Choppin down a Treez

I have been busy with lots O Things, but I don’t have the Pictures yet!. Due to the rain today, and not the ability to continue on the Bench for example. I figured ill just write an article about how to chop down a Treez! (Not that im implying you should! for every tree you take, at least plant anew!) but due to my connection with wood, its a nice subject to write about. expect more articles about how to work with wood in the future!

splitaxeYou can either chop down a tree with an Axe or if you prefer, a Chainsaw, lets start with da Axe!There are allot of safety things you should think about before you start, but who cares about safety. lets just Die trying!

So you start with picking an Axe Like a true lumberjack! It is advised to use 2 types of Axes depending on the type of tree you will Chop Chop Chop, A Rounding axe (right) is usually used for Hardwoods and a Wedge axe (left) Usually for soft woods. Now you have your Axe and found the Tree you like to Chop Chop Chop, there is one safety thing that is important, The way which the tree will fall.

Make sure the path is clear, that there are no children playing axe-570x380around there, or maybe houses located. it would suck for any of those to get a big ass tree fall upon them! also the wind direction is very important to think about.

Once you decided where the tree will fall. you can start chopping the first V shaped cut (The size of the tree does not really matter)
you should cut this first V shape (Kerf) about 1/3 of the thickness of the tree in a +/- 45 degree angle

proper-way-to-cut-down-a-treeOnce you finished your first Kerf its time for the Felling cut, basically this cut is at the opposite of the Kerf. You know, there is still 2/3 of a tree left eh! The felling cut should be a vew CM above the fist cut you made, and you shouldn’t cut it all the way through, this because the wood in the middle will act as e Hinge when the tree will tilt, there is a difference in making these cuts depending on choppin it with Axe or sawing it with Chain which you can see on the left.FH12OCT_FELING_11

Once your Kerf and the Felling cuts are done, things can turn out in different ways and you should handle accordingly, If your Hinge is strong enough, the tree will still balance, and you will need to hit another Hinge in the felling cut to make the tree fall, Some say you should cut your Kerf a bit more on the top until it reaches the Felling cut (which is a vew CM above the Kerf) which will make the tree starts tilting, Then just RUN!!! Others just cut the felling cut all the way Through till the tree starts to tilt, In either way. Be aware of the tree and how it reacts to your cuts. It is also possible to tie a rope in the top of the tree (obviously do this before you start on cutting it) so you can pull it a bit into the right direction and put tension on it when cutting the Felling cut, make sure the pulling party doesn’t stay there. or the tree will fall on is head. (mostly used in urban areas)

When the tree starts to tilt, MAKE DISTANCE! don’t stay to close. the tree can roll, maybe bounce, shit can happen and if you are to close you can get in trouble. Never cut a tree down alone. always bring someone with you in case of emergency!

Also don’t try to hit the tree with a Hammer…….

To Chop Chop Chop da Treez with a chainsaw, is very similar to using an Axe, although there are allot of things you should think about, for example Preparing your Chainsaw and in this case some more Safety measures would be advised due to Crazy Chain Sawz,

the best way to check out how this happens is to just check out this 8min movie, This dude is Hilarious and you get a Live tree Choppin n Droppin Experience!

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