To da Land of Mountains, Zacuscă n Țuica

So yeah, It has been a while again since I last wrote something, It was in Ireland to be exact. To make sure the story doesn’t have a few empty pages let me nutshell the last couple of months for you.

Ireland was nice, and the Carriage project was interesting too, But due to unforeseen consequences I had to head back to NL which I did around Christmas. With the intention to stay for a couple of weeks and head to Wales somewhere in January things turned out to go completely different. In the end, the Project in wales got Delayed, I kicked back in NL until end February. Had a Roadtrip to Berlin with Brothas, Solo Hitch to Brussels meeting LT friends. Eventually I ended up on the road again, Thumbing East, Onward to Transylvania! Let me tell you how that went, I have to pre-warn though. not much pictures have been taken due to being in the moment and thus its gonna be a boring lecture of text for your amusement.

Adam Sunset

NL sunset, before I left. Amsterdam in the Horizon

Its Monday, the 29th of February. The journey started with a ride from my mother and her partner, She had a day off work and offered to help me on my way and drop me at gas station. Even though the intended gas station was around Utrecht, Due to missing it, a closed gas station and construction stuff we ended up in Arnhem. I got my backpack, we said our bye’s, the usual selfy stuff and off they went. I turned myself 360degrees and noticed a German plate. I approached the dude who just arrived at his car. He was heading just beyond Frankfurt and agreed to take me with. Awwyeah! what a great start! Waiting time: 3 minutes

Mister used to be a Lawyer, but due to being in the 60s he is now working as a notary. He has a boat in Harlingen, every once in a while, he drives from Frankfurt to Harlingen, this time because his boat needed to chance harbor. So he went to the Northern Netherlands to find a new place for his boat.  He was quite open to the whole Natural Building concept and actually knew of some interesting places and Traditional building techniques in Germany, We discussed multiple subjects until we reached Frankfurt.

He slowly drove away, while i’m working on my shoulder straps of my backpack to get them in a comfortable position I’m also scouting all nearby plates. No Romanians yet, ah well. I approached the nearest dude, his trunk was open so I couldn’t see his plate. very soon it became quite clear he was a Dutchman. A Dutchman living in Switzerland. He offered me a ride to Basel, not exactly my Direction. Though Switzerland is, and the Dude seemed pretty cool I friendly Declined. I walked towards the Trucks, the first truck was a Czech. He said he spoke a little bit German and he seemed to understand that I wanted to go in the direction of Nurnberg. He didnt seem to like talking via the window though and told me to come in the cabin to check the map. Even though his German wasn’t as great as it seemed. He agreed to take me to Nurnberg.

The ride wasn’t that special. Due to our language barrier and both our lack of German vocabulary it was mostly quiet. We drove and drove at an easy pase of 90, Occasionally 70 due to the snow and wind. At some point he had to take a 45min break, where he started making coffee. I made a picture of him making coffee, So there will be at least a little bit of Visual experiences to this post eh.

I asked for Permission, No he did not look so Mad all the time :))

I asked for Permission, No he did not look so Mad all the time :))

Around 20:00 he dropped me at an Autohof just beyond Regensburg. That is when hitchhiking seemed to be done for the day. All truckers were getting ready to sleep, the autohof guy assisting the truckers didn’t seem to like my presence to much, nor were there any other cars. The autohof was quite far from the highway you see but 8pm is a bit to early to go to sleep. I waited to see what happened. Not much later a Belgian plate entered the gas station. A long haired bearded dude got out, in dutch “A very good evening, I don’t suppose you are heading to Austria are you?” he started laughing and said: no, Thats where I just came from. But damn dude, your on a real shitty place man. I agreed, but what to do, it was just the way it is. Meanwhile we started talking about some random things and thats where the magic happened

“You know what dude, I’ll bring you to the next Gas station directly next to the A3 towards Austria. I know I’m heading in the other direction, but its only about 15km back. Its fine. Hop in!”

Such a random act of kindness, I have had similar things happen to me in the past two years, These Random acts of Kindness. Although sometimes I feel really bad about accepting them, It became quite clear to me that I should simply not. For these people that offer these random acts of kindness do this out of good will. It makes them happy to help a brother out, like with food. I often get offered food, Most of the time great food, but sometimes food that I simply don’t eat. If this is the case I try to decline one time, if they accept great! if they don’t, basically I just accept the food. For I will simply pass it on to another person  I will meet on the road who would love to accept said food.

