Final destination (for now) IzReal

busThe day hasz come. It was time for me to head to my new home, its Sunday da 27th of Aprilz. My final destination for now is located somewhere in the Green circle.

It got pretty late last night. So much phunzies we had! Also it was the first time in a longer while that I had more Beers than usual, As my closer friend will know. I didnt drink much/almost nothing since the Vodka incident in Dec 2012. Last night changed everything. So much delicious beer NomNom. Its not that I felt it the next morning, but due to the travels and all the energy used on meeting new ppl n going to bed later then I was used to, I was very tired. Luckly this hostel I found had Free breakfast, Pancakes!! freshly baked around 08 o clocks by the lady behind the desk. I wanted to stay in Vilnius a bit longer, but due to no Couch and not a fan of hostels I figured I should just head to Izreal. I can come back anytime Right! its not that I will leave Lietuva anytime soon. I was not in the mood hitchhiking to Moletai thow, the central train/bus station was basically next to my hostel. I checked the bus. just 6 euroez. Fuck yeah!

I had to wait like 30 minutes for the bus, I decided to check a market nearby, got myself some apples n bananas. I love those fruitzies!. Also, the most amazing thing ever.
1Kg lemons For only 3 litas. Can you fkn imagine? 1KG LEMONS For only 0.90 Euroez. (aka 90 cent) Lietuva is like Dolan Heaven!

TeletubbielandThe bus ride was Comfy. It took about 90 minutes, not much of an highway here. It didn’t drove that fast either due to the hills and curves and crazyness. But I didn’t mind. I slept for a while, in between I once again was amazed by the landscape of Lietuva. (Since I arrived here last week, I think I didnt got the best pictures in the bus. But for now good enough to give you an impression) sooner or later i will go scout the area and show you the most amazing spots.
CIMG0674 CIMG0672 CIMG0670

I think i arrived at Moletai around 15:00, gave basz an sms. He was so kind enough to pick me up from the central bus station. Its about a 15 minute drive to the home of basz. At first it was asphalt road. But soon enough we went off road and drove roads like this (see below). Very awesome. For all of you who play DayZ, here in Lietuva the crazy sand clouds behind the car are forreal!  I felt like I was in DayZ real time. Driving so fast over dirt roads avoiding rocks. lovely landscaping. Animal all over the place, random farms here n there. A Completely different world again, no more big cities, cars n peepz. I was rather enjoyed! and it was the first time i met Basz in real life,

CIMG0680A vew dayZ before I arrived 3 other peepz joined Basz at Izreal. To give the story in a nutshell. Basz started it all with 6 peepz in 2012. 5 of them bailed, shit happened. they couldn’t handle the physical work, all kinds of crazy shit. So eventually he ended up there alone. doing his thing.

Now peepz like me join him, stick around for a while. Then leave again, maybe come back next year. At the moment Basz is the only dude living here Eryday.

So the 3 other peepz are also from Almere. Kamp Nederland Represent! HUW HUW! My whole view of the Eco village got turned upside down. First of all, Its not an Eco village. Its nothing like i expected it to be. Nevertheless. I instantly felt at home. No worriez. Be happyz. The amount of humor used on a daily basis is Over 9000! Its just not an option to take thingz to Serious. Even when it does for about 1 minute. it gets owned by humor afterwards. if not, definitely a good proportion of sarcasm gets thrown in your face.


We Chilled for a bit. got to know each other, got a Tour de Izreal. lil tutorial on the compost toilet, water well. stuff like that. You can find Tour de Izreal Here!

That night watching the Sun set. I knew, I arrived at the place i belong. At-least for now.
I let my Spirit guide me, when he tells me its time to go into the abyss again. its time.

CIMG0693Home sweet home.

Curious what kept us busy the first week?
Check it out!

Heading towards Vcity (Vilnius)

CIMG0737My week of Warszawa haz passed. Today is Friday 25th of da aprilz.

Ill be heading towards Vilnius. Its an early one this time. I decided to take the train to Suwalki (a town very close to Lietuva borders) there were no highways in between Vilnius and Warszawa, for some reason I was not in the mood to try hitchhiking it. Also the train is unimaginable cheap so my laziness be like Fuck dat Shit. Train it!!! the train left at 07:20 and would arrive at Suwalki around 12:45, this train trip cost me 15 euroez.

