Dandelion Syrup

This week I have been trying to make some Dandelion Syrup, the result of the first bottle was better then expected, So i made moar, and figured it would be a worthy subject to randomblogpostaboutit

How much of da things you need is something you should find out yourself, I had a simple guideline, although I did not exactly followed it perfectly, I also tried different amounts of stuff on the first and second try. but go for something like

400 Grams of Dandelions (blooming nicely)
A lemon
A Orange or Manderin
About 1 liter waterz
N Sugarzzz!

So on a nice sunny day, find yourself some blooming Dandelions and gather those flowers!!, you don’t need da peduncle, if you would like to check if your Dandelion is Ready for use. Make sure it looks kinda yellow, and try to give it a blow, its supposed to not fly away all over the place.

CIMG0877Get rid of all the remaining leaves/peduncles, some prefer to only use the yellow flower, I just took the ugly looking leaves off but kept the flower with little bit of green intact.

Put dem in da panz, Slice yo Lemon n add dem slices, do the same with da Orange.

It still misses water, so add some water. 1 liter, 1.5 liters. maybe 10 liters. whatever you like!


CIMG0871Get yo cooking thing ready, and bring the Dandelion water to da cookz, SLOWLY don’t start with max heath or whatever you are using, bring it till the point of cooking. Slowly! When it cooks. let it cook for a little bit, maybe a vew min.

That’s all for today, put your pan with slowly cooked Dandelion substance in yo kitchen and let it be. some say it should stay for 24 hours. I just kept it there for a night and an afternoon, so something like 12 hours I would suspect.


CIMG0872The next day you can continue with yo CIMG0873Syrup, find yourself a peace of cloth and a strainer, throw the Dandelion substance through the strainer/cloth combo, I think it would be best not to put anything under it so everything will fall onto the ground! :D

then with a spoon you need to push all the Aroma’z of da Dandelions with the rest of the substance. This is the most important part I would say, because if you don’t. dafuq you do it for? You need dem Aroma’z yo! Its all about da Aroma’z!!!!

CIMG0874So once you squeezed all the Dandelion Aroma’z into your pan, its time to give it a little bit of sweetness, of course this is most easily achieved with Sugar, Pick a Sugar you like. How much you should add is again something you should figure out yourself, I think I used around 300 Gramz, on something around 1.5 liters of water and something like 350 gramz of Dandelions. Anywayz. add yo Sugar to your Dandelion Substance, and heat it till it cooks, (without the lid) this time you need to make it more syrupy, so fire it up! Cook dat shit! Make dem Water vaporize! I didn’t time any of it. So when you think the substance is Syrupy enough, Find yourself some bottles (hopefully you cleaned them first) and add the syrup to the bottles just after you finished cooking it! let it cool for a while you will see the Substance will become a little thicker/syrupy after it cools, Perfect!

And this was my Result! Some sweet ass Bottles of: In my Opinion very well made Dandelion Syrup, These ones I will trade for Ausra her Jamz, Awwwyeahh!

Awesome Rite? shizz Supah Delicious

Awesome Rite? shizz Supah Delicious

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  1. The wizard zhaman cooking:) Damn Donald je heb een goede keuze gemaakt, als ik alleen was geweest had ik je zo achterna gereist…

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