Hitching the Boats, NL to Ireland

After a couple of days visiting family and chilling with friends my Journey continues towards the West, Longford, Ireland as my destination. I started my Journey on a Wednesday late morning on the A27 heading south. It didn’t take me that long to get a ride, I walked around the parking lot only once when a Buisnezz guy offered to bring me just before Utrecht. The Netherlands is small, so the ride was short. Arriving at the next gas station I noticed two Belgium cars, This is my chance I thought! heading towards them I didn’t even have to ask anything, for one of the Belgium dudes came to me and asked; “Where you happen to be going? I replied; Gent! Feel like giving me a ride!? Sure he replied, I can bring you to the border”. Great! things were looking awesome! We passed the Belgium border within the next hour where he dropped me of at the first gas station.

So the next ride, I’m not quite sure, I remember I was at the Belgium gas station, And I remember the gas station where I got dropped off, Sadly though I can’t recall the car, nor the person that gave me the ride. Its a shame really, maybe my memorie will give me access to the images of this ride sooner or later.

To continue, I just passed Gent and the forgotten driver dropped me on a Gas station towards Brugge and Calais. Again I didn’t have to wait for so long. for quite soon this English car with a caravan stopped. I didn’t even had to walk to him, he just yelled while filling gas, Ay mate! Where ya headin at? Slowly I walked to him and said; well mate, Actually I’m heading to the UK, you think I can join you? So what will you give me he replied? I said; I can give you some food if you like, Maybe a keychain. but besides that I aint got much more than dirty undies. He laughed and said fuck it, hop in.

The ride to Calais was a couple of hours, his parents and sister were also driving with him but in a different car. quite fast in the conversation when I told him about what i do, he offered me a job. He was quite persistent, trying to convince me that he would offer me a better deal, Work, Food and a Caravan. but also cash every end of the day, besides that they work all over Europe. He didn’t seem to understand my lack of interest in working for money. Later I found out they were Irish Travelers (in other terms, Irish Gypsies) Thus explaining the Caravan, Job offer, Clothing style etc. We arrived at the boat to the UK around 21:00. His dad was somewhat worried to bring me, Afraid I might be carrying drugs etc. He told me I couldn’t join them. They dropped me at the ticket office, it was quite empty there. Definitely didn’t want to get stuck there. While they were getting the tickets for the truck, caravan etc. I approached him and had a chat. I managed to ease his worries and he agreed to take me to the other side.

It was dark, the boat ride was short (about one hour) Sadly due to the darkness I didn’t experience much of it nor was I able to make pictures. They drove me to the next Services, Services is the English name for Gas station/Rest area. This is were things got different. The moment I went to the entrance of the shop to apply my usual tactic, the gas station security guy came to me. “Good evening sir, You are currently on Private property, Hitch-hiking is alright but officially prohibited in the UK, You are not allowed to be on this property or around the pumps. If you don’t comply i’m afraid I will have to call the cops” I was aware hitch-hiking in the UK was more difficult and there were some funny laws. This was completely unexpected though. Anyway I was friendly and had a little chat with him about other Laws, Do’s and Dont’s in the UK. At midnight I searched for some trees out of sight of the Guard and Security Cameras.

Day 2

The night was good, I didn’t find a proper place to pop my tent, so instead I just slep in the gras in the open air, Even got lucky for there wasn’t much rain that night. I woke up just before sunrise and started searching for a ride, while avoiding the “private property” gas station. My Irish Traveler friends slept at the same Services that night, When they left and noticed I was still there they offered me a ride to the next Services which was bigger and better. Indeed it was, Restaurant, Lorry rest place, Gas station. No problems getting out of here I though. Well wrong thought, I went to the entrance of the Restaurant where the most people seemed to be and started approaching people walking out; “Good afternoon sir, I’m sorry to disturb you, I’m from The Netherlands and I’m heading towards Ireland, you happen to be heading to the M1 north?” this is how I approached the people. after about half an hour staff from the restaurant came outside, He said; “Its alright to stand here, but can you please not disturb our costumers? I got complains you are begging for money” I laughed, yet I felt disappointed for what I just heard.

I decided to switch between the lorry rest place to ask all the new trucks arriving, and the entrance of the restaurant. eventually this cool London guy who just had dinner agreed on bringing me to a Services on my way. He also gave me this lottery ticket I could exchange for 5 pounds at a supermarket. I managed to move from the Southern part of the London Ring road, to the Northern part of the Ring. /Great progression so far /Sarcasm disabled! its about 13:00 now.

The place I got dropped of was even bigger than before, Huge Lorry rest place, gas station, Car gas station, Huge parking place for cars and a small mall with restaurants, Lots of people! The British though, even though they are very friendly, they dont seem to like to be bothered or talk to strangers really. I tried multiple tactics from talking to the truck drivers, to asking the people coming out of the mall, to popping my sign at the exit. Yet nobody wanted to bring me.

Hours passed, It was quite cold that day, It started getting dark. Then the unexpected happened! The local Security guy came to me. He was like; “Ay mate, seen you here all day, you should not stand here man. Try and get a lorry heading north, preferably foreign plates or just go inside the Mall in the light and talk to people there. That’s much more trustworthy. Ill help out and try to find someone heading north”. He was very cool, we chilled and talked for a bit. I took his advice. I tried more lorries, Went inside the restaurant without getting kicked out. Yet no ride. around 21:00 I went to the lorries and dropped my backpack in the grass. Negative thought patterns started popping up again, Damn you England! This is much worse than expected. It’ll take me weeks to get to Ireland like this. Englishman Y U so Weird?? Right on that moment A dude started yelling at me. Couldn’t understand him at first, but when I walked to him he said; “Where ya heading!? M1 north, Ireland as my destination! you?, Me to bro heading to Birmingham, I can drop you on the M6 in the right direction!

Whoohooo! The feeling that rushed through me! you can’t imagine, A 3 hour drive north towards my destination, Rather than getting stuck at London ring that day. The dude was very awesome, So in Britain there is this job, You pick up a new truck somewhere, Drive it to its destination, Then hitch-hike to the next place to pick up a truck. You get paid for driving the trucks and delivering them, but also for every mile you hitch-hike. Drivers that do this get a special licence plate that if they wave it in the air while hitch-hiking people know they do it for their profession and its save to take them. Imagine that! He has been doing this for the past 3 years, just driving and hitching around Monday to Friday, spending weekends at home. At some point he stopped at a supermarket, Asked me if i needed anything. I replied no, Yet I ended up with a bag full of food that he insisted me to accept… We arrived at a Services just north of Birmingham around midnight. At arrival I instantly headed into the forest and popped my tent.

Packing Gear, getting ready to go

Packing Gear, getting ready to go

Day 3

In England the facilities like Toilets and Showers on the Services are for free, that morning I started my day with a great poop, did some human hygiene afterwards, Then I moved to the entrance of the mall to find myself a ride. It didn’t take long before someone from the staff came outside to kindly ask me not to stand at the entrance and bother the costumers for they are getting complaints… Well alright then, I’m still amazed how they get all these complaints, for I only speak to people coming out of the mall. Anyway I packed my stuff and started asking truckers, seems luck was on my side today. The second driver I spoke to, A polish trucker barely speaking English was going in my direction. I was advised to go to Lymm Services, its a Huge Services on the M6 and M56 intersection located perfectly to find a ride towards Ireland. After an hour drive he dropped me at the Lymm Services.

The Services was huge indeed, I never seen anything like it before. I got out at the lorry rest area. I didn’t even have to walk to the Mall or the gas station, there were so many trucks. Basically I started at one row, talking to every driver of said row, then move to the next row. First few rows not much going on, I did notice some Ireland plates though. After talking to every driver currently there at the moment I went looking for Irish plates only. At some point I noticed a Irish Car Transporter. I walked to the driver and asked him if he were heading to Ireland by any chance, Indeed he was but he wasn’t allowed to bring any passengers. After a bit more chatting he said he couldn’t bring me on the boat, but he could take me to Holyhead at least (where the boats leave)

The ride was a bit more then two hours, The scenery was great for we were driving the coast. Ervins (the drivers name) was quite relaxed. It was the first long conversation I had with an Irishman, getting use to the Accent was pretty easy actually. Getting close to the Harbor I told him I intended to hitch-hike a private sail boat to Dublin, if that failed consider taking the evening ferry. Ervins though didn’t really like the idea of me getting stuck here at the harbor, trying to find a way to cross the channel. Yet he wasn’t sure if he would get in trouble for taking me to the other side, Officially he wasn’t even allowed to take me anyway. He made a few calls to some colleagues, eventually when we were in line he decided to ask the staff to be 100% sure.

Boading Card

Boading Card

So he had to weight the truck etc, then he asked whether it would be a problem if he had a passenger. Staff replied not at all, Before we even knew it we could move on… The thing was, the company he is driving for was paying the passage. It looked like they also payed my passage. I remember him saying, “I sure hope I wont get in trouble for this” Ah well, it made up for a cool boarding card.

Waiting in line to Board the Boat to Ireland.

Waiting in line to Board the Boat to Ireland.

The crossing took about 4 hours, I was hoping the be able to access Wi-Fi figure out my place to stay for the night in Dublin etc. Sadly that didn’t really work. The ship though was quite fancy and looking pretty nice. It had some restaurants, A casino, A Cinema, chilling area, some shops etc. The greatest thing is, Truckers get special treatment. They have their own Cafeteria where you get one big ass lunch, and you can drink juices, tea’s and coffees for free throughout the ride. considering I was a passenger of a Truck I had access to the same things. It was Great! Having Lunch on the boat with Ervins was just amazing. You could choose between Soups, Salads, Potatoes, Lots of Meat and Fish Even fresh Desserts! You could take anything you wanted, as much as you wanted. Oh boy did I enjoy that meal! Especially after eating only nuts, fruits, cookies and chocolate for the past 2 days. Eventually Ervins took a nap for a couple of hours (Yes we also had our own cabin+shower) I walked around the boat a bit, then decided to watch a movie in the Cinema. Just before arriving in Dublin we rendezvous in the Truckers Cafeteria. We got out of the boat and Ervins dropped me on the edges of the City Center.

