Moletai to Berlin

Its thursday morning, around 05:30. Bas dropped me of at the nearest bus stop, the ride was somewhat weird. you know, you have been living together for about a year. developed a friendship and then its the moment when your roads go in different directions. It was bearable, the only somewhat dificult moment to not show any emotions like “real men” was at the busstop getting out of the car and saying the last words. but we stayed strong!

Its so early because I wanted to get to Berlin on Friday, with some research on hitchwiki there seemed to be a very nice gasstation south of Kaunas to get easy rides towards Poland. the only bus to Kaunas was in the early morning. Besides that, I had to meet up with Aiste one last time. for she made me an awesome bag, that she just finished the night before. I arrived at kaunas around 08:00 exchanged the last words with Aiste and a very big hug, she gave me the bag and also made me delicious Bananna bread! but this was really it. The minibus to the gasstation arrived. I am now officially on my journey towards Transylvania! The ride towards the busstation was somewhat emotional for me. thats when the realization of leaving really kicked in. I got really attached to Lithuania and the people I met there. This past year was a wonderfull year with many wonderfull moment, awsome friends made, and memories stored. Luckily when I arrived at the gas station and wrote my shield (PL) I was back to normal again. looking forward to my Journey just waiting for my ride.

in about 5 minutes. maybe 10 the first car stopped. It was a Lithuanian Milk farmer with 2 kids in the back. he was heading home to its farm which was close to the border of LT/PL. he sells his milk to production factories, where they eventually make things like Surelis, Chees, Kefiras etc from it. but milk is becomming cheaper so its getting harder to come around. He dropped me of at the last Gas station before PL border, There i had a little “break” ate some breakfast, tried Aistes cake, not much later I threw my tumb in the air.

Again it didnt took me that long. cars were passing by quite fast, but there was some sort of emergency lane with a lot of space. after about 20 minutes a pretty fancy car stopped. I picked up my backpack and ran! Woosh! it had a LT lisence plate, but the dude inside was Icelandic. Liefur was his name. The most awesome ride I ever hitched untill now! Liefur used to work in Iceland as a Whale tour guide (on the boats etc). then he did a little study on Photography in Iceland, and moved to Berlin to contineu this Study. For the past year he had been Backpacking through Asia doing Photography the reason why he was in LT was because his father has a factorie in Kaunas, making carpet(wooden floors) and Build-In unit homes. he was helping his dad taking pictures for the new catologue, but felt like some socializing, so he took the car and was heading to Berlin to meet friends. Thats right!! all the way to Berlin! we talked quite a lot, and listened to some Icelandic music. Liefur had booked a hostel in Poznan for he really like the old town. I could have gotten to Berlin that night. but I decided to hang out with Leifur and join him to Poznan for an evening and join him to Berlin in the morning.

Leifur da awesome Icelandic dude!

Leifur da awesome Icelandic dude!

We arrived around dinner time, dropped our bags at the hostel and took a walk around town. we were initially looking for some nice restaurant to have some polish dinner, but we ended up eating a Kebab :)) It was Delicious and I didnt eat kebab for quite some time! That evening we had a beer and we basically shared more of our stories from the past year. One of the stories that really facinated me was that Leifur went to mongolia and went with the locals and a translator into oblivion. He got to experience traditional mongolian lifestyle, where you ride horses, live in yurts. eat the same boiled meat every evening, communicate with hand signs mostly or play games like, hitting a bone of the meat you just ate untill it cracks. where the mongolian people laugh at you if you boil some noodles because you dont like the meat, or how crazly happy they get if you bring some oranges or even a lollipop! Anyway. quite the text has been written again. here some boring pictures of Poznan square by day and night!

this church really reminded me of Vilnius,


and some fancy 3D statue? quite cool

That night we got terrorized by some GIGANTIC snorlax. Really that shit was crazy. at some point in the night everybody in our dormatory was lying awake, even the people 2 rooms next to us could hear this dude Snore. Also the lady at the desk was really amazed. Some people left our room and tried to sleep in another (which was useless for the whole building could hear him) when eventually one guy got the guts to wake him up and tell him of the terror he was unleasing upon the hostel. Eventually it got les but not completely gone. I didnt have that much trouble with it honestly for i can sleep quite well in noisy locations. but luckily the dude left very early in the morning, making sleeping in very comfertable.