The trip was amazing. I felt allot of emotions when the train left, the people in Warszawa were so kind to me. Slawek, Pio n Asia were such beautiful Spirits. leaving home was easier then leaving Warszawa. The first half an hour of the train trip i had a big smile on my face while leaving some tears of joy, it was a good thing. This emotion i didn’t feel in a long while. I was able to give them a place. this felt really good. After watching the train leave Warszawa, and seeing the area around, I slept for a bit. I was very tired of all the stuff that happened in the past vew days. After sleeping for about an hour, I was again amazed by the beauty of Poland. I crossed farmland, creeks, Rivers, Forrest, Hills, more forests. little villages, Forrest and eventually we got to Suwalki. (back then i wasn’t thinking about bloggzzin. so i didn’t picture it hopefully you will someday train/drive that part of Poland. its really amazing!)

Arriving at Suwalki was different then usual, to explain: Usually i know what road I am hitchhiking and where I Am going. Same when leaving Berlin I knew where I started hitching and where i was going. Due to no map of Suwalki, I tried the map at the bus stop, but I could not figure out what street I should go to and where to walk to cuz it had only bus stops, not much info about streets them self. Basically i oriented on north and started walking north. Of course this was not exactly going to the road I imagined ending up at, so at the nearest bus stop I tried to communicate with the locals.

In Warszawa locals speak English. Here in this little village they did not… eventually I met a hippie who spoke very lil English. He pointed out the way the bus would drive, told me what bus number to take to get to the road I needed to hitchhike north, told me how much bus stops i should wait before leaving it. and as usual, he bought me a ticket (i had polish money but he insisted buying the ticket for me)

Finally arriving at the right road to head north (about 6 bus stops later) i walked to the local market, got myself some Cardboard to write a new shield and started walking the road north. At a gasz station with a lil bank i changed my polish money to litas (which was around 10 euros. that got me 30 litas). then I started thumbing again.

I guess i waited for about 20 minutes when 2 sisters stopped Ugne (Fire) and Goedre. They didn’t cross the border but they were kind enough to drop me off at a gas station right before the border. It was a 15 min drive through amazing scenery. Ugne was a ballet dancer, I can remember this because my mother used to do the same. but i cant recall what Goedre was studying.

At the gas station i had to wait a bit longer. But eventually some Lithuanian dude who came from Poland going back home at the coast of Lietuva stopped and offered me a ride to Kaunas.

CIMG0738As usual My game plan when someone brings me over the border. I asked him to teach me Lithuanian after a short introduction of course. Lithuanian language is weird, they don’t have W or X. and their alphabet has 2x C n E n Z stuff like that they use ‘ on top of them to make them longer/different. My mind was all into Polish, this change was hard for me at first. but after a while i got really used to it.


we had a chat about Lietuva wildlife and wild foodzies that grow in the Forrest, he told me about the different laws about Lietuva, for example: its normal here to walk next to the road, and you can camp outside as long as it is not a protected nature area. We spend allot of time on the language and the pronunciation. Kaunas was a 2 hour drive ETA, he wanted to drop me off at a bus stop. It is very common here to hitchhike from the bus stop, he told me that would be my best chance rather then the Gasz stations. We couldn’t find the bus stop he wanted to drop me off, so he dropped me at a gasz station anyway.

There I was. For the first time solo in Lietuva. My game was the same as usual, I parked my pack with shield, this time it said Vilnius and started talking to peepz who came out of the shop. Labas Vakaras, do you speak English ? heading to Vilnius maybe? I don’t know if it was because its Friday, but my first impression of the Lithuanian locals was not so well. They were kind-ish, but also very distant. besides that. no one went to Vilnius. They all either went inside Kaunas or the usual excuses “ill take the next exit”  after a while some dude who didn’t speak English very well tried to explain me there was a bus stop not so far from the gas station. He be like: go through Forrest, lil town n then bus stop. I figured I should try the bus stop, the gasz station didn’t bring me much luck so far. So I bought a hot dog and went scouting for the bus stop.