The ride was short indeed, But the chat was Great. We even chatted for a while arriving at the gas station before he went on his way onward to Belgium. The Gas station was much better also, Super crowded, lots of cars. It was somewhere between 22/23.00 But besides that, Romanians!!!! and 4 of them just waiting for me to take me with! Oh boy was my mind going nuts, Imagine finding a ride through the night all the way. 2 of em were people my age, pretty cool and friendly But sadly both vans full with tons of people. One van wanted to bring me, but due to lack of a girdle on the passenger seat and scared of risking a ticket in Germany he didn’t want to bring me. The last van had 2 dudes in em besides that completely empty. He seemed friendly for we talked a bit in Romanian. But in the end he didn’t want to take me for I didn’t have any money to pay for the ride.

Though luck! Still luck was on my side that night. Earlier I noticed a Hungarian Van. I wanted to speak to him but he was on the phone so I left him alone, he noticed this. I went back to him about 30 minutes later, he was still calling but this time he asked me “Whats up man, where are you going? Budapest I replied. Ill take you to Wien he said. meanwhile he gave me his phone, He was talking to his sister who lived in The Netherlands for about 4 years, so I had to speak some Dutch with his sister.

The dude was hilarious, It was getting late and my memory didn’t register everything, for example his name but he was constantly popping jokes. Mostly jokes about Romanians and Hungarians. Some of which I found amusing, some of which I didn’t. He is a bike mechanic most of his days working in the workshop, but every once in a while he needs to get out. that’s when he drives his Van through Europe and delivers stuff. He didn’t have a wife or kids, He was just a happy single dude going through life. Around 02:00 we were close to Wien, he was supposed to take a right somewhere before all the crazy intersections. But that last gas station was really bad and he didn’t like it so much. This hilarious dude moved out of the way to help me on my Journey, He drove to the start of the A4 which leads to Budapest, The first Gas station was big and full of sleeping truckers, restaurants and stuff. great place to find a ride. Not as great to sleep though..

There were fences all over the place which is not that much of a problem. The problem was that behind those fences all you could see was grass. no trees or bushes or anything nature-ish to Stealth my tent. Besides the wind was blowing like crazy, really crazy. It was sure I wouldn’t be using my tent that night. I had to think of something else. Walking around the property there were barely hidden spots or corners free from wind or sight. There was this recycle station though, some crates stacked, these big compressor containers for cardboard and stuff and an automatic light. Seemed fine to me, The greatest thing was, it had walls around it except for one side so most of the wind was blocked. I found myself some cardboard to cover the dirty floor, and tried to get a couple of hours of rest behind said containers.

I wasn't in the mood for pictures of my 5star hotel. but Here a Gmaps of the Recycle station highlighted in Red.

I wasn’t in the mood for pictures of my 5star hotel. but Here a Gmaps of the Recycle station highlighted in Red.

Yah, well, With the draft still coming in on occasion, Me freezing my ass off even though I was wearing everything I had and also every hour or so an employee throwing away stuff, activating the light. Not much rest was had. At 05:00 I was fully awake and wandering around the gas station, hoping to find a Truck towards Buda or Romania. it was about the time the truckers wake up anyway, sadly non of the 30 Truckers I asked that morning seemed to go in my Direction. An hour passed when I noticed another Belgium plate. I walked up to the car and said to the guy: “Flemmish, Dutch, France?” …. silence … “Romanste!” he replied. Whooohooo! I threw my best Romanian into play. Romanian was the only language they spoke anyway. They agreed to take me to Deva. Yup! all the way. and gues what? Fara Bani!

In the van were 2 dudes and a woman. She was sleeping on the back seat but they woke her up so I could fit in. Initially we had a bit of a chat, My Romanian is not perfect but I can do small talk, Explain who I am, what I do etc. Besides I understand a fair amount to make oke conversation. After an hour drive or so the woman and one of the dudes started sleeping. Usually I try not to sleep when I Hitch, I want to be aware where i’m going and its a bit rude towards the driver taking you. With some 700km still to go and 50% already sleeping I took my chance, I had a great couple of hours rest. All fresh! That afternoon at about 14:00 we Arrived in Deva. The only thing was they dropped me Before Deva due to they had to take another road. While walking to the other side of Deva to find a better hitch spot, I passed the train station of Deva. There was a train going to Cluj in one hour. That’s when I realized If i’m gonna walk the rest and try to hitch the last 200km, I might not make it tonight. 200km on Romanian roads basically means about 3 to 4 hours of driving depending on how crazy your driver is. Besides, when it gets dark, its gonna get very Hard. So I figured, Lets take the last bit with the train, allows me to read a bit, relax. and be 100% sure I will arrive in Cluj before midnight.