That morning I had a little walk through Poznan, when we eventually headed to Berlin. Liefur dropped me of in the Center of the Center of Berlin, where I waited for my brothers Bart and Joel to finish their work. But this story will be written later!


Spring Awakenings

I have awoken from my winter sleep, yeah I know. I haven’t been blogging much the past months, this obviously because i was sleeping! The truth is, winter wasn’t so bad as i had expected it to be, there was allot of snow, ice and coldness, but it didn’t get much below -10. we did some work on the inside of the house, a bit of claying and upgraded our fireplace. making plans for the kitchen etc. but mainly winter was a period of rest, eating and sleeping! To put the special occasions in a nutshell: I spend Christmas in Vilnius together with Rasute and she invited a friend of hers Aiste. we ate Traditional Lithuanian Christmas dinner. There are quite some Traditions involving Christmas, not gonna get into it in this post. but the main thing you should know. is that they prepare 12 non meat dishes, and everybody should eat at least a bit of every dish, we made them all our self’s. and the 3 days after Christmas we ate from the same food we made for Christmas eve. It was awesome.

Due to the fact that Aiste is a wonderful woman, and she invited me to join her for New year in Kaunas, I spend new years eve in Kaunas. I initially intended to go to Vilnius, but i haven’t been to Kaunas before and i figured it would be nice to get to know this city also. New year was quite the experience, for Lithuania was Covered in mist. We went to this mountain, which has a panorama view of Kaunas. but when the fireworks started we could only hear the Bangs as if WW3 just broke lose. We ended up running back to the Old town(or city center) where we managed to see a bit of fireworks, but visibility was very low. somewhat sad for i love fireworks and i didn’t see shit really, we spend the rest of the night wandering around the city, checking out some river sides and raided every children playground we could find while not trying to break anything on the icey paths.

But back to Spring!

CIMG1177 Whoohoo, Its here! snow disappeared some time ago and in the past 2 weeks we had quite some nice weather. Thus i was busy sawing planks again working on the front entrance of the house. last summer we cleared the old yellow planks, then build up the straw clay walls and finished them with a lime layer. now i’m making the roof bargeboards and adding planks to close it all up. the sides look like this now <-. the right side is closed till the roof, but i wont make more pictures until i finished both sides.

We burned through allot of the wood we had gathered this winter, we have some left for this summer. but we need to restock wood if we want to be able to survive next winter. so that’s what Bas has been doing mostly, cutting down trees from our forest and moving them with the help of our Horse, were also scavenging wood from next to the road. for this time of year allot of trees gets cut or trees that got blown over due to winter winds, but they leave it laying besides the road. Which is such a waste, so then we take them instead. also, sooner or later the stairs to our first floor will be made. so Bas will use one or two trees to support our new stairs, therefor they have to be removed of bark and stocked somewhere to dry.

Against our expectations some of the limestone layers we applied last year, didn’t have enough time to dry properly. also there was a period early winter where we had rain, then frost and snow. then it would melt and rain again, then frost etc. due to the weather the part of the walls low to the ground started to absorb allot of moisture, with the freezing and melting it started cracking. its a shame really. but due to these developments we decided to finish the house in a wooden layer similar to the front entrance. to save some time and be able to finishing the outside of the house this summer. to do this wood is needed, with our connections we bought a nice batch of wood, Pine wood to be exact. Freshly cut from the trees around our area and freshly sawn by the nearest sawmill. the truck dropped it with its crane, so we had to stack it properly so it can dry enough for us to be able to use it. I love the smell of fresh cut pine wood, its so sweet. also your hand get black and sticky due to the resin, which stay for about 2 or 3 days.

We stacked all the fine boards but there are lots of boards with mostly bark on them, (you get all of the tree you know) those aren’t qualified to be used for the house, so we decided to use them to build a new floor for our firewood stacks. This winter there were quite some times when either rain or snow got blown onto our dried firewood. and it was really annoying. also the current floor was not leveled either, and those barky boards are strong enough to make a reasonable floor. so we started taking out the wood and constructing the new floor, then we gathered some old wood from previous years to make the sides. Now our firewood has enough cover not to get all soaked by a rainfall or snowstorm.