It was really close and seemed perfect. The highway was a 3 lane road and it had a merging lane which came from the gasz station. Now I had more chance finding a ride cuz i had the cars from the gas station and also the cars driving the highway, at least that’s what i thought. After a while some car stopped at the bus stop. I ran as fast as i could to the car, grabbed my pack from the grass on my way n ran a bit more. when i got to the car and opened the door. the lady was like:

I’m very sorry but i just had to stop to make a phone call. I’m not going to Vilnius, I’m sorry. I laughed and be like: dang you gotta be kidding (i didn’t actually said this) It really looked like she stopped for me. Maybe she changed her mind.

I kept trying, but no luck.
I think I stood there for about 3 hours. people smiled, waved, did weird sign language from their car. I think most of them took the next exit or went to Kaunas instead of Vilnius or had full cars. and they tried to explain this by sign language. this was much different then in Poland. where they did this less. i started to understand why Lietuva is supposed to be Hitchhiking Country. people are more used to it here.

Then I noticed some other dude starting to thumb in front of me. I was like. dafuq dude. you gonna try at the same spot as i am? in front of me. whuuuuuttt? not much later he walked to me, he was from Belarus. Didn’t speak English. I tried to tell him i stood there for about 3 hours. and had no luck at all. but he didn’t seem to understand.

Sun almost set, mentally I prepared to pitch my tent somewhere next to the highway and was scanning the area for a nice spot. while still waving my sign to the cars passing by on the highway. But with this crazy Belarussian there I figured it wouldn’t work today.
I decided to try one last time at the gasz station until sundown. If I couldn’t find a ride. I would find a place to pitch my tent.

Back at the gasz station I did my best to talk proper Lithuanian and put all my charm in it.
The first dude n lady I approached spoke very well English. At first they were like, whaha dude, we are indeed going to Vilnius but we cant take you our car is to small. I of course didn’t feel like sleeping next to the highway so didn’t take no for an answer Besides these were the first peepz going to Vilnius ever since I got there. So I be like: No problem I can take my pack on my lap, I’m a skinny dude. it’s all cool, I don’t mind. You know, I just gotta get to Vilnius tonight!!! eventually the dude, his lady friend and their friend fell for my charm and changed their mind. They let me join them in there rather small fancy sportscar. They were right. it was really small. I couldn’t sit straight. I’m a rather long dude compared to the peepz here, but it was comfy enough.

The chat was similar to the last dude i drove with. We spoke about the laws in Lietuva, they thought me more about Lithuanian language pronunciation and the alphabet, also the lady went to Holland for a bit for school. they knew some dutch words like Klootzak, I really liked them and i felt like they liked me. They told me some classic Lithuanian foods I should try. the sun set right before i joined them in the car. at first they would drop me of at the edge of Vilnius. but after getting to know me, they decided to drop of their friend first. and help me out a bit.

CIMG0624Via Bas(izreal) I found some hostels because I didn’t have a place to sleep that night. They were kind enough to call them and reserve a bed for me. They warned me walking alone at night close to the central train station wasn’t such a good idea. I figured ill manage. But they insisted on bringing me to the hostel and hop by a bank first so i could get some more money. Eventually they showed me the old town of Vilnius, the train station. and dropped me right in front of the Hostel they called for me which had exactly 1 bed left.

CIMG0631This was a very big relieve. I had in mind sleeping in a park or at the edge of the city in my fellow tentzel. But they really didn’t like that idea. They didn’t think it was save enough. I forgot their names :( I’m so bad with names, but i gave them my email. hopefully they will mail me. so i can tell them I started blogginz and Thank them one more time for there help. Thank you guys! you were very helpful. very kind. Without you. I would have slept next to the highway at Kaunas. With all this talk about gypsies, crazy junkies n pickpockets around the Central station at late hours I got a little scary first impression of Vilnius. But well. It was Friday night, I decided to scout a bit and find myself some food. I was so hungry, all I ate was a hotdog in between Suwalki and now (around 23:)

CIMG0629   CIMG0626 CIMG0628




My first Impression of Vilnius was very nice, It was so lovely. allot of colors, much “sfeer”  I didn’t notice anything of all the crazy peepz. This was probably cuz I was at the old town, and not wandering around the central station with my huge backpack. I found some Burger place and got myself something similar to a Mac Chicken. I didn’t feel like partying, so after eating something. I went to the hostel and took a good night sleep. This was my first night in a Hostel evah! It was comfy compared to my tent and i had nice peepz in my room. still i feel like hostels are not exactly my kinda thing.

