What I haz b333n doing lately

All of the sudden I realized, I didn’t even show ya all the Workbench I finished a vew weeks ago, So I will Dedicate this posts to some random thingz I have been doing in the past 2 weeks

To begin with, I started on the workbench. After finishing the yurt n clayying some dayZ, due to the Rainy weatherz after the weekend, the progress on the workbench was put to hold for a while. For I think it is better to use dry wood/saw dem planks outside in da sunny, nevertheless I finished it eventually about 1 week later, cleaning the shed and organizing the Tools we have.

Here you can see the progress on cutting the planks. I first gathered some nice rough planks. Then I would cut 1 side of the plank straight, from there measure it n eventually you will have a nice wooden board to use for the Workbench surface

CIMG0832 CIMG0833

Behold, the progression of the workbench below

CIMG0821 CIMG0835 CIMG0842 CIMG0841

Da workbench Finished
Due to cooking on wood, you cant just grab yo panz and start cooking, you need to prepare a vew things before you start. Like chopping sum wood, depending if you wanna cook outside or inside you need to make the peaces small enough to fit the stove, this will give you an idea of this daily process

CIMG0837 CIMG0839 CIMG0840

Last Wednesday Basz left for The Netherlands, at the moment its just me and Chris here at the “eco villagezz” At first I wanted to join him to surprise some peepz back home, but eventually this didn’t work out cuz Chris didn’t feel like staying here alone, so I have been spending time on clayying da house, helping her in the garden n chopping wood

Once in a while we need to add sum Straw around the raised beds, Chris didn’t like this work so much and rather picked weeds. so I covered the land wit sum straw for her

CIMG0880 CIMG0885

Young dude Dolan had a farm,
and he did Eco grow,

And on that farm he had sum veggz,
No, no, GMO!

Veggie here, Veggie there,
Eco Eco Eco, no Roundup just Ecoo!!
herpa derpa, hurka durka.


Alright, now lets get back to seriousz buizneszz.
I have been checking out da full moon a bit back, my camera sux to much for an awesome picture, but you get the point,


Choppin wood is also necessary, there is allot of dried wood under this roof, but it should be cut into small peaces so it fits the Rocket-stove outside, then we store it in some building nearby. To get to the room we store the wood, you first have to go through the Witchcraft chamber, where we practice some of our secret shizzle.
I cannot go into detail because its very secret

CIMG0897 CIMG0896 CIMG0900 CIMG0899

Inorite, the stack is still rather small. that’s because I just started.

Posing like a true woodcutter

Posing like a true woodcutter

Last night there was this Meteor shower hitting Da Erth, It would be visible around the Polar star area between 00:00 and 04:00, i tried to check some previous meteor showers back in The Netherlands, but this never really worked out. mostly due to light pollution n cloudy weather,

This time we got very prepared thought to check out them meteor shower,
There was not even 1 cloud in the sky, and it seemed this was gonna work out!

CIMG0898We chilled from 00:30 till 03:30 when the peak would hit Da Erth,
Because we are more North-East here then The Netherlands, it didn’t got completely dark, basically the Sun wanders the horizon all night, so it will stay a little light all night, due to this fact we were not able to see most of the Meteor shower,

We did see about 7 satellites flying by though, and although Chris did manage to see some of the meteor shower. usually when she was LOOK THERE ON THE LEFT. I was looking to the right side of the sky, and so on.

ah well. Satellites are fine to,
It was rather chillin to stare at the sky in silence,
watching the stars that night was the first time since I left NL that I really missed that fact that I was not able to light up a Super Dikke Jonko :(

It started to get very bright again, the sun here starts to rise around 03:30, also some clouds were passing by around that time, so that’s when we went to get sum sleep. Here the sun will be visible above the horizon between 05:00 n 06:00, around 22:00 its still daytime bright, then it starts to get little darker. indeed very long days and short nights in summer.

The clayying of the outside wall has been going well, I also worked on the window frames.
to give you an impression how this works check below. A layer of clay will come over the green stuff,on the window ledge wont be clay, but the Lime shizzle will come straight over it.

CIMG0902 CIMG0901

and that’s basically most of the stuff that has been going on here lately.

I would also like to share some of these pictures.

_MG_5148 IMG_0304 DSCN4028 IMG_0353

Add Sum Clay

Last week was very fun! We all Tuned into da Izreal Vibes. build a Mongolian Yurt and the amazing weekend in Vilnius.

Buts its Monday again! Work haz to be done. To bad the weather was not with us. A heavy northern wind hit us. Northern winds are Strong and cold. So basically Monday we stayed inside all day. and chilled a bit. (this was great for me) because I managed to get my blog up to date. As far as I remember I spend most of Monday hitting the keyboardz and adding pages to my book! Tuesday was the same, the weather was not with us. Rain hit us. Not much work was done this day. I cant recall any specific things we did except for. not much.

Then Wednesday arrived. its the 7th of May. Now things started to get extra fun!