Friday 20/3 was the Solar Eclipse. we were working outside and enjoying the lovely weather, it didn’t get dark here but we tried to check it out making a hole in cardboard and projecting it onto another piece of cardbord. which worked somewhat. i knew it for quite some time, but still i didn’t prepare for it well enough to be able to look at it and see it happening. it was a nice afternoon anyway. and Aiste managed to make this picture of the eclipse!

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse


Assisting @ Šironija

This weekend (16/17th of August) We went to help an acquaintance of Basz with his Straw house, The Dude (Which is the son of the old mayor of Moletai) decided to build his own house on the land of their family for his wife and future kids most likely, to live there happily ever after. We visited a while ago, when he started on the frame of his house which was rather interesting. back then it looked like this.

I come from a rather complicated family situation, i gues the most simple way to describe it is something like, don’t expect both sides of my family on the same table for Christmas dinner, for this will be an awkward situation. For me seeing a family like this, as in: Parents, kids, Grand kids, Grand parents, Cousins, Uncles and Everybody living together in there own house on the same plot of land as one happy family is a somewhat new experience for me.

So you can probably imagine that when we went here, I was amazed by the fact that this dude just picks a hill somewhere in their garden, chops down some trees, makes some beams out of it and starts to build his house :)) Anywayz for we are also building a Straw/Clay house And he doesn’t have so much experience with it, We joined, Cuz Basz is the Straw/Clay Guru A La Lietuva and always ready to help! also this would be my first project working with Lithuanian locals and a nice way to learn more about Straw/Clay

When we arrived on Saturday I was amazed by the progression he made. the house was Certainly getting more shape and starting to show its future awesomeness.

First things first, we were with a pretty nice group op people. Around 8 to 10. To keep things going and let everything go smooth, we first got our selfs an old bathtub to mix the clay in, managed to let some people get sand, some others some clay and prepared the straw bales for claying. it was rather amusing to see how things went here, i’m used to organized work and when you stand still you get a “whip up your ass” you know. but here people were very relaxed just chilling, talking a bit, having long discussions who would get clay and sand and so on. I gues there was nothing wrong with it, I was rather amused. it was just different. Also the fact that some of them were walking bare feet and children playing around the work in progress was rather amusing for me. Anyways, after checking things out for a while we just started doing what has to be done.

When everybody got a little idea of what was going on. things started to go pretty well. clay was always ready, we were claying the walls, filling the gaps, we worked for a vew hours straight and progressed nicely until lunch.

Lunch was very nice. They baked fresh bread, which we ate with some Pea and Bean paste on it, and next to that some Sliced tomatoes freshly harvested from the garden. For drink we had home made Apple juice which was also made from the apples around their land.

After our delicious PeaBeanPaste bread with tomatoes and some Obuolių sultys, we chilled for a bit and had a chat about the progression of the house. To put it in a Nutshell, The way things were going now were not that well. The base clay layer we were putting on the Straw bales wasn’t sticking well enough and the bales were rather loose, Basically if the base layer isn’t perfect and you will put more layers on it N eventually the lime layer. There will be a high chance of them letting go or cracking, meaning moist inside your straw bale. Where moist goes Fungus goes and a composting straw bale wall is not something you want when you are living inside it. We came to the conclusion to remove the Straw bales, And make Straw Clay walls instead of Straw Bale walls (you feel me?) Of course at first this was a mayor setback, For almost all the Straw bales were already in place and about 1/4th of the bales were already covered in the first clay layer (which wasn’t properly done)

Luckily our lunch wasn’t done yet, and after realizing we had to do thing completely differently for the house to be able to survive at least a vew generations instead of just 5 years. There was freshly made Šaltibarščiai with Boiled Zucchini with some more Obuolių sultys (dang I love Lithuanians and their food man, its so delicious and you know, almost all the Lithuanians I met use there own grown foodzies instead of buying everything, Make their own juice, Jams, Everything!!! Man Patinka!)

And so with our Full stomachs and a new plan we changed our setup for mass producing Straw/Clay Mix and learned them how to make Straw/Clay walls like a boss! We spend the rest of the day doing so, We returned the next day. (Indeed, usually Sunday is our free day but we are such good people you know, we sacrifice our free Sunday to help a Brolis in need) to give them a bit of a Kick-Start. It was also nice to see that The Dude got more confidence after a night of sleep, now he saw how easy it is to make Straw/Clay walls and how fast it can go if you have good preparations.