Tomorrow ill tell you all about the Awesome day i had in Vilnius.!
you can check it Here.


Towards Warszawa

Its Monday morning. The time has come for me to continue on my journey into the great wide open, I was able to enjoy Berlin for the last 3 dayZ but I’m really excited for the unknown new things to come. The night before i used the utilities of the hotel to wash my socks n roxor ma boxors n a lovely shower. now I’m all refreshed and ready for my Journey into Poland!

20140421_095318Again I was lucky, My elder was so kind enough to drop me off at a gas station at the A10 south of Berlin heading to Warszawa. When we arrived i got shit scared. because the gaz station was basically empty, of course it was 2e Easter day so i could figure. Nevertheless we had some nice breakfast, a good morning convo, gave him a hug. He even helped me get some Cardboard. cuz when i tried it didn’t work out so well. the dude didn’t speak English and was all weird. But there i was again. all solo on da road. with my Warszawa shield
I walked to the entrance of the gas station shop, parked my pack with shield very obviously for everybody to see and started walking around while keeping my pack in sight. Basically my Game was to check the plates of the cars, see if they would go in my direction, remember the face of the person going inside the shop to pay and when he/she would come out if it were German i would talk some German gibbers like.

entschuldigung. ich trampen nach poland/Warszawa gejen sie in die Richtung vielleicht? oda die grenze vielleicht?? (how does one write German?)

or if he/she was polish i tried English
something like. good morning. do you speak English or maybe German. i’m hitchhiking to Warszawa. are you maybe heading into that direction. could i join you for a bit. bla bla.

this failed pretty bad. there were not so much cars. it were mostly Germans with family, also the gas station was before an intersection. I’m not sure if the Germans just didn’t like me. or just didn’t cross border. but they were all like. no I’m leaving the highway heading to Dresden or Cottbus at the next exit which was far to south for me.

so after a while, I mounted my pack and started wandering the gasz station.
shit loads of truckers erywhere, but most of them were sleeping. Even some LV and LT, I was considering skipping it all. but as usual. truckers were not helpful (maybe its my appearance. or maybe its the new EU rules dunno. maybe they just didn’t feel like buttfucking (lucky me) so i tried regular cars again.

Eventually after asking random ppl chillin on the parking/chillin area. I noticed this dude, i couldn’t read his plate because i flanked him. but I just went for it, and I be like: yo dude. English?
you heading to poland maybe? he was rather friendly. and he be like: yah i am polish ghegheghe. indeed going that direction. but gotta take a pee first bro.

so after his bathroom break a little introduction. some pointing on the map. he agreed on taking me to Poznan and drop me off on a gas station. (a town 50% on da way to Warszawa)

Hiz name was Peter. in polish “Piotr”(lol you cant imagine how many peters i met until now but you will notice)
Piotr was a really awesome dude. he was a gym teacher at a mid school i think (like kids around 12 to 14) the drive was about a vew hours we had some really nice conversations about the difference between western and eastern income, the mentality of the people here. Also Piotr was a really sensitive dude. his girlfriend found a job in Germany, for polish people it is normal to move to where you work. so he was a bit sad due to he doesn’t see his lady so often anymore. and he gave a nice example about western/eastern mentality.

She works in this big factory. and sometimes she has to lift heavy things she actually cant lift. eastern ppl are rather helpful and when they see it they help and lift the stuff for her without the need for asking. but most western ppl ignore her don’t give a fuck and mind there own buiznizzz thinking she should lift that heavy box herself. the talk with Piotr really made me think about lots of things. and i instantly felt the difference in mentality/feeling after leaving Germany

Also Piotr thought me Polish :D. basically my game plan about language is. the first ride i get. that gets me over the border i ask about the language and the local foods i should try.