Goodbye UK,

Goodbye UK,

That evening was just so random, I was supposed to stay at a friend of a friends place. Apparently they were Squatting the place. But at arrival I couldn’t stay there for they had some trouble with the police and my contactee was not present. I took a pint at a bar and checked the net, found out there was a CS meeting, Figured that would be my best bet at finding a place to stay. I never attended a CS meeting before, so I wasn’t sure how thing go there. Well looks like I still don’t, around midnight I was still at the bar hanging out with a Danish Woman who was part of the group. She was also a Backpacker though staying at a way to expensive fully booked hostel, all the Couchsurfers capable of hosting had left…. I visited and called every hostel I could find, which all seemed to be full.

In the end I basically pub crawled around Dublin with my backpack as my buddy. Somewhere in the Early morning hours I met this German dude, He was using AirBnB to stay in Dublin. He offered me to stay at his place if the host allowed it to. The walk back took quite some time, for he was somewhat Drunk and didn’t exactly know the way. Luckily we made it, The hosts agreed to take me in for a night. I slept on the floor and it was great! The next morning I decided to take the Bus to Longford! Worse decision ever! but my Body was completely fokkop due to my Journey of the last couple of days. Just sitting in a bus looking out the window was well appreciated!

I tell you man, Drunk Irish dudes in pubs! that’s just 100% live comedy!



Cluj – Amsterdam Hitch

I intended to start hitching on Monday, sadly rain hit Cluj. I figured ill kick back for one more day and get going the next. It was a great choice, for Tuesday morning the weather was much better. I arrived at the hitch-hiking spot around 09:00 and got a ride in about 50 minutes towards Oradea. While driving the dude told me had had to make a little detour and do some buizness, Basically he was a salesman working for a concrete company, he had to drop of a sample at a nearby mobile concrete station. I figured, ill just join him, he seemed cool. Eventually he took me all the way to the Border crossing of Romania/Hungary, due to the detour though we arrived around 14:00

I walked the border and popped my sign with Budapest, Wien, High in the sky! There wasn’t that much traffic but eventually this fancy Italian car stopped. Inside though wasn’t an Italian, it was a Moldovan dude my age. He was going all the way to Salzburg Austria. Heall Yeah! The dude named Mihail (pronunced as Micheal) was pretty damn cool. He seemed to be of the Moldovan high class, for his car was fancy, he had some pretty bling bling watch. Basically he works as a driver. A friend of him got an accident in Austria, the reason he was heading there was to pick him up and bring him home. The road was quick for Mihail was quite the fast driver, even though of the high speeds he seemed to know what he was doing. Unlike some other Romanian rides I hitched :)) (no accidents occurred that day). Mihail was very fond of Karma, we had an extensive chat about the simple fact that What you Give is what you Get. If you are friendly to people around you and help them, people will be friendly to you and help you. If you are an asshole and fuck people up. Theres gonna be people fucking you up. Arriving In Hungary he wanted to get some food, Goulash is the stuff to eat here he said. The best one is here on the highway. Ill buy you one!

Arriving at the place I laughed, for I hitch-hiked on the other side of the highway a few times. I never stopped on this side of the highway though. Considering he invited me for dinner and I didn’t eat much that morning except for some Eggplant Salad la Ioana I gladly accepted the invite. Besides that, Traditional Hungarian Goulash, That stuff is just great. We ate and kept moving. Eventually he dropped me off in Linz around 22:00 that evening. Its a new record!! My luck ran out though, The place he dropped me off seemed perfect, Multiple gas stations, Big resting area, Big restaurant, Industrial area connected to it, Lots of traffic. Sadly enough only local traffic. It seemed I was right before this bigger intersection and nobody was taking the exit I needed to take. I walked around and asked people until midnight when I decided to find a place to pop my tent. I walked to the other side of the Industrial area, There on some farmland hidden between trees and Crops I slept.

I woke up before Sunrise, Packed my stuff and headed to the Autobahn

I woke up before Sunrise, Packed my stuff and headed to the Autobahn

Day 2

I got back to the Highway around 07:00, Ready to get to NL by the evening. I switched between 2 spots basically, but talking to the people and looking at their plates it were 99% locals, nobody heading towards Germany at all. For the first time since I have been hitch-hiking I kind of lost in Negative Ego Mental patterns . Last night I was stuck here, Now again no luck at all. The voice just kept on complaining, Dude your stuck here, Dude your never gonna get out, Dude there are no German cars here, Dude ya should have stayed in Romania. Then the light bulb popped up. Andy one of the volunteers who helped us digging the trench lives in Linz. I texted Victor for his number a gave him a call, problem solved! He was quite surprised to hear my voice, but he was glad to pick me up and help me on my way. It was great to see him really, I felt so much better getting out of another Oblivion. He advised me to take the local road to Passau rather then stay on the Autobahn. Its not as fast as the Autobahn, but local people are much more friendly so you get more short rides. So we drove inside Linz and he dropped me off on the road.

Things were looking forward, After a little wait a cool dreaded girl picked me up who took me for 15 km, There another lady picked me up who took me for about 20, then a guy doing groceries another 15km further, from there I walked a bit until suddenly this car from the other side of the road stopped with seemingly a mother and a daughter, yelling. Heyyy! Wanna come with us. Wait here let me turn around! The daughter was going to Passau for shopping, but first she had to bring her mom home and pick up her sister. When I asked later, it seemed that they passed me while I was walking, Then suddenly the mom asked, shall we bring him? The daughter replied, yes lets do it! then they turned around and came back for me! The road was great, the main road to Passau was closed, so we had to take a detour through Austrian Country Side and parallel to the Donau. In the end they dropped me at the A3 Highway entrance on the other side of Passau. Quite fast I got a short ride to the first Gas station on the Autobahn.

Back on the Autobahn thing returned back to normal. Lots of people, lots of cars, lots of long distance travelers. I just had to find the right one! I mostly stood at the entrance of the shop and ask people filling up gas where they were going and whether they could take me. Eventually I got a ride to Nurnberg, The dude told me that there was a huge Traffic jam at the Austrian/German border due to the Refugee controls. I didn’t even notice at all for I kind of avoided the control taking the local roads. I did see some huge tent camps at the Hungarian border, and some random families chilling at Gas station. While driving the guy couldn’t find a hotel in Nurnberg to sleep in, instead he found a room not that far from where he picked me up. It was dark now too, He dropped me of at a seemingly good spot, but at arrival I noticed the emptiness of this place. Damn I felt like I was in the Apocalypse.

Deserted Gas station trying to Hitch-hike at night.

Deserted Gas station trying to Hitch-hike at night.

Even though it was night and empty, I didn’t wanna stop trying until midnight at least. I started walking around searching for some truckers. but as expected they were getting ready to sleep. I applied my usual tactic, To park my backpack and myself at the shops entrance, then walk and talk to people filling up gas. It was a very empty gas station, very little cars coming in. There were also police patrols every 30 minutes or so. The few cars that did stop seemed rather friendly but were not going in my direction. Eventually the Police came to check on me to. They drove some circles when eventually stopping right in front of me. It was quite fun actually, They rolled down the window, before they were able to say anything I said to them in German, Good evening, I’m Hitchhiking to Nurnberg, are you heading in that direction maybe? (I don’t know how to write it in German) They started laughing. Basically we had a little chat, they were curious where I came from what I was doing here etc. I told them I’m hitch-hiking and that I got somewhat stuck on this gas station due to no cars. In the end they wished me good luck and left me in peace.

Eventually just chillin at this deserted Post-Apocaplypse gas station, two Romanian vans stopped. This is my chance I figured. I walked to the fist dude and started talking to him in Romanian. Its quite weird, when I’m in Romania, I have some trouble properly using the language, especially in a group. one on one its somewhat oke. But when I’m by myself it goes so much better. I managed to properly communicate with him, when I told him I’m from The Netherlands he was quite amazed and complimented my Romanian speaking :)). In the end I managed to get the ride approximately 100km, for 5 euro. Considering I wanted to get out of there I decided to pay. The ride was amusing, communication was in Romanian, He couldn’t not believe i’m hitchhiking and Volunteering like this. He was like, you’re from NL go and work there for Big moneh! Eventually they dropped me of on a bigger far better gas station next to Nurnberg. It was getting late though, After scouting the area and trying to talk to a few more people, I headed into the forest and popped my tent for a good nights rest.

Day 3

That morning I overslept a little, Usually pack my stuff before sunrise. Apparently I slept through my alarm this morning and it was just after sunrise. Well fair enough, I packed my stuff and headed to the Gas Station. I walked around a bit to check what cars were present, A few of them were actually Dutch plates, No people nearby though. I walked around some more talking to people, when all of the sudden I see this dude get into his Volkswagen van. I ran like crazy for he was heading to NL for sure. I waved, he rolled down his window while starting his car and with a big smile I asked him. I bet you are going back to The Netherlands! May I join you:))))))? Healyeah he replied, Hop in. I used to hitch-hike a lot back in the days. You cant imagine how great this feeling is, of waking up next to the road and almost instantly find a long ride “home”!

The dude was pretty cool, He explained me how he got sick of The Netherlands. Last year he and his wife bought a few hectares of land in Hungary, Now he is building his own stuff, has some chickens, pigs and goats, and lots of fruit trees. living life more like life is supposed to look like. He was going back to NL to work for two months so he can invest it in his property after.