The house still haz allot of walls that needs to get finished. Basically they are filled with isolation (straw/clay mix) but still need a vew layers of Erthn Plaster to finish them.
Basz started to teach me the tricks of the trade: Mixing Erthn Plaster.

IMG_0369First I had to learn the mixture he uses to smear on the walls. Its like mixing cement, but now we don’t use ready to go Bagz of cement and water.
We use a mix of Clay, Sand, Straw n water.
You should think of 1/3 where 1 shovel of Clay, needs 3 Shovels of Sand. Add enough straw n water, then mix it. To check if the mixture is good you make a ball of it, if it sticks to your hand if you keep it Open-ish. It’s fine. If it drops. It’s not. When you do the first layer which you have to push deep into the Isolation. Its sometimes better to add a bit more water for EZ Smearyness. Its not that hard actually, Honestly I think this Erthn Plaster works Way WAy WAY better then cement. Don’t forget! the surface you are gonna Smear needs to be Wet, if its not, it will not stick. So we spray it with water before we start duuh

IMG_0370 IMG_0363

After Basz explained me the mixture, He just let me do my thang. I have little experience with plastering. but due to the EZness of this shit. I got the hang of it pretty fast.

The first layers you push deep into the clay, on top will come another layer of clay which you can smooth out. On top of that will come the Lime plaster thingy but we didn’t get to that part yet. for now its just Clay.

CIMG0798 CIMG0801

Of course when you finished your first clay wall and its still FRESH the cat comes to take a look. Thnx James, your paw prints were very artzies. I’m not sure if Basz removed them or if they are still actually present in the wall. tbh i hope so :D i didn’t do anything about them gheghe

But there R moar people that can Clay. So when he told me the tricks of the trade, he didn’t feel like telling the rest of the Ego village residence. Basically I had to explain them what I just learned. this was eazyr then expected. After the introduction we started filling up walls like Madmanz

IMG_0374 CIMG0814

To give you an example of the different layers.
isolation, Erthn Plaster pushed in it. Erthn Plaster to add thickness and smoothness. then Limeshizzle for finish

CIMG0802No the bottles are not trash, they will eventually be used to make psychedelic windows you digg ? You might also be thinking. Where do you get all this clay from? Well we dig it up of course. But its not like you get a shovel and dig up some clay. it haz rules and thing to consider. I’m thinking about making a Resources page. but for now ill just explain you how we dig up the clay we use to smear on the walls.

When you dig up the clay you have to make sure you don’t get to much sand or vegetation in your clay. The first step for claydigging is to remove the top layer of da Erth, the layer that haz the grass, plants and roots in it. Once you removed the organic top layer of da Erth, you have to keep going until you hit the right clay. Some clay is very sandy. This is not the right clay, you need to have the right type of clay with lots o moist n awesomeness.

Once you removed the top layer and found the right clay and removed most of the dirt, you can start choppin of peaces of the clay. Which we then shovel into a wheelbarrow, we fill the wheelbarrow full of clay with water so the clay gets more moist. Then we can use it in the mix.

CIMG0803 CIMG0804 CIMG0805

So Wednesday we were working on the walls, we did this also on Thursday. It was still rather rainy, luckily we were able to work on the inside walls of the house. Friday the weather got better. Lots better. We had rainz at night but Sun at day and not much wind, sometimes a lil drop here n there, but then we would just chill a bit until the Heavy rain stopped. Peter n Bart were working on the outside walls. Chris n Karin in the garden. what Basz was doing is not important really.

Me though. I had a new task. I Started on a Workbench in the shed. basically all the tools are all over the place. This workbench will make it easy to store tools, also when the workbench is done. I can probably start to “actually make some furniture” because this haven’t been the case yet until (Saturday)

To give you an idea of how the workbench is doing, it looks like this at the moment.

CIMG0819 CIMG0821

Not much to say here. you will see more of it sooner or later!

Saturday while I was working on the workbench, Chris came to me with a question.
she wanted a lil Kitchen thingy for in the Yurt so she could do the dishes in the Yurt instead of walking all the way to the house. Chris told me her idea and we started fabricating some kitchenthingy. it was rather fun, and things went pretty fast.

I still have to get used to the way things work here. I’m used to stationary machines Unobro. Everything as perfect as possible. Here things are crazy, nothing is perfect and I have minimum tools to do what I have to do. luckily everything went fine. Although I felt like a Retard finishing this Kitchen thingy. Chris was very happy with it and enjoyed it very much that night doing her first dishes inside the yurt.

So this week in a nutshell. Monday n Tuesday was hardcore chillin. Wednesday and Thursday we learned how to mix Erthn Plaster n how to Smear on the walls, I learned how to gather clay from the ground around the property. Friday I started on the workbench and Saturday I was working on the workbench n kitchenthingy.

It was a nice week again!, cant wait to see whats be happening next week. Also the 17th is some crazy Street music Day in Vilnius which I’m gonna check out fo sho! Imagine Live Music everywhere in the streetsz to check out for free.

tomorrow is the great unknown!!



