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To make boards from a log you can use different machines and techniques. back in the days, most boards were cut either by hand, Bandsaw and even split by axe (still used in green woodworking) These days most of the boards you can buy are from big automated sawmills. This post ill give you an idea how boards are cut from logs in different ways, instead of writing allot about this. ill use the help of youtube for a real cinematic experience!

Lets start with one of the classic ways to get some boardsz, most small cabinetmakers like a specific part of the log or are looking for a specific flame or grain they want for their cabinet. therefor some of them saw there planks with the use of a Bandsaw right on the spot in their workshop.

Caution! lower your volume!

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but the same principle can be used on a larger scale also. which looks something like this

And even horizontal which is done like this

 Another common way these days to cut your log into boards is with the circular saw by pushing the log through the saw.

 due to technologiez, this also got more fancy. machines like this do everything for you. all you have to do is put some logz in.

Luckily there are still professionals left on this planet. who don’t prefer automated machines, these dudes are so crazy. they just board dem log using a chainsaw. as if it a knife going through butter.!

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N Me? well we have allot of boards lying around the property. most of them with bark on them. so when I need a board I just draw a straight line on one side of the board, cut it with Chainsaw then draw the with of the board I need and cut it again. simple as that!

CIMG0832 CIMG0833

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