Hitching out of Oblivion

That morning I took the bus to Vyšehradská which is on the southern edge of the city, from there it was about a 30 minutes walk to the nearest petrol station connected to the highway, the walk was quite the adventure. I already did some research and knew I either had to go straight through farmland or take the detour and follow the road, which would make the walk a bit longer. Anyway, I got out of the bus and just started walking, initially I felt like following the road for it walks so much easier, but somehow I ended up walking a straight line south. I encountered some homeless people building there homes I suppose, dogs barking at me for I apparently crossed their territory, when I passed a few vegetable gardens and crossed a train rails I could already see the petrol station I was heading to!

Petrol station in the Distance

Petrol station in the Distance

I didn’t feel like being the GMO assassin by walking straight through the field, so I followed the rails for a bit until I hit the road leading towards the petrol station. It looked like I was quite lucky with walking the rails, for when I left the track and started walking the road I suddenly heard a loud horn, when I took a look behind me a huge Cargo train was heading in the direction where I was walking 5 min earlier. I really enjoyed this moment for some reason and watched the train passing by, eventually I started walking towards the highway, the road was very nice. somewhat silent, with lots of vegetation on both sides. I crossed the bridge over the highway to get to the other side and climbed down. The petrol station was guarded by a fence, so I searched for a gap in the fence which I found close to the bridge and walked straight into Oblivion.

So the usual, I wrote Budapest on my shield and started throwing out my thumb at the start of the entry ramp to the highway! The hand signs they used were mostly telling me that they were going to Vienna instead of Budapest. This is also what the hitchwiki had said, but I just felt like trying anyway. After an hour or so a dude stopped going to Gyor, a city between Budapest and Bratislava, his English wasn’t great, when I tried to ask him if he could drop me of at a petrol station on the highway he didn’t seem to agree or understand. I decided to decline the ride for I didn’t want to end up in Gyor or a small village in the area. Oh oh what was that stupid.

after 2 more hours I started to realize that nobody was going straight to Budapest, But like DubFX says, don’t give up! were gonna make it in the end! with that said, I just kept smiling, waving, jumping, bowing and doing funny things to get the attention of the driver, in the meantime I changed my shield to Wien with the idea to end up at the right highway and hopefully catch a ride there to Budapest. When I changed the shield to Wien all of the sudden the hand signs of the driver were doing things like, heading straight ahead (which was towards Budapest) What da ?……! after 2 more hours it was getting late and I realized that I had to change my tactic to get out of there! I moved myself to the entrance of the Petrol station shop, Just scanning the licence plates of the cars, whenever they were Hungarian or Austrian I would ask them if they could drop me of at the next gas station. Not much later a fancy Hungarian jeep stopped, While he was cleaning his windows I walked up to him and had a little chat, He was heading to lake Balaton which is south of Budapest, but he agreed to drop me of at the next petrol station which was on the E60 towards Budapest!

Arriving at the next Petrol station I got my next ride in less then 10 minutes, It was an Romanian truck driver transporting broken cars. His English was very poor but he agreed to drop me of at a Petrol station on the edge of Budapest. For some reason I felt quite uncomfortable with this dude at first, not that his truck look weird, but there was just this weird feeling surrounding me and communication was somewhat difficult. the ride took about 3 hours for he couldn’t drive so fast. but eventually he dropped me off at the petrol station as promised and everything turned out to be just fine. It was getting dark though, and this petrol station was completely empty. oh noes!

Sunset at the Budapest Petrol station

Sunset at the Budapest Petrol station

While scouting for a place I could possibly pitch my tent I was also keeping an eye out for arriving cars. At some point just after sunset there were a few cars present. I walked up to one of them with RO licence place and asked if they were maybe heading into Budapest, Even though I had a hard time getting out of Bratislava, my luck was high that evening for they were heading into the center and agreed to take me with them! It was a Romanian couple who called them self’s Corporate Slaves, traveling for their boss to different countries and cities to keep the connections running. The weekends and vacations they would spend at their cabin in the mountains where they grow there own food and do things back to basic. It was a short ride to the center, once they dropped me there I took the public transport to the most touristic part of the city where my CS host was living. I arrived there around 22:00! I made it whooohoooo!!

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