Rye Soda Bread

Bread, Who doesn’t eat bread every once in a while? Most people do unless you have some gluten problems. What I find hard to grasp though, is why people like the Bread that is sold in the Supermarkets so much. Its is so light, so Airy, not to much taste. Eating a slice of supermarket bread doesn’t fill me up at all. Besides, did you ever had a good look at the ingredients? hmm.

In Ireland this winter, I was taught how to make Soda Bread. These days I bake my own version of this recipe about twice a week, for the obvious reasons. Hopefully after you have read this post, I have inspired you to do the same!

A little bit of Bread History

Evidence suggest that the first Breads were made over 30.000 years ago. These were not the Breads as we know today, Rather they were a flat kind of pancake, a grain-paste cooked on a flat stone above a fire, made from roasted and ground grains and water. Probably found out either by accident or by deliberately experimenting. These days we know these Breads as Tortillas or Roti sheets. Around 10,000 years ago, when wheat and barley slowly were being domesticated. Wheat-based agriculture spread from Southwest Asia to Europe, North Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. with the finding of Gist/Yeast and other edible crops. Humans slowly changed from the Traditional nomadic, Hunter/gatherer lifestyle to Farmers and settlers.

Otherwise, lets us continue!

The Ingredients I use.

The Ingredients I use.

Just kidding! Before we continue I would like to say that this is not the Traditional recipe, I kind of modified it to my personal preferences after experimenting a bit. Some say the term “Soda Bread” is restricted only to the white traditional form. Ah well, Everything is a Remix.

Soda Bread Ingredients

  • Flour of choice, I like Rye flour.
  • Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Sour Milk
  • Seeds
  • Salt

Proportions for the Dough

  • Two cups of Flour equals One cup of Sour Milk
  • A tea spoon of Soda
  • A tea spoon of salt
  • About a hand full of seeds.

What about the Sour Milk

The day before I want to bake the Soda Bread, I get a bottle of Fresh milk from our neighbors who have a Cow. We use a Wood Fired stove to cook and to heat the house. I put one cup of milk in a pan which I leave on top of the stove over night (not directly onto the cooking pit) but on top of the thermal mass. The next morning the Milk has turned a bit sour with a layer of cream on top of it. Before I start the bread I mix the cream through the milk, now its ready to use. Of course, if you live in the City and don’t have access to fresh milk. Feel free to buy Sour milk/Buttermilk or maybe Kefir at your local shop.
Why use Sour milk? Well, Sour milk contains Lactic Acids, Baking Soda reacts with these acids to make tiny bubbles of Carbon Dioxide. This causes the Dough to rise which gives it, its typical texture.

Lets get Started!

Pre-heat your oven to 190 Degrees. Put two cups of your chosen Flour in a bowl,  I use quite a big cup, not the regular teacup. Add a tea spoon of Salt and Soda. then the hand full of seeds. Mix this up a little, for the Soda, Salt and seeds to evenly distributed through the flour.

Once this is done add the cup of Sour Milk, Stir with a fork or your hand. Very soon it will become a bit Doughy, Don’t over do it! It needs to stay a bit moist and a bit sticky. Then butter up an oven tray and put the dough on it. I like to add some more seeds or nuts on top of it to make it look cool. But you can also make a Cross or a Smiley or art as you seem fit. the cross also allows the dough to expand more nicely

Put it in the oven for about 40 minutes. To check if your Soda Bread is done. Poke it with a knife or similar tool, if no dough is sticking to the knife the Soda Bread is Done!

Look at dat Soda Bread. Omnomnom!

Look at dat Soda Bread. So compact, So Tasty! Omnomnom!

Optional Ingredients

  • An Egg
  • Spoon of Honey

I like the bread heavy and compact. But if you like it a bit more airy you can mix an egg through the Sour milk. Some people also like it to add a spoon of Honey to the Sour milk. This will balance out the slight sour taste the bread can have.

Or do you prefer it Vegan?