So yeah, the Train ride was supposed to take about 4 hours. Romanian trains eh, they take their time. Luckily there was a Romanian woman sitting next to me, she liked to talk. A LOT! So instead of reading my book, I basically had a 4 hours conversation until arriving  in Cluj one hour late :)))) She was actually pretty cool and told me lots of places to go, visit, etc. It was fun!

When ya happy and ya Hitching have a jump!

When ya Happy and ya Hitching have a jump!


Hitching the Boats, NL to Ireland

After a couple of days visiting family and chilling with friends my Journey continues towards the West, Longford, Ireland as my destination. I started my Journey on a Wednesday late morning on the A27 heading south. It didn’t take me that long to get a ride, I walked around the parking lot only once when a Buisnezz guy offered to bring me just before Utrecht. The Netherlands is small, so the ride was short. Arriving at the next gas station I noticed two Belgium cars, This is my chance I thought! heading towards them I didn’t even have to ask anything, for one of the Belgium dudes came to me and asked; “Where you happen to be going? I replied; Gent! Feel like giving me a ride!? Sure he replied, I can bring you to the border”. Great! things were looking awesome! We passed the Belgium border within the next hour where he dropped me of at the first gas station.

So the next ride, I’m not quite sure, I remember I was at the Belgium gas station, And I remember the gas station where I got dropped off, Sadly though I can’t recall the car, nor the person that gave me the ride. Its a shame really, maybe my memorie will give me access to the images of this ride sooner or later.

To continue, I just passed Gent and the forgotten driver dropped me on a Gas station towards Brugge and Calais. Again I didn’t have to wait for so long. for quite soon this English car with a caravan stopped. I didn’t even had to walk to him, he just yelled while filling gas, Ay mate! Where ya headin at? Slowly I walked to him and said; well mate, Actually I’m heading to the UK, you think I can join you? So what will you give me he replied? I said; I can give you some food if you like, Maybe a keychain. but besides that I aint got much more than dirty undies. He laughed and said fuck it, hop in.

The ride to Calais was a couple of hours, his parents and sister were also driving with him but in a different car. quite fast in the conversation when I told him about what i do, he offered me a job. He was quite persistent, trying to convince me that he would offer me a better deal, Work, Food and a Caravan. but also cash every end of the day, besides that they work all over Europe. He didn’t seem to understand my lack of interest in working for money. Later I found out they were Irish Travelers (in other terms, Irish Gypsies) Thus explaining the Caravan, Job offer, Clothing style etc. We arrived at the boat to the UK around 21:00. His dad was somewhat worried to bring me, Afraid I might be carrying drugs etc. He told me I couldn’t join them. They dropped me at the ticket office, it was quite empty there. Definitely didn’t want to get stuck there. While they were getting the tickets for the truck, caravan etc. I approached him and had a chat. I managed to ease his worries and he agreed to take me to the other side.

It was dark, the boat ride was short (about one hour) Sadly due to the darkness I didn’t experience much of it nor was I able to make pictures. They drove me to the next Services, Services is the English name for Gas station/Rest area. This is were things got different. The moment I went to the entrance of the shop to apply my usual tactic, the gas station security guy came to me. “Good evening sir, You are currently on Private property, Hitch-hiking is alright but officially prohibited in the UK, You are not allowed to be on this property or around the pumps. If you don’t comply i’m afraid I will have to call the cops” I was aware hitch-hiking in the UK was more difficult and there were some funny laws. This was completely unexpected though. Anyway I was friendly and had a little chat with him about other Laws, Do’s and Dont’s in the UK. At midnight I searched for some trees out of sight of the Guard and Security Cameras.