Eventually we got to Poznan, had much more chats about dangerous wildlife, local culture, food n fun things to do, my life back in the Netherlands and lots more.

this was the first dude that actually asked for my name and email. Although he was a really nice dude, I automatically gave my Anagram name Jules made up for me cuz i was like. why would you want my name n email brah?? But he also gave me hiz email n name, soon i will email him this new blog i didn’t expect i would have. I think he will enjoy reading it :) the ride was awesome. and he was a good polish language teacher.


So after arriving at Poznan gasz station, i took a break ate some dried fruits n nuts. had regular water this time no lemon :( checked the map to see the town in between Warszawa. after a bit i parked my pack in front of the entrance of the shop. and started talking to people coming out of the shop. i figured EZ now i speak little polish and most polish speak English, my game now was something like: Dzien Dobry do you speak english? bla bla. and ended with some Dziek Oje aka thank you (pronounced like Djin Koeie) i soon found out that all the plates that started with a W were from Warszawa so i just asked the W plates. and it were many! so many. it didn’t go so well though, although everybody was way more friendly then in Germany and back. started smiling. making conversation. 9 out of 10 liked me using hi and thanks in polish. but they all didn’t wanna bring me or had no place (it was still Easter you know. Full cars all over the place)

Eventually after a longer while some dude came to me, he was like: yo dude, you going to Warszawa right. You can come with us if you like. it seemed that i asked his sister with all my charm and flawless polish words for a ride. she denied. but they were just chillin there for a while. saw me trying to get a ride. and were kind enough to make place in there new and almost fully packed car and take me to Warszawa, i had to take my pack on my lap. but this was no problem. their names were Maciek  and Kasia. their mother was in the back but i cant recall the name. They spoke very clear English, and the ride to Warszawa was long. but again i had the nicest chat i could imagine.

they told me allot about the history of Poland, whats the deal in Ukraine from polish point of vieuw, because you know. I’m Anti news. and i don’t believe shit. at home if i would talk about a NW0 or N@to erybody thought i was a crazy conspiracy theorist. but here in Poland they actually know allot more about these things. its like common knowledge. Because everything happens so close to them, they get more truth then we get in the West. This really interested me. Kasia was also very interested about the Olympics and the Dutch ice skating story. although i don’t follow the Olympics. and i didn’t know the full story we found out that polish news was talking bullshit about the way dutch react on losing medals for the ice skating and so on.

Eventually when we got close to Warszawa they drove me pretty far in. dropped me of at the most southern metro station. I had a place to sleep so they told me how to get there. what station to exit, they even bought me a metro ticket cuz i had no local money yet and all the banks were closed. we shared contact info. and they advised me the most amazing parks, musea and lots of more fun things to do in Warszawa! Kasia/Maciek were amazingly kind and helpful!

So i found my way to my couch. to put it in a nutshell. i spoke English all the time except the hello and thanks. all the younger ppl around my age were very helpful. when i tried to change euroez with peepz on the streets they insisted on giving me local coin instead of trading it, told me the way, my host picked me up from the bus-stop, i arrived ETA: 20:00 he had dinner plans with family, so i stayed at his place. had some food. checked my mail. and went to bed.

What a big difference. From Amsterdam to Berlin took me about 8 hikes over 1 day and 1 morning. Berlin to Warszawa 2 hikes in like 7 to 8 hours. amazing. HH PHUNZZZ

Tomorrow i will be adventuring Warszawa, I’m really excited!



Off to Berlin!

Its about 8 o clockz in da morning.

The day has come. my Journey will start, most things have been arranged, and I’m mentally ready to go, my backpack turned out to be 17 kilos. this will be my bro for a while. hopefully I will be able to reduce his weight. but i don’t care so much at this moment. this is all new to me. ill figure it out on the way.

Basically it haz a tent, a sleeping pad, the most awesome sleeping bag you can imagine full of fluffy duck feathers, some clothes, a big map to pinpoint my route, and a bookmap for easy use inside the car. some writing toolz, some food for a vew dayZ, and of course delicious LemonWater (2liters). (also some basic survival stuff like water-filter, fire-starter, first aid bla bla)

My lovely mother was so kind enough (actually she insisted) to drop me off at the highway, to make our last goodbye. This was at a gas station at the A1 towards the East.