It was a good weekend, It was good for me to see a different Straw/Clay house for i was able to see a different technique, but also because now i learned allot of things about how you should. and how you should not build your Straw/Clay house, and what you should think about building your Straw/Clay house. It was very amusing to see how a group of Lithuanians organize and work together, for this is completely different them what i am used to, And of course my favorite part of the day was lunch for every time i have lunch with a Lithuanian they surprise me again with the amazingness of there food creating skillz! Very inspirational!



23Da July, Trakai Chillin.

Ever since I came to Lietuva, I heard about Trakai, A Small town with a Castle. surrounded by water and amazing forest and so I wanted to see it from that point forth. Although I wanted to go there before, eventually it failed ery timez Cuz I was hoping to go with someone I met in Vilnius, I Figured. going there with A local would be far more fun and interesting due to the history they can tell rather then solo checking. After 3 months in Lietuva, and failed attempts. I figured Fuck it, Today I will go Trakai. Whether someone is in or not.

The night before Ausra happen to give me a call, and so luck was on my side again. She was in for some Trakai chillin! I picked her up late next morning N we headed to Trakai. We both didn’t really take breakfast. We decided to take some Delicious Kibinai for Breakfast/Brunch.

Armoarz Kibinai originates from Trakai, so the best place to eat it was also located in Trakai. We parked the car somewhere outside to avoid parking costs and walked towards the most famous Kibinai place, The road was nice. First there is this small town. nothing special actually besides the fact that it is surrounded by lakes. At some point we crossed a market, I’m always curious for dem market so our route went though dem market. After a while we walked next to water. But I was so focused on the market stalls that i didn’t even notice that if i would just look the other side, i could see da Amazing Trakai Castle :))) eventually I did :))).

We were both pretty hungry so after the market delay and da first glimpse of da Castle we went straight for the Kibinai place which was not so far actually. I tried lots of types of Kibinai already in Vilnius, This time, it was time for some professional Kibinai Tasting!

Mutton, Chicken, Curd, Spinach Curd N Chocolat Hazlenut Kibinai AwwwYeahh!!

Mutton, Chicken, Curd, Spinach Curd N Chocolat Hazlenut Kibinai AwwwYeahh!!

Da Kibinai were so delicious, its not normal. I cannot find a word to describe it except for…. Osnapazizzle Delicimanizzle… The Gira (Kvass) was also home made by the restaurant and super delicious. (for those who don’t know what Kvass is. In a Nutshell its a Drink made from fermented bread) we took our time and chilled at the restaurant for a while. The Kibinai filled us so much, it was hard to make the decision to start walking again. (In the end we didn’t eat anything all day, Not even dinner. Diz Kibinai dish is so amazing. it fed us enough to live da rest of da day on it) eventually we headed to da Castle. Time to see it up close!

Trakai Castle

Trakai Castle

First we walked around it, and through the old Canal in between it. checking the environment and inspecting the castle. Eventually we checked inside. Its a rather small castle and lots of people told me it was not worth to pay for the entrance. When i checked the map it seemed they also had an Archery range, I always liked Archery. Never actually practiced it. so i figured. This is my chance!!! Ausra as awesome as she is, managed to get free entrance to the castle for both of us. But only if we headed straight to the archery range to shoot some bows. Of course we agreed and could enter the castle for free, on our way to dem Archery funzyy!

Basically you could buy arrows shots for a vew litas, and you were able to shoot both the Longbow and da Crossbow. There were not so much people, so we decided to have a little match, We started with shooting the longbow. I managed to get 2 arrows (out of 6) in the middle. the rest were a bit on the edge. Ausra gheghe. most of her arrows didn’t even hit the Target. she was having some trouble with Aiming the bow and also stretching it. (FYI We were both trying it for the first time eh)

Afterwards we tried da crossbow. in my opinion the crossbow was a bit Easy. with the Longbow there is still some Skill required to actually hit something. But with the crossbow. once you knew how much you should aim above your target. you basically just hold your breath. Aim and shoot. It wasn’t that hard. But in any way it was Fun! And it was really nice to finally feel the difference between the two. apparently we could walk to the targets and make a picture. I didn’t do this with the Bows (you will probably laugh anywayz) But I did take a picture of our Crossbow match. Much Phunz were had!

