Northern Lights LT

It’s just after midnight around 01:00, I go outside to empty my bladder which I usually do before I wander the dreamaverse. I open the door and i’m rather confused by the brightness of the sky at this time of year. I didn’t even have to put on the light to see the things i could stumble upon laying all over the ground. There wasn’t a full moon either. I walk past the house, for the light was surely coming from behind it. when I reach the corner and looked North/West my jaw dropped and I had a moment of Euphoria I can not describe. The ground was darkish and hilly as usual, but above the horizon was shimmering light. It was the Northern Lights.

All my life I wanted to see the Northern Lights, It really amazes me, not only the way it occurs which still somewhat confuses me, but mainly the extreme beauty it paints up in the sky, the fact that this hit me so unexpectedly in a country close but not so likely to encounter them made it a even more wonderful experience for me.

I believe I stood in the open fields for about 20 maybe 30 minutes until they faded away. Just staring at the light, silencing the mind. This time of year is also very special to me for all the constellations I know are visible in the sky, From the South was Leo (my starsign) gazing over me, if I looked straight up I could see the Big dipper and close by Small dipper and Polaris. Orion was already below the horizon, But a bit to the right of Leo was Jupiter and Sirius was also just visible.

The usual pictures you see of the Northern Lights are Red/Green/Violet, but the aurora was more of a subtle blue/white tint. It was waving through the sky like an ocean, changing shape slowly. There were some straight looking lines going right up in the sky, pointing towards Leo and the Big dipper. At some moments there occurred a wave of light, which riced from the horizon going up for a few seconds and then fading away. It was so wonderful. Completely hypnotized by the lights, I realized at some point that Cassiopeia was right in the middle of it all. shining through the magnificent sea of light.

It was a unforgettable moment for me, when the lights started fading I went to bed. even though I had some trouble falling asleep due to the amazing thing I just experienced and my mind going nuts, I soon slept like a rose and woke up so fresh and so clean clean. awwwyeah! I also had a dream, where I was reliving the moment I just experienced, but this time a Spaceship came to visit me, it was a orange-ish orb, shooting beams of light around it with balls of energy in it. One of the balls took me and shot me into space. it was somewhat scary at that particular moment, but I tried to get sucked into it as much as I could and go with it. when I eventually woke up in my bed. I’m not quite sure yet if I actually got abducted and anal probed that night or if i was just dreaming after all :))) The Northern Lights I saw before sleeping were Real for sure though, and it will be imprinted in my memory for eternity!

One thought on “Northern Lights LT

  1. I can’t believe you have ACTUALY SEEN THE NORTHERN LIGHT. I wish I was there to experience that as well… I can imagine how you must feel.

    One day I hope to see it for myself,

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