It was great talking to him, When I started asking about this Hitch-hiking experiences I found out he hitch-hiked from Europe to Australia 40 years ago, it almost took him 2 years. For he hitch-hiked without a plan, he just threw his thumb in  Eastern direction going with the flow. I got to learn a lot about his experiences, he had great stories to tell. He told me though, he would not do I again in times like these. Back then things were different he said. We were getting close to Arnhem though, I was heading to Amsterdam, He was heading North. There our paths split.

Retired Awesomenaut, doing his Awesomenaut things.

Retired Awesomenaut, doing his Awesomenaut things.

I called my brother from anotha Mother Sascha to inform him on my arrival in NL. I figured I could try and hitch it, or take a train. Instead he offered to pick me up. for he likes driving, and even though Amsterdam/Border sounds like a long ride, its basically only about one hour :). We were enjoying our Fries with Peanut Sauce around 19:00 that evening!


Roșia Montană Carpenter Tales

Many things have happened in the past 2 months, Sadly I don’t always feel like blogging, But when I do, Amazing stuff will be brought to you. So today I will tell you stuff about Roșia Montană, A quiet little town in the Alba region. The place where I have been Volunteering for the Adoptă o Casă project the past few weeks. I know, I know, well alright then. before all this I took a little road trip to Sighisoara and Brasov where I tried to find a bear without luck. I Hitchhiked a Gypsy with a mustache who was actually pretty damn cool, Traded 20Lei and my Road Atlas to get a 1000km Ride from Romanian border to Nurnberg and even convinced this awesome Dutch dude with a Porsche to take me from Nurnberg back home. Cluj to Amsterdam +/- 1800km in 36 hours. Thats how I Roll! But that’s all you’ll get. lets start with some Roșia Montană shizznit.

A little bit of Roșia Montană History

Roșia Montană once was a great and wealthy place, it is located within the Metaliferi mountains which are full of metals like Silver and Copper, but what made this place so attractive was its high concentrations of Gold present in these mountains. Before Roman times and throughout the Roman times it was a the place for mining,  when you take a hike through the area you can find many sorts of galleries and open mining pits. There are about 7 km of Roman galleries present, which were all cut by chisel and hammer. These galleries were very specific in height and width, shaped in a trapezium form and would follow the vines of Gold in the mountain. Within the galleries are different systems present to transport water up and out of the mine, galleries for circulating fresh air and galleries for transport. Quite a complex and complicated infrastructure really. In the middle ages when knowledge was lost, mining continued. Even though these galleries still follow the Golden vine, they were nothing like the Roman trapezium standards and quite random in shape. Exploitation continued, between WWI and WWII. In these times there were regulations but mining was done by government or privately, a whole society developed around the exploitation of gold. Where the men would be in the mines and the kids and woman would carry and process the rocks. The town was full of Stamping mills which made constant sounds unimaginable to us and the mountains were barren of vegetation. There were between 3- and 4000 people living in the area working the mines and mills. Throughout the history Guards were patrolling and entry to the mines without permission was prohibited. If you were caught mining someone else his mine at night, or having gold on you that you were not supposed to have it would imply big trouble for you! After WWII most of the land  became property of the state, they basically nationalized everything implying the end of private mining. The time mining slowly modernized

in 1970 they started an open pit mining project on the Cetati mountain, over the years they tore down the whole damn mountain top to take whatever was in it. This open pit mine lasted until 2006 when the state mine was closed. Around 1999 Roșia her gold became very interesting and the mining company arrived. They have a great vision for this place, they want to tear down 4 mountains sides and while doing so flood part of the nearby valley of Corna for the chemical wastewater related to the process. They started buying property around the area to relocate the people. At first a high percentage of the locals were against the company and there fatal plans for these wonderful mountains, they did not approve and did not want to sell their land. The Save Roșia Montană Campaign started to spread awareness of what was going on. Sadly by pressuring the people, threatening them to be evacuated and offering them big money the company managed to get ownership of about 78% of the land to this day. It seemed that Government supported the company through their actions and lobbying. They wanted to pass a law that would allow the mining company to ignore regulations concerning historical monumental and protected environmental areas and it would also allow them to expropriate. Basically giving them the right to send away anybody living in the area without any refusal possible if given an amount of money.  The company even manged to silence the media concerning stories about Roșia Montană for a long time. Meanwhile here were public discussions organized where the Government of Romania and surrounding countries but also the citizens could submit questions that the company then had to answer to verify the legality of their plan. But when push came to shove and the law was close to passing the people of Romania protested Massively throughout the country for an extended period  of time. With the result: No New Pro Mining Law! due to great co-operation of the Save Roșia Montană campaign and the local NGO’s who do not want to sell to the company. The mountains are still live and kicking today!

What once was a wealthy mining hub called Alburnus Maior, is now Roșia Montană a quite little town with not more then a few hundred inhabitants. Located in a beautiful environment great to take hikes, where you can find interesting Natural protected areas and historic monuments like the Roman galleries. A little town which is full of life in summer time due to Festivals organized like FânFest and Volunteers restoring houses to try and maintain its heritage through the Adoptă o Casă Project. A place where you can see what the history did to its environment, but also a place to become aware of what people can achieve if they work together. A place where you can really see the contrast between Beautiful nature and mountains, while if you cross the next mountain you can see a deserted open pit mining site. Its hard to imagine that if the people did not do what they did, this place could just as well be one flat Barren Wasteland.

A little bit of Adoptă o Casă Tales

I arrived in Roșia on the 14th of August, the weekend Fănfest was held. The festival was pretty cool. Basically at night there’s Music, campfires and jamsessions. At day there are activities like Workshops and Presentations about Activism, Environmental problems and Roșia related shizzle. There is also a Forum for discussions and activities for little kids so the parents can do their grown up stuff unbothered. At day its basically a big Social hub to raise awareness and discus on-goings in today’s society, at night the place to relax, listen to music and drink some. I kinda felt like working and being productive but due to the festival i was obliged to relax instead!

That Saturday we took a little hike, our destination was a cross on top of the hill Cirnic, with a detour through Cetati. (the open pit mine) The first part of the hike was somewhat different then usual. Instead of grass, trees and trails. we were walking rough rocky roads, roads where big trucks and machinery used to drive. We trespassed the Cetati mine to check it out and passed some Gallerie entrances. The higher we went, the more green it became but all along the road there were traces of heavy machinery driving there once. Eventually we went off-road and climbed the last bit to reach the top of Cirnic to check out the view over Roșia, the surroundings and the festival. On the way down we passed the Raven rock from which you can see the Valley of Corna.

After the festival we all had to come around, The cleaning and disassembling of the market and stages started and slowly the people started leaving until only the volunteers from the Adoptă o Casă were left. Then finally, it was time to do some work! The first project I got assigned to was the Țarina house (Traditional Farmhouse) which will become the Headquarters of the local NGO Alburnus Maior. Basically the facade of the porch was full of gaps. The windows were fixed with nails but around the windows was open space that had to be filled, I found myself a handsaw and a chisel and started to fill the gaps. As usual with hand tools I took me some time, but superman came to save the day! A local dude named Andrei, even though I didn’t know his name at that moment, I recognize him for I hitchhiked him a few times on his Quad/Trike and his car. When he saw me cutting the boards by handsaw he basically told me that he had a chainsaw I could use. Lovely! with the chainsaw things went so much faster and I managed to fill all the gaps in one day. Andrei also Nicknamed me Tâmplar, at first I thought he meant the Templars with swords and horses. But later I found out it basically translates into Carpenter.

Next step was to apply new wood to the facade to close up everything and make it look beautiful. I wasn’t sure how to do this without proper equipment so I talked to Stefan, he is one of the Founders of the Adoptă o Casă project and I shared my dilemma, luckily the problem was easily solved. The Adoptă o Casă people have quite the reputation around town for they are doing great work for the local community. Basically there is a carpenter in town with a workshop, but he doesn’t use it anymore because he has a different job now. He allowed me to use his workshop anytime I need it! WoopWoop! This gave me access to a Stationary Planer, Thicknessing machine, Stationary Router A Panel Saw, Some old skool hand tools and many Electric hand tools. I felt so at home in his workshop, its hard to describe really. It had been almost 2 years since I used any of these cool machines I used to work with daily back in the days. Anyway due to these developments, Lots of options opened up.

I was one of the few volunteers with some experience in woodworking, Basically they considered me a Master and Master Woodworkers need Apprentices! thus a lady named Andreea wearing awesome scarfs who does woodcarving (like statues and ornaments n stuff) became my apprentice, I had to tell her and teach her everything I was doing. Besides that a little help was very welcome! I started taking some measurements and made some drawings, afterwards we carried the rough wood from Țarina’s to the workshop. An amazing 10 to 15 minute walk through wonderful Roșia country roads.

We started with planing one side of the wood on the stationary planer and made a 90 degree angle to the boards. Then we used the thicknessing machine to make them on the proper thickness. Afterwards we used the panel saw to cut the boards on the right width. As for the length of the wood, We kept it with a few centimeters extra for I preferred to cut them on the right size at the house itself. Working in the workshop was just great! The smell of fresh cut wood, The noisy sounds of the machines, the wood fibers and sawdust flying all over the place getting stuck in your Beard, hair and clothes is just amazing. Doing this again after such a long time working more with Straw and Clay rather than in a wood-workshop I realized how much I like doing this shiz.

While talking to Stefan about making the Facade we decided it would be pretty cool to make a miter joint on the corner of the house. Sadly the panel saw was not able to change angle, instead I cut a 45 degree angle with the router and finished the miter joint with the electric planer. Indeed it wasn’t perfect but it was good enough for what we wanted. That day working on the miter joint Daniel joined us, hes the brother of Andreea and also a woodcarver. Why I share this is because he “photobombed” a picture that gave me quite a laugh when I saw the picture, I didn’t notice it at all at the moment. It was a great day, we managed to apply most of the wood to the facade and the Corner turned out to be almost perfect, Andreea was also of great help and very pro-active, while I was busy, thinking, calculating and doing stuff. She chiseled many little annoying parts of access wood in preparation for applying the wood to the facade. The next week when I was working on a different project, three other volunteers with experience in laying stone terraces made one for Țarina’s. The end result is quite amazing!