Ausra loves rowing da boat, And the lakes around Trakai are perfect for that. so after shooting some bows we went to find someone that rented some Classic Wooden Rowboats. for we didn’t like the Dolphin water bicycles or the plastic rowboats. we wanted a Real wooden one! We found a wooden Rastafarian Rowboat and started scouting the lakes of Trakai. (of course we had planned something before and bought some beers for maximum chillin somewhere on the lake). Basically the first hour Ausra rowed da boat, we had a little Race VS a Duck and went around da Castle. afterwards we went to some small Reed island where we chilled for a while and drank sum beers. it was very Zen. She wanted to row it also the Second hour. But the fact is. I Nevah rowed a boat before. Atleast not that I can remember So at some point I was like. Move Ausra!! Ima learn to Row! And its not that Difficult actually. Of course I had to get the feeling a bit. but once I got it things went pretty smooth. and it wasn’t tiring or heavy at all (as I actually expected)

Serious Face Forreal

Serious Face Forreal

After rowing da boat and returning to shore, It was just before dinnertime. But hungriez was no where to be found. Via a Couchsurfer i got a recommendation to check out a protected Nature area, Although she also recommended to Bike it. we tried to find it by foot. It took a while to get there “on foot” and we spended another view hours walking through amazing Swampy Pineforesty scenery. I didn’t take any pictures because i really liked it and didn’t really care to. you should probably visit it yourself sometime if you will be in Trakai. I think we arrived back in Vilnius around 22:00. And we were very tired from all the walking and rowing and the amazing day.

That night we spend on the Balcony with Sarune. Drinking Shit loads of beers. Basically we had a Beer tasting evening. All of the sudden Ausra randomly took a CD from her collection, she was like, we should listen to this. It was Doe Maar Greatest Hits :))) You can probably not imagine how amazed I was. cuz dem be crazy! The whole evening for me, Chillin in Lithuanian, With some Lithuanian Ladies, Drinking shit loads of beer and listening to Doe Maar :))))) It was a great experience for me and could have never expected it at all. Her favorite song be like Nederwiet. funny thing was that she had no idea it was about weed and when I started translating other song like they were amazed that this popular dutch music from back then was about love,weed,sex, n crazy shizzle.

It was a good day, Completely different then previous years. I did get a little Nostalgic for my friends at some moments, Usually I open my house. Invite dem all. Get some DJ Gear up. Get supah High n do some Drinking Games. But most of all tell them not to bring anything except there smile. Then allot of crazy things happen. But well, Things Change. Now i’m in Lithuania, Living a completely different live, made new friends. who I will not see for a while once I start to continue on my journey like dem back in NL. Its the way it isz at the moment. But thanks To Ausra, and ofc Sarune. I had a 23d O July I will nevah forget. Aciu Labai,

maybe you will have to learn dutch first. but basically this is a Pro tutorial on how to grow n harvest yo weedzels je weet toch.


Bilberry Gathering

Last Sunday i had to bring Chrisreal n Petersz to da airport again, and I figured if I’m going Vilnius that early I should find something awesome to do. I gave some people a call and I was able to join Rutaz and two of her friends Brojus n Justas to da Vilnius forest to Harvest some Bilberries. and other Edibles,

Around the clock of 9 I met with Rutaz, She drove N we went to pick up da other dudes N headed to the forest North-East of Vilnius, This was the first time I was actually heading into the bigger forest around here and I was very excited. also. Wild Bilberry’s to eat straight from the plan!? AwwYeahh!

It was about a 40 min drive to the forest, we parked the car and started walking. first we had to go over some sort of hill with a sandy road. The smell of the forest was amazing, and on the way we found some young Raspberries and vew Bilberries. but once we headed down they suddenly left the road and started to walk straight through the woods, at the moment I was like. what is going on. but very soon I realized. This was the place we had to be.

Everywhere you could look were small Bilberry bush, I have never seen So much bilberry plants in my life and even though we were pretty late for bilberry harvesting, there were more bilberries then I could imagine at first. They split up and started eating the bilberries, at first i was still amazed by everything that I was experiencing so after taking a vew pictures Rutaz told me to stop making pictures and start eating bilberry already :)))

I didn’t really have breakfast that morning, so then I realized I should indeed do so. I also took some distance to find my own radius of bilberry harvesting and started eating dem Oww so delicious Bilberry, I used to do this at the veggie Garden back home, but randomly in a forest was new for me. (or atleast, I don’t usually do this) I loved it though! and they hit the spot perfectly!