Building a Yurt

After getting to know each other a bit more and tuning in to the IzReal Vibeez. Monday arrived, Its 28th of da aprilz!. We made so much plans yesterday, and lots of ideas what will happen this week. But things here are not plan-able, because Monday morning everything was different then expected. So we just started with doing the things we had to do. I can go into detail, for example going to Moletai buy some random shit. but i will try my best to skip the boring shizznit.

A Yurt had to be build! Awww Yeaahh!!
Imagine we are sleeping in the house with 5 ppl now, The Yurt will be for for the Almerian couple, they will stay here till august or something like that.

As you might have noticed, the ground is not exactly flat here in Lietuva. First we set the priority to building a platform for the Yurt. This is where i come in handy, for those who don’t know. One of my Alter Egoz is Cabinet maker//Woodworker.

We took some wooden beams, Basz walked in front, at some random place we started leveling the Beams using logs, We had to make a platform with a width of 6x6meters.
this was also the diameter of the yurt +/-.

CIMG0697Meanwhile Basz was leveling the Beams, me n Bart were busy finding wooden planks for the first layer, because the first layer was for strength, we didn’t have to saw much planks yet. The top layer had to be perfect so no ankles can be broken when walking over it.

After finishing the first layer, we worked enough for the day, we got distracted on doing allot of other things like. laughing, getting to know each other a bit more, thinking what we will have for dinner. and of course some tea.

The next day we “planned” to finish the top layer so we could start on the Yurt soon.
We were busy all day finding nice wooden boards that fit. Here n there, Me n sometimes Bart had to saw off some node’s n curves to make the boards fit. They did not have to fit perfectly, but the gap should at least be small enough so no ankles can be broken stepping on it wrongly.

CIMG0696As usual. the “planning” of the day was not realistic. We didn’t finish it on day 2. We did allot of other fun things to keep us busy.

_MG_5135 _MG_5137

Day 3 though (Wednesday). We finally finished the Platform. Things went allot faster now we got the hang of it, I sawed the planks, Bart was nailing the planks, Peter was helping me out whenever needed n Chris/Peter were moving the planks. Eventually it looked something like this.

What Basz was doing? I’m not sure what he was doing. Probably walking on water somewhere, maybe practicing his Telekinesis, who knows!

Because we finished the platform early afternoon we started on the Yurt right away,
Something you should know: Non of us ever build a Yurt, it was a rather exciting moment. We you-tubed a Yurt building tutorial, for the Almerian couple it was a lil stressful sometimes, Luckily I did not have to sleep in the Yurt. So i was able to keep my Zen.
(don’t worrie everything was fine again at the end of the day)
But you can imagine, sometimes the Mind takes over and starts to worrie about the things you should simply not worrie about. I would say this was the case for Chris, she had a different point of view. luckily we can respect each other here for who we are. so after sharing our different point of view things are Back to Basic again.

CIMG0705 CIMG0720 CIMG0721 CIMG0722


Its Wednesday evening. We managed to finish the Frame of the Yurt,

Yurtz ConstructionThe weather was very nice the first week, not much wind, no rain at all. Just sun and warmth. It was very nice working in these weather conditions. I certainly got some Tan!

The next day a new person would arrive, Karin: Shes an older woman into Permaculture and plants, stuff like that. Peter n Chris went to pick her up from the Airport,

Me, Basz n Bart started preparing to dress up the yurt.
When Peter n Chris arrived with Karin we started putting the wool/Canvas over the Frame. This also was a bit of a puzzle but eventually it all worked out.
Karin had to find her way a lil so she didn’t help that much. which was not a problem.

CIMG0726 CIMG0727

The inside of the yurt was still rather empty. Due to not being able to find the right size tubes for the heater, we spend the Friday doing other things. Basz prepared the heater, he just wasn’t able to finish it. To explain a bit what he did, he took an old oil canister, cut a square in it. Because it still had oil remnant in it and the paint on the outside had to get of so it wouldn’t poison the air when they fire up the heater it in the Yurt. He put fire in it. Big Fire! Lots of Smoke, Very eco indeed! he kept burning it until the paint on the outside melted off and the oil remnants were gone.

Saturday afternoon The Almerians went to the “Ikea” Herp Derp. They had to find some shelves and things to pimp up the inside of the Yurt’s interior. I joined them so they could drop me off in Vilnius, That night I was invited By Ruta n Kamile to the African Drumz Gig. Of course I couldn’t resist to check it out!

Basz build the Heater that day, below some pictures to give you a lil idea how the inside of the Yurt got Shape after i returned Sunday afternoon.

CIMG0783It was a nice week, I enjoyed it very much. Learned allot, The weather was amazing! But apparently we got lucky. After the weekend a steady Northern wind hit us. Daanggg son Northern windsz are cold n strong!!. Bye T-shirt, Welcome triple layers wool sweaters ghegheghe.

Thinking inside the box is not an option here, you haz to learn to be outside of the box.
Really starting to feel the shit the system tried to keep me attached to is slowly fading.
can’t imagine at the moment what will happen to me when I will stay here for a longer period of time, only 1 week haz passed, feels like I lived here my entire life.