You might be thinking, Dude your shizz is not even close to perpendicular, True, the house is quite crooked. but don’t let him play Jedi mind tricks on you! everything is parallel to the windows and door!

Isn't this just the most beautiful Headquarters you can ever imagine!?

Isn’t this just the most beautiful Headquarters you can ever imagine!?

When you do work you like, dayZ pass by fast. Before I knew it it was already weekend. I kind of wanted to continue working like a mindless zombie due my my high level of enjoyment working da wood :))). But yeah, you are together with a group and I was kind of obliged to join on a hike and visit some Roman Galleries. Which in the end was pretty cool. The Roman Galleries were quite the adventure, I’m slightly claustrophobic, not in an elevator or anything. but when I have to crawl under a house for example, or in tiny spaces with a dead end where I cant easily maneuver. Chances are high ill shit my pants one way or another while doing it. The Galleries itself were quite oke actually, around 1.70m high (I am +/- 1.85) and about a meter wide. But we were with a big group, when at some point we stopped in this place to listen to a story of the guide I started feeling a bit funny, somewhat squeezed between all these people in this place I could just barely stand straight. In the end everything was fine and I did not shit my pants. Below some pictures of the different hikes we took and the Area surrounding Roșia Montană.

Even though the facade of Țarina’s still had to be sanded, after the weekend it was time to work on the next project. A Gutter had to be made! Actually Țarina’s needs gutters to but the priority was for Casa Parohială (Unitarian Parish House). Traditionally the gutter for these houses were made out of a split log, hollowed out to make one solid gutter. Due to the time consuming work it would take us to make these kind of gutters we started brainstorming on a different solution. Eventually we decided the best way to make some proper gutters is to make a V shape with a Tongue and Groove joint and cover it with lead. At first I wasn’t even sure if we had the proper router heads, but luck was on our side again! there were some usable router heads present! The total length of gutter needed for Casa Parohială was 9.7meter. The board we had were about 4meters implying it needed to be made out of 3 segments. Routing a 4meter board is not exactly the easiest thing to do by yourself if you want to minimize failure in the joint, Besides that Andreea had left the project that weekend. I had to find myself different help. Even though everybody had their work and there were not much people available, Ioana and Val managed to make some time for me!

The steps were quite similar to machining the wood for the facade, First we would plane the wood, give it a 90 degree angle and make it on the right thickness. Once this was done we could start with machining the Tongue and Groove joint. The workshop is quite small though and a 4 meter board would not fit in. I had to move the router/panel-saw/multipurpose awesomachine a bit diagonally to make it fit. Basically one would hold the board outside the workshop, while I would guide it through the router, after milling half of the board, the person outside had to come inside to support the board on the other side of the workshop. luckily there was a small storage room in the back of the workshop allowing us enough space to safely and properly machine the 4 meter boards.

After the Groove we could cut the Tongue, It took us a few tries to get it centered and fit properly but eventually we did it! Considering the router head for the groove had rounded corners and our tongue perpendicular corners I had to break the edges of the Tongue with a little old skool hand planer.  By hand I chiseled a half-lap joint to connect all 3 segments of the gutter into one big piece once we attach it to the roof. Afterwards I glued the Tongue and Groove joints to make the V complete.

Due to lack of ladders we were not able to attach the gutter to the roof after I finished constructing them, Project gutter was put on hold. To keep things organized ill add the pictures of the result anyway. Because Time travel. Meanwhile the next project was to Restore the gate for the porch of Casa Parohială. I planed two boards in the proper thickness and copied the shape of the fence ornament to it. With the help of a jigsaw I cut out the shape to make a template. I also needed a little piece to fix a tiny part which I kinda stole from the template :)) After gluing the tiny part and applying the newly made board to the gate it looked all cool again!

Again the week flew by as if it was nothing and the end of August was nearing, This meant the end of Adoptă o Casă 2015. Over the week volunteers slowly started leaving and going back home. By the end of the week it was just Me, Ioana and Sorana left. That weekend the locals from Roșia organized a “get together” in the mountains! We decided to take a hike and join them. It was located very close to Detunata, a nearby natural monument. Basically its a big as Basalt rock which looks pretty crazy due to all the obelisks reaching out. We left for the hike Saturday early afternoon. the hike was great! so many edibles along the way like Hazelnut, Blackberries, Raspberries, Plums, Cherries, Apples, Mushrooms and many nice little villages to walk through. The walk took us around 7 hours, we arrive perfectly at sunset.

The night was good, I like fire, Big or small, any campfire is a guaranteed good evening. In NL its prohibited to make open fire, obviously we would still do it. But these campfires are small and if you don’t know the right location police will definitely come ruin your night. Here we were somewhere in the mountains, unbothered. They found multiple fallen and dry trees that we burned over the night. The fire was huge! It for sure reached 2meters and more! I cant recall seeing a “campfire” that big before. At some point I had some mental clashes, Part of me didn’t approve of the fact that we would basically burn 4 whole trees in one night just for fun. Though after talking to the people and finding out they do this once every 2 years or so I could let it rest. Were only human, Even if you are the 100% Eco friendly Sustainable Hitman. There is nothing wrong with doing something completely contrary once in a long while in order to create a very nice moment. Moderation is key!

We chilled, drank Tuica, Talked, Drank more, some around the fire dances occurred, we made food in the fire, Gazed deeply into the fire and just had a great evening until the early morning. Together with three other people we slept in the grass next to the fire. It was the greatest sleep I ever had. When the heat radiating from the remains of the fire became low and the Sun slowly reached the crowns of the trees we moved into the sun to complete our lovely “nights” rest. After waking it was time to check out Detunata but first we cleaned up everything including every single cigarette bud! The view on top of Detunata was really nice, but we had to get going. Due to some shortcuts but also taking our time to gather some mushrooms for dinner, we managed to get back to  Roșia in 4 hours.

Even though Adoptă o Casă 2015 came to end that Sunday, Stefan asked me to extend my stay in Roșia Montană to continue with the carpentry. I Gladly accepted for I was really enjoying the projects and kind of felt the urge to finish as much as I could. Sorana also decided to stay for another week. The two weeks were nice. Even though i’m not really the big group kind of dude and generally prefer to be either by myself or in a smaller company, there were many interesting people I got to know via Adoptă o Casă and great times were had! Sadly this picture does not contain everybody. But anyway Thanks ya’ll for your company and laughter.

Adoptă o Casă  2015 After Fănfest Group!  Good luck on all ya Journeys!

Adoptă o Casă 2015 After Fănfest Group! Good luck on all ya Journeys!

With everybody gone the quiet returned to Roșia Montană. Because me and Sorana were the only ones left, We moved from the Volunteer camping which was close to Țarina’s to Casa Parohială which became our new home for the time being. My next project was renovating the gate for Locuinţă minerească (Miners House), Tică his gate to be exact, I think Tică is a pretty cool guy, eh makes syrups n woolysocks and runs for Roșia Mayor. Anywayz his gate had some ornaments broken or missing and it was not very stable. Long story short, I machined some wood and copied the arches of the ornaments on the new pieces, which I then re-applied to the door, I also restored some broken and devoured wooden parts.

On Fănfest they applied new shingles to the gate in a workshop and they restored the bottom of the supports because they were all rotten. The hinges for the gate though were not yet put back in place. I was in need of help though, so I asked the locals Andy and Andrei to assist with hanging the doors back in place. It was fun working with them. Andrei basically only speaks Romanian with me and refuses to speak English (which is a great thing really) communicating with him goes pretty well actually. Andy though speaks English so in case technical terms had to be communicated concerning the work we were doing he could help with translation. We managed to get the hinges back in place and hang the doors. To celebrate we did some Donuts with the Quad, No people got hurt.

With the gate finished I could continue with the porch of Casa Parohială, There was another gate completely missing that had to be made and the corner of the porch was missing some boards too. I started with adding some pieces of wood to the frame of the porch to make it even with the beam of the floor. Afterwards I machined some wood as usual and with the help of the Template from earlier I cut the nice shapes in the boards. I also had to replace the sill on top of the fence which needed to be fit due to funny things going on in that corner. Everything went better then expected.

The original fence has a rail on the top and bottom, It has a nice profiles too, which I wasn’t sure if I could recreate. I copied the profile on a piece of wood and started checking all the router heads in the workshop. After some thinking I figured out a way to recreate the profile that was not exactly but very similar to the original. This was great news, for I didn’t expect to be able to recreate the profile implying I would not be able to complete the porch.

The first step was to mill the corner with the profile. Once that was done I changed router head to a small half circle and milled the distance of the profile from the edge. Once those two proceedings had been done I just had to use a simple cylinder router head to take away the access wood in between. and voila! EzPz. The sill also needed a profile, basically just some rounded corners and a little profile to connect the sill to the rail. quite the piece of cake really, I just love the way profiles make simple wooden things so much more Awesome!

While working on the Porch, Suddenly visitors! They came out of nowhere. Considering we don't have a gardener I figured ill let them cut the grass

While working on the Porch, Suddenly visitors! They came out of nowhere. Considering we don’t have a gardener I figured ill let them cut the grass

With the Fence practically finished I could start on the gate. I made some more boards with the nice shape on it and two wooden pieces at the width of the gate, In the workshop I nailed all boards to one of the rails and checked the diagonals to be sure its perpendicular. Then I brought it to Casa Parohială to check how high I had to place the bottom rail, not to obstruct any ornaments, but also not to hit the floor. While working on the gate I got more sudden visitors! The cows they came from the woods quite randomly and just stormed in the garden. I could hear them coming actually, the goats though. I don’t know exactly where they came from. I remember I heard a loud noise, my reaction to that noise was. Huuu? Goats?? then all of the sudden there were goats. No green things were harmed that day if you don’t count all the beheaded grass.

