem stuff and fixing a few thangs everything worked fine again. no people were hurt. no machinery got broken (except for some dents)

To celebrate this, we tried to some Acrobatics, N I made some Šaltibarščiai. Also I would like to Introduce you to a new member of the IzReal Family, MR Rocketstove.

Feed me Wood N Ill Heat Yo Foodz

Feed me Wood N Ill Heat Yo Foodz

So yeah, Just another DayZ @ IzReal


Whatz happenin lately

Its mid July these days n things here at da Izreal are going pretty amazing. Not only are the plants growing and blooming, and are eating from the garden regularly, N we have been working on the house like mad!!

We had a period of rain, lots O rain. but the last week it has been 30+ degrees again, I still have to get used to this a bit. doing this physical work in those kind of degrees without much wind can make me feel like a dolphin, dem shiny skin all day! but I try my best to wake up early, so we can chill when the Sun is highest. and continue work when it gets cooler again.

Anywayz. lets start with the foodzies growing around our yard. I’m not a pro gardener. so I probably skipped or didn’t recognize lots of them. For example: we had a Lithuanian visitor this weekend, he is really into diz shizz. so when he was walking around he started eating so much plants. apparently we have allot of spices and edible plants that he did recognize.

July Gardenz1 July Gardenz2

So this is what da garden looks like these days, some veggiesz have grown amazingly, others not at all. others have been eaten by Natural pirates. Basically Basz planted allot of seeds end of April. then like mid May we suddenly had 1 or 2 nights of Frost….. this fkd up lots of the Seedlings. so then we had to replant most of them. Luckily everything went alright and so we haz diz nao


What happened with the Spices Spiral is still a Mystery. cuz I don’t think there are much spices in it that are supposed to be there gheghe. This probably also due to the vew nights of frost we had late this year which ended up destroying all dem seedlings. ah well. it looks hilarious though. who knows what we can find later this year.

The apples and Plums are doing pretty well though, we have shit loads of Apple trees. I didn’t even count them, but like 10 Apples at least, A vew Plums, and Even a vew pear trees who probably wont give fruit this year cuz they did so last year. but lotsoapples fo sho1!. the tomatoez inside the Greenhouze are also doing pretty nice! there growing very fast and starting to get biggah n biggah. also the cherry tomatoes and paprika are doing great.

obuolys1 obuolys2 Plum?

The time for me to mess around with wood and Tinker some furniture is over
We have a house to finish before winter, so the past 2 to 3 weeks we have been spending all our time on doing so. Basz haz been working on the base layer of the floor inside, where the Floor heating system will be build upon, And he has been Finishing the walls with Lime shizzle on the main floor walls. I finished most of the Window frames and worked on the Roof Edge with some Crayray assistance. we also have been Claying the the base layer on the second floor. also, Clayafitti


Adventuring abandoned Buildingz

Me n CrayRay randomly decided to check out some abandoned places nearby, maybe not exactly random.. When we saw a full rainbow we figured to search for the pot of gold, while adventuring towards dem treasure we got distracted and started scouting a abandoned building we found on the way.

  Suddenly Rainbowz Towards da Rainbowz Suddenly Buildingz

the land around the buildingz was rather trashy, after investigating in the type of trash that was left behind, scouting the surroundings a bit, we decided to check whats inside. We ventured towards the building.

The first Room.As usual, there were tests, the entrance we decided to take was completely blocked with hay, we climbed the hay blockade and slided through the entrance. it was an big open room, there were these ditches, probably a lava trap. in the end was a bright light.

Walking towards the light avoiding all the possible traps. it seemed that on the other side some organism is trying to take over this part of the buildingz, the organism was not hostile. We headed towards the light, there was a damaged wall, through which we left the building.

Over time,.

Da organizm

Follow da RainbowOutside we noticed another building and Smaller chambersome random electricity related things. The building was towards the rainbow, so we checked it out, no traps seemed to present at the time. We entered the building, it were a vew rooms. One had some sort of hibernation chambers in it, but judging from the size, it couldn’t fit a human properly. it could maybe also have been used to bathe or feed something, who knows. Venturing forth through hallways, some of which only had a vew pipes we could balance on to get to the other side, we arrived in a bigger chamber. It had the same hibernation chamber things as in the other room, but on a far larger scale, The organism was also present in this room, using time as his weapon.

In the far end of the Hibernation room was another exit. It leaded outside towards open hilly fields and some farms, we checked a nearby hanger which was empty and a small collapsed brick building, the rainbow in the meantime vanished. On our way back we noticed the sky above the ruins. some magic was going on there for sure! luckily not so much traps or magic encountered. I am curious about the organism living there though.

Inorite, Working on it!!

Inorite, Working on it!!