After stuffing myself with Bilberry I took my plastic bag and started harvesting them, while harvesting we headed deeper into the forest. They also showed me some other plants, Some Red berries which are maybe poisonous, though wiki says there not. so for sure we are not! also some Purple flower you can make tea from which helps you if you have cough, There were also Lots and Lots of Cranberries and some Raspberries, though it was not the right time to harvest them yet.

What I liked most about going into the forest with the Lithuanian locals (except for The forest itself and the bilberry eatingz ofcourse:) was the fact that they all knew so much about the plants that grew there, Like in there youth they grow up with this knowledge, as if its normal. they were able to recognize so many plants and uses for them. and thats awesome, Where i come from this is like Long lost Knowledge only to be found in books or if you find the right people. They also harvested allot of mushrooms, And i’m not talking about Champignon. But some funny looking Orange Mushrooms,

Amazing Vilnius Forest, Bilberry Paradise!

Amazing Vilnius Forest, Bilberry Paradise!

around 13:00 we headed back to the car, We ate allot of Bilberry and gathered even more. we went to buy some snacks N some Gira and headed to a lake nearby, There they took a swim. (indeed I didn’t feel like swimming that that moment D: ) the lake was nice also. But the rain hit us, Not that it bothered us. We were very entertained. And it was beautiful. We saw the rain come towards us from the other side of the lake. And we found a spot under some trees while looking at the water, you could see the difference in Raindrops where we sat and like half a meter away where there rain was super intense. After a while we figured to make some dinner.

On the way back to Vilnius we bought some potatoes and Kefiras, Basically the plan for dinner was to Boil potatoes, Make some sort of Sausze from the Mushrooms they harvested and drink some Kefiras with it. You might think, Dafuq? just that? Indeed. for me this is still a rather weird dinner meal. but here in Lithuania is pretty common to eat something like this.

Usually I don’t like mushrooms at all. Unless there Magic mushroomssss ofcourse Woooossshh. But the sausze they made from the Mushroom they gathered in Vilnius Forest was Delicious. you just put some of the Sausze over your boiled potato and eat it, Nothing more nothing less. And it filled the stomach right up!!

The dudes I got to know Via Rutaz were very chill. And they do some Abandoned building scouting now and then. Because I plan to stay in Lithuanian for a while. I will join them in the Near future to Scout some more Abandoned buildings and check out some crazy places. I cant wait to be honest! Gonna be some crazy Adventure, I’m very curious what secrets are hidden around here, and I might even get some very nice pictures out of it to share!

The night Sky back home that evening

The night Sky back home that evening

Buying sum Milkz

So we just went to the nearby Milkman to try and buy some Milk, Cheese and Yoghurt.
The first farm we tried didn’t have milk yet, they told us either to come back in about one hour. or try the next farm.

We drove towards the direction he pointed out, and stopped at the next Farm, English is not an option here. luckily we knew that Pienas is milk, Yogurtas is Yoghurt, Cheese we didn’t know gheghe. This farm also didn’t have Milk, they pointed us towards the next one

Until now we had nice Dirt roads with allot of holes, but lelzzz, the next farm didn’t have a road like this. Indeed. this is what we drove to the next house. (our car was not exactly appropriate for all the ditches and holes in this part of the road)

 Roadz to da milkman

Arriving at the destination we could clearly see we were at the right farm, there was a dude and a lady chillin with some cows, As usual I asked if they spoke English. Gal Kalbate Angliskai ? but this was not the case, so we pointed to the can we brought and said Penki Litrai Pienas??? (5 liter milk) Yogurtas N Cheese? Yogurtas he didn’t seem to have. but Cheese he did understand.

He told us to wait a bit, and started to fix some fresh milk for us.

After finishing his shizzle, he poured da milk in our can, to explain this: here if you wanna buy some milk you have to bring your own canister or bottle, then they fill it with milk fresh from the cow. due to they don’t sell it in bottles.

For the cheese we had to go back to the farm we passed by before, so we turned around and drove back to his neighbor. there in some shed he had a fridge full of cheesle!