It was to bad we didn’t have the hinges for the gate, I was not able to hang it in place. At least I did manage to finish the gate and the porch corner. Sooner or later all the sills and the rails of the porch need to be replaced, for they are all either devoured by woodworm, broken or warped. This will be a project for next year though. For my days in Roșia Montană have come to an end for now.

Its 13th of September now. That Sunday morning when I was enjoying my last breakfast at Casa Parohială with the company of Rufus, (he is a local stray dog who became my friend) the priest came to visit. At first I didn’t realize he was the priest owning Casa Parohială and the church up the hill. but after a little chat I found out. He was the coolest priest I ever met, If i would meet him in a western capital city I would probably presume he was a Gangster, for he was wearing this cool suite with a fedora and had a goaty. He left quite soon for he had to ring the church bell. But afterwards we met at the local shop. There he was just chilling, poppin jokes being a really damn cool priest.

I decided to take the bus back to Cluj instead of hitch hiking, I just felt like staring out the window towards the mountains that were next to the road. allowing me to process everything that happened in the past month. To nutshell it: My time in Roșia Montană was great, Mainly because of the work I could do there that relates so much to my profession, but also due to the amazing people that either live there or came to visit. Its hard to leave a place when everybody is telling you to stay.

Special thanks goes to:
Adoptă o Casă founders: For giving Architects students and Volunteers a chance to Experience, Learn and Develop.
Claudiu: For allowing me to use his workshop, It was of great help!
Andrei & Andy: For being awesome Dudes and assisting me with work.
Gaby: For cooking the greatest of foodz for the volunteers
Ioana: For introducing me to Roșia and suggesting me to visit.
Rufus: Because Rufus that’s why!


May the Wind Guide me to far beyond, Over mountains, through sea. To the places I am meant to be.

May the Wind Guide me to far beyond, Over mountains, through sea. To the places I am meant to be.

The other side of the coin,

Arriving back in Cluj that evening was quite something, All these people and cars again. pffff. I met with Victor&gang and we had a beer with some friends. One of Victor his friends is a Geologist who has worked for the same company the Roșia people are fighting against. Talking with him was very interesting, I really value both sides of the coin. After hearing Anti Company stories for a month. I opened up my mind for the other side.

When you think of the fact that Roșia Montană has been a mining town throughout the history, and basically only exists because of the mining. You might get the question what changed? From what I understood the main thing the people are against the company is because they tend to destroy 4 whole mountains, and with that many Historical monuments and Protected areas. Threatening the Environment due to the Cyanide used for exploiting the gold and other heavy metals waste threatening the water supply. At first it wasn’t such a big deal. But after realizing that the mines in Roșia could supply around 214 tons of metals, it became a big deal. Its hard to grasp how much they could gain out of this, but to summarize it in understandable terms. If they would start the mining in Roșia Montană they will basically get enough gold to make New Iphones for the whole planet for the next 10 years. Damn you Apple!

Talking to him and checking out the site of the company. I came to realize they don’t completely want to destroy the whole mountains. They want to continue Cetate until a certain depth indeed, when it come to Cirnic they only want to take out one side of it containing high quantity of metals, Preserving the other side which has lots of galleries and some protected areas. And they want to start 2 smaller pits only on the places where the quantity of metals is very high. After exploiting the metals, they want to refill the pits with the waste rock and re-vegetate it as once was. for all this, they do indeed have to flood part of the valley of Corna to store the Cyanide waste.

Also not all of the people are necessarily 100% against the mining. They would approve if it can be done in a more sustainable way without harming the landscape. For they don’t want their home and surroundings destroyed. Some of the NGOs and locals currently fighting against the company Actually used to be miners them self. Some of them had parents and grandparents in ownership of private mines. They tried to get the privileges back to open up there families mines again. But Government disagreed and instead gave all the rights to the company and thus they started fighting against it. Its a very sensitive topic and there is really lots of stuff going on I can not even grasp. But if you look at it with open eyes and think about it with an open mind you can easily become aware of the Pro’s and Con’s of both side of the story.

The Save Roșia Montană campaign did a great job when it comes to spreading awareness and mobilizing people to fight for Roșia. But Roșia is not the only place with valuable metals. The mountains around Roșia also contain metals. In recent times there have been new mines started and approved in the neighboring valleys to Roșia without any problems. How does this work? Are the people not Aware, do they simply not care or do they not have the power to stop them all? I have many questions. But basically I Know Nothing, Nor do I want to pick a side or point fingers.

Conclusion: Roșia Montană is a wonderful place, with a big history and a high emotional story. I met and spoke to people from both side of the coin. But the Truth is probably somewhere in the middle. I came to Roșia not to fight for or against a mining company, I came to Roșia as a Volunteer carpenter because the Adoptă o Casă project interested me. I enjoyed the month I stayed in Roșia greatly! Simply because I met wonderful people, I could practice my profession and while doing so really feel and see how much my work was appreciated. When I return, it will be for these reasons.


Hiking to Citadel

We did a hike towards a old abandoned/destroyed citadel. The hike was about 8 hours total, the first hike I ever made in my life over the crazy mountaintops of Transylvania.
Due to the fact that I have been feeding you with way to much text lately,

This will be a Silent Audio/Visual experience


Gotta love dis

Gotta love dis


Cluj Adventures!

That night I slept wonderful, not that i’m a bad sleeper or anything. But probably the combination of Țuică and being aware that I have almost arrived at my next project made it just wonderful. That morning I was fed with an amazing omelette, full of veggies, spinach, eggs and I have no idea what else was in that crazy omelette. I just remember it was amazing! with our bellies filled my garlic and silver bullets ready we started walking Cluj, check out whats the deal in this city. It started quite crowded, with lots of older people in the district Ioana was living. but after a short walk we came to a more silent nature like environment and a river flowing through Cluj. Near the river was a “Dutch” wooden shoe and a English phone booth, Both supposedly gifts due to the great co-operation between these countries and Cluj.

Our first Quest was to climb the nearest “mountain” to get a nice view of Cluj. Besides the stories goes that a dragon has made his lair there. I was fully prepared for an Vampire attack, but I didn’t really expected dragons to roam the Romanian landscape. Full with excitement I followed my guide her footsteps onward to the mountain! Between us and the mountain was a football stadium of the local club, it seems many trees died in the creation of this stadium. afterwards we just had to cross a park full of crazy old trees. But then it started, the climb! And adventurous it was! we encountered some wild humanoids, considering it was still day probably not Vampires, there were holes reaching to the earths core, definitely not something you would want to fall in. We passed some crazy sand/clay rocks and eventually made it to the dragons lair.  The dragon was no present at the moment, I was hoping to steal an egg to grow my own Pet dragon, Sadly there were no eggs either.

With the view of Cluj and knowing where what was, we went down and wandered the streets some more. The first thing I noticed when walking in the center of Cluj was the Students, Like seriously! Students everywhere, no 30+ person to be found. unlike the district we came from. besides all the students there were a lot of construction workers working the streets.Anyway there are 3 statues of Awesome Romanian kings (I believe they were kings) that we visited, basically every statue represents one of the Awesome kings of the old kingdom (Transylvania, Moldavia and Southern Romania) Sadly my memories is failing me bad on this history lesson, What I remember is that the most Awesome one wanted to combined all 3 regions to one big kingdom, As expected he got assassinated. One of them was somewhat racist and didn’t approve of foreigners that much. The details of the third one have gone to oblivion. We walked some more, found some Roman ruins. I was told that the whole city of Cluj is build upon Roman ruins, they tried building underground garages etc. but when they found out its full or ruins they realized it wouldn’t be such a good idea. We visited the gothic church of Saint George (the dragon slayer) and found a statue of him actually slaying a dragon. Obviously implying dragons are real!



There is also quite some graffiti going on in Cluj, Mostly tags but some pretty cool stencils too. One of the coolest was of course hypnotoad. But actually most of them were quite meaningful with an actual message, for example the Pontaur one, to explain: the prime minister of RO is named Ponta, and hes a gold digger. Basically he wanted to take down a mountain supposedly full of gold (Rosia montana) but the Romanian people protested like mad! as in seriously, the whole country was going into the streets for days, and keeping it up once a week after that for some time. And they did it! the mountain still lives and the people living there happily ever after! the fight still goes on though (FYI, they also protested against fracking heavily and scared the fracking company out of their country) the reason this stencil is so awesome in my opinion is because Taur means bull, and Aur means gold. this wordjoke combined with the dudes face sprayed in gold with horns explains it al!! the stencils were also part of the protest. Say what you want about Romania. At least the people have the guts to open their mouths and show when they don’t agree with the Government!

Pontaur Stencil

Pontaur Stencil

After checking the statues, learning everything about the stencils eating some Romanian cakes and getting crazy due to all the shit loads of students walking around we decided to check out Cluj Botanical Garden! The weather was perfect for this and the Botanical garden was pretty cool. They had quite the species in the greenhouses, from amazon plants to palms and everything crazy! I never realized bananas actually grow towards the sun :)) we spend quite some hours walking and chillin in the Botanical Garden. They also have one casualty of the Stadium laying there as a memorial of the slaughter that went on there back in the days. A Willow tree with a diameter bigger then I am! when the garden was about to close we headed home. That night I though Ioana and her roomates Shithead! hell yeah!!

No Vampire or Dragons were harmed that day!




4 Days in Budapest

The couple I was Couchsurfing were named Marcus and Anita, they were quite busy at the time I stayed there, nonetheless they did everything in their power to make my experience of Budapest the best of the best. Thursday morning we had breakfast and discussed where I should go and what I should definitely see. Because there were living quite central everything was nearby and easy to reach by foot, they had to get going, so we decided to meet up for dinner later that day. With my to do-list I started wandering the city. First stop, Citadella!