Day 2

The night was good, I didn’t find a proper place to pop my tent, so instead I just slep in the gras in the open air, Even got lucky for there wasn’t much rain that night. I woke up just before sunrise and started searching for a ride, while avoiding the “private property” gas station. My Irish Traveler friends slept at the same Services that night, When they left and noticed I was still there they offered me a ride to the next Services which was bigger and better. Indeed it was, Restaurant, Lorry rest place, Gas station. No problems getting out of here I though. Well wrong thought, I went to the entrance of the Restaurant where the most people seemed to be and started approaching people walking out; “Good afternoon sir, I’m sorry to disturb you, I’m from The Netherlands and I’m heading towards Ireland, you happen to be heading to the M1 north?” this is how I approached the people. after about half an hour staff from the restaurant came outside, He said; “Its alright to stand here, but can you please not disturb our costumers? I got complains you are begging for money” I laughed, yet I felt disappointed for what I just heard.

I decided to switch between the lorry rest place to ask all the new trucks arriving, and the entrance of the restaurant. eventually this cool London guy who just had dinner agreed on bringing me to a Services on my way. He also gave me this lottery ticket I could exchange for 5 pounds at a supermarket. I managed to move from the Southern part of the London Ring road, to the Northern part of the Ring. /Great progression so far /Sarcasm disabled! its about 13:00 now.

The place I got dropped of was even bigger than before, Huge Lorry rest place, gas station, Car gas station, Huge parking place for cars and a small mall with restaurants, Lots of people! The British though, even though they are very friendly, they dont seem to like to be bothered or talk to strangers really. I tried multiple tactics from talking to the truck drivers, to asking the people coming out of the mall, to popping my sign at the exit. Yet nobody wanted to bring me.

Hours passed, It was quite cold that day, It started getting dark. Then the unexpected happened! The local Security guy came to me. He was like; “Ay mate, seen you here all day, you should not stand here man. Try and get a lorry heading north, preferably foreign plates or just go inside the Mall in the light and talk to people there. That’s much more trustworthy. Ill help out and try to find someone heading north”. He was very cool, we chilled and talked for a bit. I took his advice. I tried more lorries, Went inside the restaurant without getting kicked out. Yet no ride. around 21:00 I went to the lorries and dropped my backpack in the grass. Negative thought patterns started popping up again, Damn you England! This is much worse than expected. It’ll take me weeks to get to Ireland like this. Englishman Y U so Weird?? Right on that moment A dude started yelling at me. Couldn’t understand him at first, but when I walked to him he said; “Where ya heading!? M1 north, Ireland as my destination! you?, Me to bro heading to Birmingham, I can drop you on the M6 in the right direction!

Whoohooo! The feeling that rushed through me! you can’t imagine, A 3 hour drive north towards my destination, Rather than getting stuck at London ring that day. The dude was very awesome, So in Britain there is this job, You pick up a new truck somewhere, Drive it to its destination, Then hitch-hike to the next place to pick up a truck. You get paid for driving the trucks and delivering them, but also for every mile you hitch-hike. Drivers that do this get a special licence plate that if they wave it in the air while hitch-hiking people know they do it for their profession and its save to take them. Imagine that! He has been doing this for the past 3 years, just driving and hitching around Monday to Friday, spending weekends at home. At some point he stopped at a supermarket, Asked me if i needed anything. I replied no, Yet I ended up with a bag full of food that he insisted me to accept… We arrived at a Services just north of Birmingham around midnight. At arrival I instantly headed into the forest and popped my tent.

Packing Gear, getting ready to go

Packing Gear, getting ready to go

Day 3

In England the facilities like Toilets and Showers on the Services are for free, that morning I started my day with a great poop, did some human hygiene afterwards, Then I moved to the entrance of the mall to find myself a ride. It didn’t take long before someone from the staff came outside to kindly ask me not to stand at the entrance and bother the costumers for they are getting complaints… Well alright then, I’m still amazed how they get all these complaints, for I only speak to people coming out of the mall. Anyway I packed my stuff and started asking truckers, seems luck was on my side today. The second driver I spoke to, A polish trucker barely speaking English was going in my direction. I was advised to go to Lymm Services, its a Huge Services on the M6 and M56 intersection located perfectly to find a ride towards Ireland. After an hour drive he dropped me at the Lymm Services.