We had to pay 26 Litas for 5 Litres of milk and 2 cheeses, this is around 7 euroz,and he hoped to see us another time.  They were all very friendly and helpful, and even without being able to communicate appropriately we managed to get what we were searching for!

Mission Successful!

Kepta Duona N Šaltibarščiai

So Saturday night we made some Traditional Lithuanian dishes, don’t expect anything crazy, dem Dishes are so EZ its like, how can something so delicious be so simple to create. well, I will try to give you an idea!

Kepta Duona (Fried Bread)

Slice dem breadz

Slice dem breadz

Its my favorite snack since I Arrived in Lietuva, for making diz deliciousness at home, all you need is some bread (old rye bread would be recommended) some Garlic and something to make a cheesy saucze with!

you start with Slicing up dem breadz in whatever kind of form you like, for example a fractal, or maybe a space ship. it depends on your bread cutting skills, I like it minimal. so I didn’t make any fancy figures


Fry dem breadz

Fry dem breadz

After slicing up dem breadz, you will need to heat up your da oil, you can either fry your bread as in “Drowning them” or you can fry them side by side in a pan. When the oilz is hot start frying you breadz. Plz do Flip them soon enough!, because they turn black easily! Whether you want to Drown them or flip them, is something you should experiment with. it can give different results. (Also, add Salt to the oilz if you like)



Rub dem Garlic

Rub dem Garlic

When you fried all your delicious slices O Breadz, its time to Garlic them. the technique to do this is probably different in bars then how we used to do it. but they showed me a very simple way, Get your Garlic, grab yo bread. and rub the garlic over both sides. simple as that, then chop some garlics in little peaces and throw them over. Double Garlic all the way!

Our cheese saucze failed pretty bad! (not the taste but the substance) but I think the easiest way to do this is to throw over the bread some Grinded cheese then put in into the oven until it melts. Now U Haz Kepta Duona!!!


Šaltibarščiai (Cold Beetroot Soup)

Put stuff in bowl

Put stuff in bowl

Šaltibarščiai is probably even more easy to make compared to Kepta Duona, due to no frying and risk of burning it, you just gather your ingredients. cut them up. throw them in and da bowl and its ready to go! All you need is a vew eggs(cooked) Beetroot, Cucumber, Dille and Kefir.

Step one is to cook the eggs then cut the Eggs, Cucumber and Beetroot into peaces and add them to the bowl. when this is done Add the Kefir to the bowl and stir it up! Yeah darling!


Šaltibarščiai ooowshiii

Šaltibarščiai ooowshiii

Due to the beetroot the Kefir will get this pinkish color, which gives the familiar Šaltibarščiai  look! to finish the Šaltibarščiai sprinkle some Dille over it, you can either leave it there or stir it through.

if you wanna make this dish as a Real Lithuanian. cook some potatoes and serve them next to the Šaltibarščiai as a side dish.



Da result, Delicious Lithuanian foodzies for 3!

Professional food

Professional food

Le Weekend: Potato Potato

After like 3 weeks at da Eco project, between al dem Senior’s I felt like checking out some Lithuanian nature, go somewhere. meet up with peepz. mix with some younge energiesz!

I’m very curious about Trakai, so I tried to find someone to join me to Trakai. but this was harder then expected (due to exam times here in LT), eventually Friday evening I got contact with Ruta, she was going to check some Asian Culture day/event in Vilnius city center with a friend of her. I figured, ah well. its not Trakai. its something new though. she asked her friend and I could join them,

Its da 7th of June, I arrived in Vilnius rather early, so I went to Visit Ausra first to secure a place to sleep, drop some stuff and say hi. we chilled for a vew hours, So much to talk about, Lots o shizzle happened, for example She haz a new roommate!! she still had to finish some stuff for her study though. So in the afternoon I went to meet up with Ruta n her friend Veronika,

They were pretty hung over from a crazy party the night before. I was expecting to walk around. check out dem culture day w/e. but they were verrrryyyyy lazzyyy and yawning all da time gheghe, they checked the Asia culture something and it wasn’t that special apparently. We ended up drinking a vew beers talking about random stuff.
around dinner time we went to grab some Traditional Lithuanian foodzies.