The Citadella was located on a “mountain” next to the Donau, the walk was short but nice. I really took my time scouting this “mountain” the flowers and plants were starting to bloom and everything smelled so nice. I enjoyed the panorama of the city which was just lovely and climbed all the little stairs and paths I could find. On top of the “mountain”  was a huge statue of someone or something, honestly I never really got that much information about this statue, it looked quite cool though. slowly I started going down, for I had to follow the Donau north, towards a nice coffee shop and the oldest street of Budapest. On my way down I noticed that there were shit loads of maple trees growing here, sadly not the Sugar Maple which gives you Maple Syrup but regular Hungarian maple. I also made a lizard friend and chilled out with him for a bit.

Reaching the bottom I headed north into the castle which was located nearby. The castle is a museum these days but there are many parts you can walk without having to pay, which was exactly what I did, getting through the castle and walking the Donau I could see the Parlament, a fancy building indeed. Its been a few hours walking though and I felt like taking a little break. I headed to the recommended coffee shop, the reason this coffee shop was so awesome was not only because the original owner was still making the classic coffee but also because it was on the edge of two districts, a poor district and a more upper class district. I enjoyed some hot chocolate and started checking out the people. As Marcus told me, there were quite some different people walking in this area, from homeless, to hipsters, to just your ordinary dude to fancy buisznesz men with suitcases. Very amusing. When I felt like walking again I bought an ice cream (ow so delicious ice cream) and checked the oldest street in Budapest, not so special, but mainly very old! at this point I was very near to Margaret Island which is an small island in the Donau where every Budapestrian goes in the weekend when the sun shines, basically I went there to check it out and took a very nice nap under a maple tree.

Walking back to my couch to meet up with Anita and Marcus I took the opposite side of the river, passed the parlament and some more districts. Budapest is clearly divided in districts. I was staying in the most touristic part of town which was very obvious, around the “mountain” was your ordinary district, north of that a bit more upper class. Walking south on the opposite of the Donau I walked through the bankers district, full of fancy buildings, expensive cars, suitcase people, and lots of police just guarding buildings and even road crossings. I had to take a pee like crazy, but there was no bathroom to be found, not even a simple cafe or supermarket, it was just fancy buildings and banks and more fancy shit. I manged to get out of this horrible district and enjoyed my long awaited pee in a sushi restaurant!

That evening we went into the Hipster district to get some dinner at Frici Papa, which is a traditional Hungarian restaurant with nice prices. I felt like eating some meat and they recommended me the Gypsy dish, which basically involved fried potatoes with a bunch of meat thrown upon said fried potatoes and some sauce, It looked horrible. but was extremely delicious! Meanwhile having dinner, I threw all my charms at Marcus, for I really wanted to eat some desert, sadly Anita didn’t. I managed to seduce Marcus into sharing one with me! after dinner we met up with some other Hungarians and spend the evening tasting different beers and wines.


That morning talking to Marcus we decided I should check out the southern parts of the city which had the Gypsy district and the poorest district of Budapest, he recommended me some places to get lunch and some parks to check out. Anita and Marcus were very busy this day and not able to join me for dinner. I started wandering the southern part of Budapest, first stop Gypsy district! this district was weird to walk through, I had some trouble with Gypsies in Lithuania, nothing really bad happened back then but still I entered this district with some nervous thoughts. The houses were actually in very good shape and looked nice, but as expected it was full of Gypsies, maybe not on every corner but definitely encountered a few groups of obvious gypsy woman just chilling. Luckily they just minded their own business so after a while the nervous stereotype thoughts faded and I could comfortably walk this area. I was to pussy to make pictures of them though so you’ll have to visualize it by yourself.

After Gypsy district I went to scout the poorest district of Budapest which was very obvious, the buildings looked like crap, there were lots of homeless or poor looking people wandering the streets and in the parks just people chilling with their dogs and probably all their possessions. Somewhat weird though was that the metro entrances in this district were very fancy and nice looking and every one in a while you would encounter a Lidl in a building more maintained then I had ever seen. I didn’t stay long in both these districts It was cool to see but didn’t feel like hanging out there, so I headed back to check out some places up north I wasn’t able to find on Thursday

Due to my hosts inability to join me for the evening I met up with another CSer for I didn’t feel like wandering the streets alone that evening. Eva took me for dinner at another Hungarian restaurant. the restaurant looked cool and wasn’t to expensive. When checking the menu I noticed Dumplings, Again hoping for something similar like Lithuanian dumplings I ended up with a plate full of noodles, veggies and a chicken leg. So to make everything clear,
Dumplings in LT: Meat in dough fried or cooked,
Dumplings in CZ: Breadlike substance cooked,
Dumplings in H: Noodles :)))
Anyway the food was delicious! and Eva was a really interesting lady to get to know, to put her in a boxy nutshell, A Catholic Materialist working as a manger for a Television company, quite the combination if you ask me. But she has a very open mind to everything, and doesn’t necessary approve of all the “rules” her religion “forces” upon her, making her in my opinion a very awesome modern religious person. Talking to Eva was just amazing, we only knew each other for one hour but due to us both being very Open, we just spitted everything out, made shit loads of jokes and found the common line. No hard feelings, The laughter that evening was high. Especially when she started translating traditional Hungarian fairy tales but remixing then so that the princess who was sneaking out of the castle would walk through the diamond forest to a Dubstep party to get shitfaced and hook up with some handsome princes. I almost shit, peed and farted my pants, burped and spit the food I was currently consuming at once.

After dinner we walked for a some hours, chatting about anything you can possibly imagine, then she showed me Heroes square and told the story of each worthy dude who had influence on the history of Hungary and Budapest, the remade castle of one of the crazy dudes. In the garden of said crazy dude was a statue of a unknown writer, The story goes that if you touch the tip of his pencil you would get blessed, I think Anonymous is a pretty cool guy, so I touch his shiny pointy thing and got myself blessed by Anon. Row Row Fight Da Powah!

Y so Touristious?

Y so Touristious?



Anita and Marcus invited me to come visit their project they have been so busy with the past few days and volunteering at. basically it was a special weekend where special buildings and places would be opened up for public so you could check it out. They were working at an regular flat, but its a very old flat with some very old inhabitants, they had this little Quest to find the pictures on the paper and answer all the questions by talking to the inhabitants of the flat. This really amused me and I believe I found them all! after I done my quest I visited some other places, who sadly were not so interesting as this house they were volunteering at.

Anita studies Psychology and languages and speaks quite some languages like Hungarian, English, Russian, Polish, Spanish and shes learning Icelandic. Marcus is a music producer. He creates music and beats on his computer, or mixes and samples songs. Then together with an actual instrument like a trumpet or a violin he preforms in bars and cafes, the stuff he does is very awesome. Saturday night he was playing and I had the honor to see his work in action. Sadly it wasn’t that crowded that evening, but I really enjoyed them playing and he got some money out of it. Nothing to complain illd say! Later on Anita joined us and we rode the bike back home. I really enjoyed the short 10 minutes ride, for I love riding the bike, especially in countries and cities I never biked before!


Anita and Marcus had another very busy day but Hitchhiking on a Sunday is not the best thing to do for there is not so much traffic. I had a great time with Anita and Marcus but decided to spend the Sunday with Eva, for she was free and wanted to hang out. She was also able to offer me her couch for one night so I could leave the house with her on Monday early morning, Onward to Romania. We walked in her district, bought some very delicious Hungarian cakes and cookies, ate them in a park, We sat in silence and became aware of our surroundings, climbing some mountains and had some very interesting conversations about the ego, the mind and daily live. That evening she cooked me Delicious oven breads.

Crazy Eva + Delicious Oven Bread and her 2 smartphones

Crazy Eva + Delicious Oven Bread and her 2 Smartphones

My time in Budapest was amazing, and this only because Anita, Marcus and Eva are such awesome people, showing me everything I needed to see, and let me experience proper Hungarian cuisine. They were also  interested in my story and have quite the story themselves. I will return to Budapest sooner or later, maybe not for the city itself, but definitely to meet up again with newly made friends!



Hitching out of Oblivion

That morning I took the bus to Vyšehradská which is on the southern edge of the city, from there it was about a 30 minutes walk to the nearest petrol station connected to the highway, the walk was quite the adventure. I already did some research and knew I either had to go straight through farmland or take the detour and follow the road, which would make the walk a bit longer. Anyway, I got out of the bus and just started walking, initially I felt like following the road for it walks so much easier, but somehow I ended up walking a straight line south. I encountered some homeless people building there homes I suppose, dogs barking at me for I apparently crossed their territory, when I passed a few vegetable gardens and crossed a train rails I could already see the petrol station I was heading to!

Petrol station in the Distance

Petrol station in the Distance

I didn’t feel like being the GMO assassin by walking straight through the field, so I followed the rails for a bit until I hit the road leading towards the petrol station. It looked like I was quite lucky with walking the rails, for when I left the track and started walking the road I suddenly heard a loud horn, when I took a look behind me a huge Cargo train was heading in the direction where I was walking 5 min earlier. I really enjoyed this moment for some reason and watched the train passing by, eventually I started walking towards the highway, the road was very nice. somewhat silent, with lots of vegetation on both sides. I crossed the bridge over the highway to get to the other side and climbed down. The petrol station was guarded by a fence, so I searched for a gap in the fence which I found close to the bridge and walked straight into Oblivion.