Once they(she and her friend) left. I went into the gas station shop to ask for some cardboard, wrote down A1 Berlin, (in very unreadable and ugly writing) and started walking around the gas station to find my first ride evah. Time was not of importance, so I can’t tell for how long I stood there. Eventually I met this younger couple who were going to the “Apenheul“  with their 2 kids. we had a short conversation, eventually I could join them for about 2 gas stations. It was a short ride but they were very kind. The dude used to hitchhike way back then. I sat in the back with the 2 kids (they were playing angry birds on their fancy Ipads) and had a chat with the couple.  they dropped me of close to Apeldoorn

The next gas station was not so crowded. I decided to stand next to the exit, after a while a mid age lady stopped. She was going to her mother for Easter n felt like some company. Again it was no long distance, but well first time trying, I didn’t care, 2 gas stations was cool with me. I ended up right after Deventer.

This next gas station was rather crowded. I started walking around asking people for a ride but I was not so lucky at first. The truckers were a pain in the ass. so eventually I decided to go for passenger cars. Neither much luck here. Maybe my convo was not so interesting, I had lots to learn. After trying for a while I took my sign and stood at the exit. Not much later some dude stopped with a rather nice looking emergency stop.
I was the first hitchhiker he ever picked up. He was working as an engineer heading home, which was close to German borders. He drove me all the way to last gas station before the German border.

I felt great. Almost out of the country, I started around 10:00 if I recall correctly, and got to the border around 14:00. I decided to take a lil break, eat some dried fruit, chill at a bench, write a new sign to the next near town (apparently my Berlin sign failed really bad) and send some sms before I would leave the country.

After a bit I started walking and I noticed a dude waving at me. At the moment I didn’t realize he was actually waving at me, for some reason I just walked in his direction.
it were 2 Belgian dudes, hitchhiking to Berlin like me. there was n instant connection of awesomeness. They just got a ride and asked the driver if I could join them. And so I could.
I joined the 2 Belgian dudes called Brecht n Jules into German Territory. Our ride wasn’t that long. but at least we crossed the border and the dude was kind enough to drop us at a Autohoff close to Osnabrück.

Usually I’m always awkward meeting new peepz. Always need some “getting used to the person”  but with Brecht and Jules this was not the case at all. It was as if i knew them for a long time and things were all fun cool n chillin from the moment our auras fused.

Jules is a freelance ICT website whatever. He blogz also. This makes this party EZ for me. Basically you can read the rest of the dayZ on his blog
Jules Awesome Blogz
Jules Awesome Blogz p2
Its with picturesz Yay! Also he writes really funny.

I joined the Belgians for the next 3 dayZ. They had a Belgian friend with a German girlfriend in Berlin He was Oke with me crashing at his place for a night or 2. Brecht is a pro hitchhiker, I learned allot of him, he told me the tricks of the trade so to say. Around Saturday afternoon our paths split. This was because my crazy father decided to do a weekend Berlin with his 2 fellow lady friends the same weekend I would probably arrive in Berlin through hitchhiking. (read BDWM to know what was in between)

Or skip to Saturday afternoon.

The pictures below I took on friday when Lau (our Berlin host) and his lady took me for a Tour de Berlin when Jules n Brecht were acting like 80y olds and felt like they should sleep some more. In the middle of the afternoon..

Berlin is really awesome and it has allot of Squats which I’m rather interested in. Checked the wall, allot of graffiti and ate so much Eco Foodzies. Berlin is like Hipster Eco Heaven a la Alternative. Imagine allot of crazy looking peepz. awesome Healthy Foodzies. graffiti ERYWHERE, live music ERYWHERE and very nice parks.

CIMG0462 CIMG0463 CIMG0465 CIMG0452 CIMG0453 CIMG0455 CIMG0456 CIMG0457 CIMG0458 CIMG0459 CIMG0460

So my first Hitchhiking day in a nutshell:

I got to Berlin (actually a gas station 40 km before Berlin where we pitched our tent for the night) in 7 hikes and 1 hike the next morning. Met some crazy Belgian dudes at the Dutch/German border and sticked with them for about 3 dayZ. learning the tricks of the trade, and had lots of funzies!