Instead of the sour milk, you could consider buying a Coconut and make Coconut milk, or make a milk from Hemp seeds. Any other nut or seed should be fine too, though Coconut is great for it already has a nice fat content that works good with the bread. The only thing you have to add manually is the acid, The acid is needed for the Reaction with the baking soda, so simply add a teaspoon of Lemon juice or Vinegar to the milk you made. let is sit for about 5 minutes before you use it instead of the Sour milk.

Try different things, at some point you will find your own preferred combination! Happy Baking!

Kepta Duona N Šaltibarščiai

So Saturday night we made some Traditional Lithuanian dishes, don’t expect anything crazy, dem Dishes are so EZ its like, how can something so delicious be so simple to create. well, I will try to give you an idea!

Kepta Duona (Fried Bread)

Slice dem breadz

Slice dem breadz

Its my favorite snack since I Arrived in Lietuva, for making diz deliciousness at home, all you need is some bread (old rye bread would be recommended) some Garlic and something to make a cheesy saucze with!

you start with Slicing up dem breadz in whatever kind of form you like, for example a fractal, or maybe a space ship. it depends on your bread cutting skills, I like it minimal. so I didn’t make any fancy figures


Fry dem breadz

Fry dem breadz

After slicing up dem breadz, you will need to heat up your da oil, you can either fry your bread as in “Drowning them” or you can fry them side by side in a pan. When the oilz is hot start frying you breadz. Plz do Flip them soon enough!, because they turn black easily! Whether you want to Drown them or flip them, is something you should experiment with. it can give different results. (Also, add Salt to the oilz if you like)



Rub dem Garlic

Rub dem Garlic

When you fried all your delicious slices O Breadz, its time to Garlic them. the technique to do this is probably different in bars then how we used to do it. but they showed me a very simple way, Get your Garlic, grab yo bread. and rub the garlic over both sides. simple as that, then chop some garlics in little peaces and throw them over. Double Garlic all the way!

Our cheese saucze failed pretty bad! (not the taste but the substance) but I think the easiest way to do this is to throw over the bread some Grinded cheese then put in into the oven until it melts. Now U Haz Kepta Duona!!!


Šaltibarščiai (Cold Beetroot Soup)

Put stuff in bowl

Put stuff in bowl

Šaltibarščiai is probably even more easy to make compared to Kepta Duona, due to no frying and risk of burning it, you just gather your ingredients. cut them up. throw them in and da bowl and its ready to go! All you need is a vew eggs(cooked) Beetroot, Cucumber, Dille and Kefir.

Step one is to cook the eggs then cut the Eggs, Cucumber and Beetroot into peaces and add them to the bowl. when this is done Add the Kefir to the bowl and stir it up! Yeah darling!


Šaltibarščiai ooowshiii

Šaltibarščiai ooowshiii

Due to the beetroot the Kefir will get this pinkish color, which gives the familiar Šaltibarščiai  look! to finish the Šaltibarščiai sprinkle some Dille over it, you can either leave it there or stir it through.

if you wanna make this dish as a Real Lithuanian. cook some potatoes and serve them next to the Šaltibarščiai as a side dish.



Da result, Delicious Lithuanian foodzies for 3!

Professional food

Professional food


Lithuanian Snackz

Most of you probably already know about the Delicious Trakai breadz snackz.
called Kibinai

Usually filled with mutton and other meats, but on some place also with sweeter fillings like Strawberry, Cherry, Apple cinnamon enz

But ooh ooh oooh

I found these new amazing Snackz!!
(Actually Ausra recommended me these)

It lays in the refrigerator of most (Baltic)supermarkets, its a diary product:
made out of cheese curd with different types of taste, submerged in chocolate. Just 1LT

And oooh soo delicious!!

And of-course the Kepta Douna, which I think I got a little addicted to
(I just get this craving to buy some when were chillin at a terrace or if we go for dinner or grab a beer somewhere as a snack/starter) Basically its Fried bread with garlic and cheese

Kepta Duona wif cheese

Kepta Duona wif cheese

Om Nom Nom!! Deze shizz is de Bom!

curiouse how Kepta duona is made?
Let me show you!

whenever I find new amazing snacks I will share fo sho!!

If you did not get hungryz after reading this post,
Something is wrong with you!