So the usual, I wrote Budapest on my shield and started throwing out my thumb at the start of the entry ramp to the highway! The hand signs they used were mostly telling me that they were going to Vienna instead of Budapest. This is also what the hitchwiki had said, but I just felt like trying anyway. After an hour or so a dude stopped going to Gyor, a city between Budapest and Bratislava, his English wasn’t great, when I tried to ask him if he could drop me of at a petrol station on the highway he didn’t seem to agree or understand. I decided to decline the ride for I didn’t want to end up in Gyor or a small village in the area. Oh oh what was that stupid.

after 2 more hours I started to realize that nobody was going straight to Budapest, But like DubFX says, don’t give up! were gonna make it in the end! with that said, I just kept smiling, waving, jumping, bowing and doing funny things to get the attention of the driver, in the meantime I changed my shield to Wien with the idea to end up at the right highway and hopefully catch a ride there to Budapest. When I changed the shield to Wien all of the sudden the hand signs of the driver were doing things like, heading straight ahead (which was towards Budapest) What da ?……! after 2 more hours it was getting late and I realized that I had to change my tactic to get out of there! I moved myself to the entrance of the Petrol station shop, Just scanning the licence plates of the cars, whenever they were Hungarian or Austrian I would ask them if they could drop me of at the next gas station. Not much later a fancy Hungarian jeep stopped, While he was cleaning his windows I walked up to him and had a little chat, He was heading to lake Balaton which is south of Budapest, but he agreed to drop me of at the next petrol station which was on the E60 towards Budapest!

Arriving at the next Petrol station I got my next ride in less then 10 minutes, It was an Romanian truck driver transporting broken cars. His English was very poor but he agreed to drop me of at a Petrol station on the edge of Budapest. For some reason I felt quite uncomfortable with this dude at first, not that his truck look weird, but there was just this weird feeling surrounding me and communication was somewhat difficult. the ride took about 3 hours for he couldn’t drive so fast. but eventually he dropped me off at the petrol station as promised and everything turned out to be just fine. It was getting dark though, and this petrol station was completely empty. oh noes!

Sunset at the Budapest Petrol station

Sunset at the Budapest Petrol station

While scouting for a place I could possibly pitch my tent I was also keeping an eye out for arriving cars. At some point just after sunset there were a few cars present. I walked up to one of them with RO licence place and asked if they were maybe heading into Budapest, Even though I had a hard time getting out of Bratislava, my luck was high that evening for they were heading into the center and agreed to take me with them! It was a Romanian couple who called them self’s Corporate Slaves, traveling for their boss to different countries and cities to keep the connections running. The weekends and vacations they would spend at their cabin in the mountains where they grow there own food and do things back to basic. It was a short ride to the center, once they dropped me there I took the public transport to the most touristic part of the city where my CS host was living. I arrived there around 22:00! I made it whooohoooo!!


Praha Adventures

When I got dropped of in the Center of the Center of Praha I started with a little walk towards the old town. One of the first things I noticed about Praha is the amazing architecture, it is really a very beautiful city! What I didn’t expect really was the fact that besides it beauty it is also very touristic, I almost felt like walking through Amsterdam, with a overpriced souvenir shop every few hundred meters, tour people, Tourists of course and exchange offices trying to suck you into exchanging at their place. But also very nice street musicians and pretty cool places to eat, like random stalls or cool looking restaurants. I was looking for a park to chill out, for I had to contact my CS hosts to let them know I arrived in Praha and see if they were able to host me.

After a short walk I reached the main square of the old town. I was quite amazed, for I had seen some videa of two dudes, one playing drum and the other piano covering popular electronic songs. Exactly the same dudes were playing that afternoon when I arrived at the square! you can check out a videa >Here< I enjoyed their jammin for some time when I just chose a random bench to sit and contacted my Hosts. Sadly one of them could not host me due to circumstances but replied very fast, the other one didn’t reply at all. It was not exactly a disappointment, but definitely to bad that I had no locals to hang out with and show me the real underground shizznit of da city. Anyway I found a very awesome hostel, dropped my pack and started wandering the streets of Praha.

Around dinner time I got da hungriez, So I started searching for what to eat, obviously I had to eat something Czech and drink their beers, I asked the lady at the hostel what she recommended and ended up in some fancy Traditional Czech food Restaurant. The menu looked quite interesting, and one of the foods included the word Dumplings and Traditional. I ordered said food which arrived almost instantly at my table (seriously it took them like 3 minutes to prepare said food)

I got a plate with some beef something, Dumplings in Lithuania usually involve meat in dough cooked or fried. but the stuff I got on my plate looked more like bread to me, then there was this weird looking brown sauce surrounding said meat and “dumplings looking like bread”. Next to that I got a little dish with cranberry sauce, some Cream and of course a Giant Czech dark beer! Even though I still, to this day have no idea what exactly I ate. It was Delicious! The sauce was delicious, the beef was so soft and tasty, and even the breadlike dumplings tasted really nice. Nothing wrong with the dark beer either, except for the fact that it was quite light of taste (LT dark beers are usually quite strong of taste) total cost? very fkn cheap!!! After dinner I walked some more, and found some artsy things.

At some point I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t feel like clubbing, nor sure where to grab a beer. I figured its around 20:00 lets go to the hostel and maybe write some stuff check my mail etc and go out later. On the way to the hostel against all odds I encountered Radu with his wife and the friends they were meeting. Actually if it wasn’t for them saying yo dude how are you I would probably have walked straight pass them. I sat down next to them when Radu offered me a beer, 5 minutes later when I told them about my CS Failure he invited me to join them for the evening! This was just Amazing really, for now I had someone familiar to socialize with! who just happens to be the one and only Radu & friends!

I finished my beer while introducing myself and getting to know the new faces. Radu likes Praha and has been here before, so he has a favorite place where he goes every time when he is in the city, This place is one of the oldest breweries still live and kicking in Praha, with the best beers and food according to Radu. U Fleků founded in 1499. that was our next destination! We walked across the Fancy bridge, into the old town, towards the brewery. When entering the brewery you get amazed by the looks of it, still in this quite old style. Big halls with big tables and big paintings. Live music (traditional Czech I suppose) and an good Atmosphere! We chose a nice table and started checking the menu, I ended up eating Duck, with some sauerkraut, Red beets, and potatoes. Drinking dark beers  and getting quite sweet liquor shots thrown at me whenever either of those glasses were empty. While having dinner we talked about so much things, practiced my Romanian a bit more and got to know Ioan and his wife better. I would have told you more details about them all, but the truth is that I didn’t write things down, with all the people meeting on the road its hard to keep track. Maybe I should just blame the Alcohol, for we drank quite lots of it that evening. At least I remember we Enjoyed delicious apple pie for dessert :) and these people are extremely friendly and open!

Radu & Friends @ U Fleků. A Wonderful Evening

Radu & Friends @ U Fleků. A Wonderful Evening

After dinner I said bye to Radu, but joined Ioan and his wife for another beer, their hotel and my hostel were quite close. chatting about Romanian culture, Traditional food, Gardening, Not so Dangerous Gypsies etc etc.  I will definitely meet these wonderful people again in the near future, Actually Radu lives quite close to where i’m currently staying so ill probably hitchhike there sooner or later. Anyway Due to Radu his openness My short time in Praha was Awesome, full of wonderful memories.


23Da July, Trakai Chillin.

Ever since I came to Lietuva, I heard about Trakai, A Small town with a Castle. surrounded by water and amazing forest and so I wanted to see it from that point forth. Although I wanted to go there before, eventually it failed ery timez Cuz I was hoping to go with someone I met in Vilnius, I Figured. going there with A local would be far more fun and interesting due to the history they can tell rather then solo checking. After 3 months in Lietuva, and failed attempts. I figured Fuck it, Today I will go Trakai. Whether someone is in or not.

The night before Ausra happen to give me a call, and so luck was on my side again. She was in for some Trakai chillin! I picked her up late next morning N we headed to Trakai. We both didn’t really take breakfast. We decided to take some Delicious Kibinai for Breakfast/Brunch.

Armoarz Kibinai originates from Trakai, so the best place to eat it was also located in Trakai. We parked the car somewhere outside to avoid parking costs and walked towards the most famous Kibinai place, The road was nice. First there is this small town. nothing special actually besides the fact that it is surrounded by lakes. At some point we crossed a market, I’m always curious for dem market so our route went though dem market. After a while we walked next to water. But I was so focused on the market stalls that i didn’t even notice that if i would just look the other side, i could see da Amazing Trakai Castle :))) eventually I did :))).

We were both pretty hungry so after the market delay and da first glimpse of da Castle we went straight for the Kibinai place which was not so far actually. I tried lots of types of Kibinai already in Vilnius, This time, it was time for some professional Kibinai Tasting!

Mutton, Chicken, Curd, Spinach Curd N Chocolat Hazlenut Kibinai AwwwYeahh!!

Mutton, Chicken, Curd, Spinach Curd N Chocolat Hazlenut Kibinai AwwwYeahh!!

Da Kibinai were so delicious, its not normal. I cannot find a word to describe it except for…. Osnapazizzle Delicimanizzle… The Gira (Kvass) was also home made by the restaurant and super delicious. (for those who don’t know what Kvass is. In a Nutshell its a Drink made from fermented bread) we took our time and chilled at the restaurant for a while. The Kibinai filled us so much, it was hard to make the decision to start walking again. (In the end we didn’t eat anything all day, Not even dinner. Diz Kibinai dish is so amazing. it fed us enough to live da rest of da day on it) eventually we headed to da Castle. Time to see it up close!

Trakai Castle

Trakai Castle

First we walked around it, and through the old Canal in between it. checking the environment and inspecting the castle. Eventually we checked inside. Its a rather small castle and lots of people told me it was not worth to pay for the entrance. When i checked the map it seemed they also had an Archery range, I always liked Archery. Never actually practiced it. so i figured. This is my chance!!! Ausra as awesome as she is, managed to get free entrance to the castle for both of us. But only if we headed straight to the archery range to shoot some bows. Of course we agreed and could enter the castle for free, on our way to dem Archery funzyy!