The Services was huge indeed, I never seen anything like it before. I got out at the lorry rest area. I didn’t even have to walk to the Mall or the gas station, there were so many trucks. Basically I started at one row, talking to every driver of said row, then move to the next row. First few rows not much going on, I did notice some Ireland plates though. After talking to every driver currently there at the moment I went looking for Irish plates only. At some point I noticed a Irish Car Transporter. I walked to the driver and asked him if he were heading to Ireland by any chance, Indeed he was but he wasn’t allowed to bring any passengers. After a bit more chatting he said he couldn’t bring me on the boat, but he could take me to Holyhead at least (where the boats leave)

The ride was a bit more then two hours, The scenery was great for we were driving the coast. Ervins (the drivers name) was quite relaxed. It was the first long conversation I had with an Irishman, getting use to the Accent was pretty easy actually. Getting close to the Harbor I told him I intended to hitch-hike a private sail boat to Dublin, if that failed consider taking the evening ferry. Ervins though didn’t really like the idea of me getting stuck here at the harbor, trying to find a way to cross the channel. Yet he wasn’t sure if he would get in trouble for taking me to the other side, Officially he wasn’t even allowed to take me anyway. He made a few calls to some colleagues, eventually when we were in line he decided to ask the staff to be 100% sure.

Boading Card

Boading Card

So he had to weight the truck etc, then he asked whether it would be a problem if he had a passenger. Staff replied not at all, Before we even knew it we could move on… The thing was, the company he is driving for was paying the passage. It looked like they also payed my passage. I remember him saying, “I sure hope I wont get in trouble for this” Ah well, it made up for a cool boarding card.

Waiting in line to Board the Boat to Ireland.

Waiting in line to Board the Boat to Ireland.

The crossing took about 4 hours, I was hoping the be able to access Wi-Fi figure out my place to stay for the night in Dublin etc. Sadly that didn’t really work. The ship though was quite fancy and looking pretty nice. It had some restaurants, A casino, A Cinema, chilling area, some shops etc. The greatest thing is, Truckers get special treatment. They have their own Cafeteria where you get one big ass lunch, and you can drink juices, tea’s and coffees for free throughout the ride. considering I was a passenger of a Truck I had access to the same things. It was Great! Having Lunch on the boat with Ervins was just amazing. You could choose between Soups, Salads, Potatoes, Lots of Meat and Fish Even fresh Desserts! You could take anything you wanted, as much as you wanted. Oh boy did I enjoy that meal! Especially after eating only nuts, fruits, cookies and chocolate for the past 2 days. Eventually Ervins took a nap for a couple of hours (Yes we also had our own cabin+shower) I walked around the boat a bit, then decided to watch a movie in the Cinema. Just before arriving in Dublin we rendezvous in the Truckers Cafeteria. We got out of the boat and Ervins dropped me on the edges of the City Center.

Goodbye UK,

Goodbye UK,

That evening was just so random, I was supposed to stay at a friend of a friends place. Apparently they were Squatting the place. But at arrival I couldn’t stay there for they had some trouble with the police and my contactee was not present. I took a pint at a bar and checked the net, found out there was a CS meeting, Figured that would be my best bet at finding a place to stay. I never attended a CS meeting before, so I wasn’t sure how thing go there. Well looks like I still don’t, around midnight I was still at the bar hanging out with a Danish Woman who was part of the group. She was also a Backpacker though staying at a way to expensive fully booked hostel, all the Couchsurfers capable of hosting had left…. I visited and called every hostel I could find, which all seemed to be full.

In the end I basically pub crawled around Dublin with my backpack as my buddy. Somewhere in the Early morning hours I met this German dude, He was using AirBnB to stay in Dublin. He offered me to stay at his place if the host allowed it to. The walk back took quite some time, for he was somewhat Drunk and didn’t exactly know the way. Luckily we made it, The hosts agreed to take me in for a night. I slept on the floor and it was great! The next morning I decided to take the Bus to Longford! Worse decision ever! but my Body was completely fokkop due to my Journey of the last couple of days. Just sitting in a bus looking out the window was well appreciated!

I tell you man, Drunk Irish dudes in pubs! that’s just 100% live comedy!



Cluj – Amsterdam Hitch

I intended to start hitching on Monday, sadly rain hit Cluj. I figured ill kick back for one more day and get going the next. It was a great choice, for Tuesday morning the weather was much better. I arrived at the hitch-hiking spot around 09:00 and got a ride in about 50 minutes towards Oradea. While driving the dude told me had had to make a little detour and do some buizness, Basically he was a salesman working for a concrete company, he had to drop of a sample at a nearby mobile concrete station. I figured, ill just join him, he seemed cool. Eventually he took me all the way to the Border crossing of Romania/Hungary, due to the detour though we arrived around 14:00