The place was very near, basically I’m writing this post because I want to share dem foodzies with ya all. but as usual I end up writing a full chapter due to. spammin pro you feel me bro? Anywayz We had Potato Pancakes, at first I was like, Pancakes!!??? out of Potatoooooo???? Dafuq???? I always though The Netherlands was Potato country. but this is BS Lithuania is Potato Country! Fo Real! They do so much more crazy things with potato, and they have so much more dishes its crazzyyy!!

Also, Kepta Douna!!!!!

bulvinių blynų with mushroom sausze/grease

bulvinių blynų with mushroom sausze/grease

It was very delicious, and very heavy also. so stuffed after dem pancakes. I was very confused though. No Veggies. No meats (except for the little grease) but you get the point. just potato pancakes you know. it seemed boring/not so vitaminny.

it seems that Lithuanians eat way different then what I’m used to in the Netherlands. they get much more vitamins at breakfast and lunch, so then just some Potato dish is not a problem in the evening, but does fill up da stomach easily!,

After dinner da Ladies got very tired, so they decided to go home and get some rest.

I went back to Ausra her place, while she finished her stuff. I chilled with some very nice Lithuanian Drum n bass music from her Mp3
She didn’t had dinner yet, so we went to the City Center to meet up with her “Ex” Room mate (the other Ruta) to get sum foodzies and some drinks. this was around 22:30, We ordered some Šaltibarščiai (cold beetroot soup) Ruta some vegetarian bread thingy,

Also Kepta Douna!!!!!!!!

Šaltibarščiai wif Kepta Douna n Veggiebreadie

Šaltibarščiai wif Kepta Douna n Veggiebreadie

This is the last picture I made with my camera, It died :( so lame, how can I keep on bloggin n show dem crazy things, if I haz no camera???

Wel Ausra is this very amazing Lady, She offered me to check if she can fix my camera somewhere for cheap. and in the Meantime I can borrow her camera. Whuuuuttt! Indeed. Shizz Crazyy! so now I can continue blogging! hopefully she will be able to find a place to fix my camera, and if not. The Apocalypse will be here, I tell you!

Besides my Camera’s death, I miss jammin, and making music, I figured: Ill buy a Djembe and leave it at da Eco Project, then I can make some beats whenever I like, you know. sooner or later we will make campfires here, then a Djembe is nice to!
Apparently Djembes are not so cheap here in Lietuva, Ausra used to play Djembe @ Vakarų Afrikos but due to her study n stuff she haz no time anymore, When I told her my idea about Djembe, she was so kind to offer me Her Djembe………….
yup. Ausra is Crazyly Amazing, Not only haz she allowed me a roof over my head when I’m in Vilnius ever since I arrived in Lietuva, We traded Jamz fo Dandelion Sirup, she offered me her Camera temporary, and I can use her Djembe until I Continue with my Journey or ofc if she needs it.

Da Djembe

Dem Djembe

I guess in the end, this post is not only Dedicated to the delicious food I ate this weekend. This post is also Dedicated fo my Gratitude To Ausra,

Lietuva, Saulėlydis Paradise!

I did promise to show you all some better pictures of the landscape around here, I did make a vew, but I think the Sunset (Saulėlydis) is way more interesting to show you, This post is dedicated to the Landscaping around here and also the Saulėlydis pictures I have gathered so far

Enjoy the awesomeness of Lithuania!

Saulėlydis Rojus




Lithuanian Snackz

Most of you probably already know about the Delicious Trakai breadz snackz.
called Kibinai

Usually filled with mutton and other meats, but on some place also with sweeter fillings like Strawberry, Cherry, Apple cinnamon enz

But ooh ooh oooh

I found these new amazing Snackz!!
(Actually Ausra recommended me these)

It lays in the refrigerator of most (Baltic)supermarkets, its a diary product:
made out of cheese curd with different types of taste, submerged in chocolate. Just 1LT

And oooh soo delicious!!

And of-course the Kepta Douna, which I think I got a little addicted to
(I just get this craving to buy some when were chillin at a terrace or if we go for dinner or grab a beer somewhere as a snack/starter) Basically its Fried bread with garlic and cheese

Kepta Duona wif cheese

Kepta Duona wif cheese

Om Nom Nom!! Deze shizz is de Bom!

curiouse how Kepta duona is made?
Let me show you!

whenever I find new amazing snacks I will share fo sho!!

If you did not get hungryz after reading this post,
Something is wrong with you!