Basically you could buy arrows shots for a vew litas, and you were able to shoot both the Longbow and da Crossbow. There were not so much people, so we decided to have a little match, We started with shooting the longbow. I managed to get 2 arrows (out of 6) in the middle. the rest were a bit on the edge. Ausra gheghe. most of her arrows didn’t even hit the Target. she was having some trouble with Aiming the bow and also stretching it. (FYI We were both trying it for the first time eh)

Afterwards we tried da crossbow. in my opinion the crossbow was a bit Easy. with the Longbow there is still some Skill required to actually hit something. But with the crossbow. once you knew how much you should aim above your target. you basically just hold your breath. Aim and shoot. It wasn’t that hard. But in any way it was Fun! And it was really nice to finally feel the difference between the two. apparently we could walk to the targets and make a picture. I didn’t do this with the Bows (you will probably laugh anywayz) But I did take a picture of our Crossbow match. Much Phunz were had!

Ausra loves rowing da boat, And the lakes around Trakai are perfect for that. so after shooting some bows we went to find someone that rented some Classic Wooden Rowboats. for we didn’t like the Dolphin water bicycles or the plastic rowboats. we wanted a Real wooden one! We found a wooden Rastafarian Rowboat and started scouting the lakes of Trakai. (of course we had planned something before and bought some beers for maximum chillin somewhere on the lake). Basically the first hour Ausra rowed da boat, we had a little Race VS a Duck and went around da Castle. afterwards we went to some small Reed island where we chilled for a while and drank sum beers. it was very Zen. She wanted to row it also the Second hour. But the fact is. I Nevah rowed a boat before. Atleast not that I can remember So at some point I was like. Move Ausra!! Ima learn to Row! And its not that Difficult actually. Of course I had to get the feeling a bit. but once I got it things went pretty smooth. and it wasn’t tiring or heavy at all (as I actually expected)

Serious Face Forreal

Serious Face Forreal

After rowing da boat and returning to shore, It was just before dinnertime. But hungriez was no where to be found. Via a Couchsurfer i got a recommendation to check out a protected Nature area, Although she also recommended to Bike it. we tried to find it by foot. It took a while to get there “on foot” and we spended another view hours walking through amazing Swampy Pineforesty scenery. I didn’t take any pictures because i really liked it and didn’t really care to. you should probably visit it yourself sometime if you will be in Trakai. I think we arrived back in Vilnius around 22:00. And we were very tired from all the walking and rowing and the amazing day.

That night we spend on the Balcony with Sarune. Drinking Shit loads of beers. Basically we had a Beer tasting evening. All of the sudden Ausra randomly took a CD from her collection, she was like, we should listen to this. It was Doe Maar Greatest Hits :))) You can probably not imagine how amazed I was. cuz dem be crazy! The whole evening for me, Chillin in Lithuanian, With some Lithuanian Ladies, Drinking shit loads of beer and listening to Doe Maar :))))) It was a great experience for me and could have never expected it at all. Her favorite song be like Nederwiet. funny thing was that she had no idea it was about weed and when I started translating other song like they were amazed that this popular dutch music from back then was about love,weed,sex, n crazy shizzle.

It was a good day, Completely different then previous years. I did get a little Nostalgic for my friends at some moments, Usually I open my house. Invite dem all. Get some DJ Gear up. Get supah High n do some Drinking Games. But most of all tell them not to bring anything except there smile. Then allot of crazy things happen. But well, Things Change. Now i’m in Lithuania, Living a completely different live, made new friends. who I will not see for a while once I start to continue on my journey like dem back in NL. Its the way it isz at the moment. But thanks To Ausra, and ofc Sarune. I had a 23d O July I will nevah forget. Aciu Labai,

maybe you will have to learn dutch first. but basically this is a Pro tutorial on how to grow n harvest yo weedzels je weet toch.


July da 4th Folklore Day

Its da 4th of July, at the time I didn’t realize this yet. but we took the car n headed to Vilnius to pick up a carpet and check the old town afterwards because Crayray didn’t see Vilnius yet. It was crazy nice weather and a perfect day to do this. We parked da car at Ausras. She had a Visitor, A Couch-surfer that Hitchhiked from France with his accordion, we chilled for a bit. Mathieu had a gig that night in Cafe de Paris and invited us to join.

But First things first, Me n Crayray headed to da Old town, on the way we bought some Kibinai, basically Crayray didn’t see or eat any of these things yet. so my quest was to introduce him to dem all. While eating Kibinai we headed towards the Cathedral Square, there was a big stage set up. with lots of dancing and singing. and lots of crazy clothes. It seemed it was Lithuanian Folklore day. And so Vilnius was crowded with People in Traditional Lithuanian clothes, food and thingssz!!.

BreadtableInfront of the Stage was a huge table, It had lots of Breadz on it and different notes. from what i have been told, the breads were from different regions of Lithuania, the smell around the table was amazing, and the breads were pretty fancy, not just a regular AH breadz you know. all these crazy shapes and decoration. colors and grainz


Spacebreadz Spiralbreadz

After checking dem Breadz we headed to the Gediminas castle hill whatever. in the park was a market, at first it seemed like an ordinary marked, but on closer inspection this market was the most amazing market I ever walked through. They sold the usual Freshly harvested honey, Home brewed alus, Lithuanian cheeshizzle, thee and lots of on the spot woven scarfs, clothes and Folklore things. But the most amazing thing about this market was the fact that there were also Woodworkers and blacksmiths selling there wares and showing their skillz. I really liked it.

after checking Gediminas castle we got little hungriez. We walked through Uzupis towards Artistai where we ate some Kepta douna awwwyeah! the parks we walked through were very crowded but very interesting. there were stages everywhere and people dancing and singing. All these Traditional Lithuanian clothes and crazy shizzle was going on everywhere. It was so awesome, I never saw so much people in Traditional clothes together.

One of our side quests of today was to check some used clothes shops and buy some stuff. I did small research before I left (actually Šarūnė advised me). but while walking through Vilnius we didn’t feel like searching for them, some company is also fun so I gave Luka a call. Although she didn’t had much time, she was up for some chillin and showin us the perfect places to check dem shizzle.

When she arrived it was completely crazy again. Die gekke Luka whaha helemaal leip is die chick. She started spamming us from the first moment and doing her Dutch jokes all da way. we walked around a bit. she showed us da shops, but mainly we had allot of fun, She was amazed how my Lithuanian got better, (I think I didn’t see her for about a month) and that I know the way around Vilnius city center even better then she did lol. funny thing was. While we wanted to check Vilnius for dem used clothes. She and basically all her friends go to Moletai if they need clothes, cuz its much cheaper and better quality…. u get da point, we nvm da clothes.

She was throwing this party that night and she invited us to come. She had to prepare some shizznit. Our plan was to go back home due to we had the car. But she didn’t like this idea and really insisted we would join dem. I told her maybe. but every time she would try even harder. We figured. you know what. if we have a Accordion gigz and a Lithuanian home party. dafuq yo. lets get fuckdup. I gave Ausra a call, although she already had a Couch-surfer me and Crayray could also sleep there. Now its on!

We walked back to Snisnipiskeszes (taip taip aš žinau) moved the car to a more secure place, grabbed our shizznit, and joined Ausra to the Barras alla Paris. we chilled some. Meanwhile me n Crayray got some dinner, when we came back after FR vs GER Mathieu started showing some skillz. it was awesome! he had very catchy accordion songs. he was singing with it in French and Spanish. he really tried to involve the crowd. Even lots of people walking by waited for a bit to watch. It started with a small crowd but later on more and more joined. it was really fun! In the end he played from 21:00 until something like 01:00.


around 23:00 me n Crayray decided to check out luka her chillinz. basically it was around the corner. Luka told us she would have lots to eat n to drink n to smoke, But somewhere that afternoon we bought some benedictinas (which is in my opinion delicious honey Liqor) for the party anywayz. In the end we were lucky we did. because when we arrived the truth was, there was not so much to eat, to drink and to smoke :)))) not even a beer. This resulted in me and Creyray getting loessoee on dem benedictinas. Nobody there liked it anywayz gheghe. shizz is crazy. you bring a present. then nobody likes it and you end up drinking it yourself….. where I come from. it doesn’t really matter what you bring. if its strong alcohol. it will be gone by the end of the night.

Besides that the chillin was chillin. There were allot of interesting conversations going on. we were nicknamed Da Dutchies after a bit the neighbour got all mad due to the sounds. so instead of talking very loud everybody started whispering :)))) I was rather amazed that this was actually possible. Because if I or anybody from my group of friends would throw a party at home and you would ask them to whisper. Shit would get even more crazy. Lithuanians though. there respectful people. and they simply whisper, Also luka her understanding of Dutch got better after she drank more. we spotted some UFO’s and some chineese candles. When people got hungriez we started raiding her fridge and cabinets. basically she told us, what you can find you can have. So I took some Delicious Jam made by her grandmother :)))) (don’t worry I did ask) and we ate some leftover pie. Later on dey started dancing, Dey be in like diz Dancin crew droppin dem moves yo. later that night when they were going to this DnB Party to drop some more moves. we Bailed, n joined Ausra back home.

Check it out, its dem Dancin crew. snap er niks van maar dit is gewoon die Litouwse Crib Walk jwz gheghe


The next morning we got to know Mathieus a bit more, He had some pretty amazing stories about his Hitchhiking. Basically he Hitchhiked through France and morocco in about 3 to 4 weeks. Without money and only his accordion and some clothes. He didn’t bring money on purpose, cuz the truth is. you don’t really need money. if you have something to offer (in this case songs from his accordion) people are kind and help you. also if you travel in the right time of the year there is lots of food to be found in the forests and nature around you. He really inspired me with his experiences. Basically his Vision on hitchhiking is. Stay happy, Stay clean And give as much as you can give. talk to people, and walk if necessary. Then everything is gonna be alright!

Also Ausra brought me some more Jams, way more then I expected but ah well. At least I have lots of different Jams to taste now And there all from parents or grandparents gardens, home made awesomenesss!! I cannot describe how delicious these Jams are. I’m probably never buying Supermarket Jam ever again. because these jams. These jams are heavenly!

Heavenly Jamz

Heavenly Jamz