Lithuanian Snackz

Most of you probably already know about the Delicious Trakai breadz snackz.
called Kibinai

Usually filled with mutton and other meats, but on some place also with sweeter fillings like Strawberry, Cherry, Apple cinnamon enz

But ooh ooh oooh

I found these new amazing Snackz!!
(Actually Ausra recommended me these)

It lays in the refrigerator of most (Baltic)supermarkets, its a diary product:
made out of cheese curd with different types of taste, submerged in chocolate. Just 1LT

And oooh soo delicious!!

And of-course the Kepta Douna, which I think I got a little addicted to
(I just get this craving to buy some when were chillin at a terrace or if we go for dinner or grab a beer somewhere as a snack/starter) Basically its Fried bread with garlic and cheese

Kepta Duona wif cheese

Kepta Duona wif cheese

Om Nom Nom!! Deze shizz is de Bom!

curiouse how Kepta duona is made?
Let me show you!

whenever I find new amazing snacks I will share fo sho!!

If you did not get hungryz after reading this post,
Something is wrong with you!

2 thoughts on “Lithuanian Snackz

  1. Oh, dat ziet er lekker uit!!! En dat broodje met vlees gaan we zeker eten als we naar je toe komen. En je blogg begint er steeds mooier uit te zien…. Ach ik ben gewoon trots op je…. Groetjes

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