I walked the border and popped my sign with Budapest, Wien, High in the sky! There wasn’t that much traffic but eventually this fancy Italian car stopped. Inside though wasn’t an Italian, it was a Moldovan dude my age. He was going all the way to Salzburg Austria. Heall Yeah! The dude named Mihail (pronunced as Micheal) was pretty damn cool. He seemed to be of the Moldovan high class, for his car was fancy, he had some pretty bling bling watch. Basically he works as a driver. A friend of him got an accident in Austria, the reason he was heading there was to pick him up and bring him home. The road was quick for Mihail was quite the fast driver, even though of the high speeds he seemed to know what he was doing. Unlike some other Romanian rides I hitched :)) (no accidents occurred that day). Mihail was very fond of Karma, we had an extensive chat about the simple fact that What you Give is what you Get. If you are friendly to people around you and help them, people will be friendly to you and help you. If you are an asshole and fuck people up. Theres gonna be people fucking you up. Arriving In Hungary he wanted to get some food, Goulash is the stuff to eat here he said. The best one is here on the highway. Ill buy you one!

Arriving at the place I laughed, for I hitch-hiked on the other side of the highway a few times. I never stopped on this side of the highway though. Considering he invited me for dinner and I didn’t eat much that morning except for some Eggplant Salad la Ioana I gladly accepted the invite. Besides that, Traditional Hungarian Goulash, That stuff is just great. We ate and kept moving. Eventually he dropped me off in Linz around 22:00 that evening. Its a new record!! My luck ran out though, The place he dropped me off seemed perfect, Multiple gas stations, Big resting area, Big restaurant, Industrial area connected to it, Lots of traffic. Sadly enough only local traffic. It seemed I was right before this bigger intersection and nobody was taking the exit I needed to take. I walked around and asked people until midnight when I decided to find a place to pop my tent. I walked to the other side of the Industrial area, There on some farmland hidden between trees and Crops I slept.

I woke up before Sunrise, Packed my stuff and headed to the Autobahn

I woke up before Sunrise, Packed my stuff and headed to the Autobahn

Day 2

I got back to the Highway around 07:00, Ready to get to NL by the evening. I switched between 2 spots basically, but talking to the people and looking at their plates it were 99% locals, nobody heading towards Germany at all. For the first time since I have been hitch-hiking I kind of lost in Negative Ego Mental patterns . Last night I was stuck here, Now again no luck at all. The voice just kept on complaining, Dude your stuck here, Dude your never gonna get out, Dude there are no German cars here, Dude ya should have stayed in Romania. Then the light bulb popped up. Andy one of the volunteers who helped us digging the trench lives in Linz. I texted Victor for his number a gave him a call, problem solved! He was quite surprised to hear my voice, but he was glad to pick me up and help me on my way. It was great to see him really, I felt so much better getting out of another Oblivion. He advised me to take the local road to Passau rather then stay on the Autobahn. Its not as fast as the Autobahn, but local people are much more friendly so you get more short rides. So we drove inside Linz and he dropped me off on the road.

Things were looking forward, After a little wait a cool dreaded girl picked me up who took me for 15 km, There another lady picked me up who took me for about 20, then a guy doing groceries another 15km further, from there I walked a bit until suddenly this car from the other side of the road stopped with seemingly a mother and a daughter, yelling. Heyyy! Wanna come with us. Wait here let me turn around! The daughter was going to Passau for shopping, but first she had to bring her mom home and pick up her sister. When I asked later, it seemed that they passed me while I was walking, Then suddenly the mom asked, shall we bring him? The daughter replied, yes lets do it! then they turned around and came back for me! The road was great, the main road to Passau was closed, so we had to take a detour through Austrian Country Side and parallel to the Donau. In the end they dropped me at the A3 Highway entrance on the other side of Passau. Quite fast I got a short ride to the first Gas station on the Autobahn.

Back on the Autobahn thing returned back to normal. Lots of people, lots of cars, lots of long distance travelers. I just had to find the right one! I mostly stood at the entrance of the shop and ask people filling up gas where they were going and whether they could take me. Eventually I got a ride to Nurnberg, The dude told me that there was a huge Traffic jam at the Austrian/German border due to the Refugee controls. I didn’t even notice at all for I kind of avoided the control taking the local roads. I did see some huge tent camps at the Hungarian border, and some random families chilling at Gas station. While driving the guy couldn’t find a hotel in Nurnberg to sleep in, instead he found a room not that far from where he picked me up. It was dark now too, He dropped me of at a seemingly good spot, but at arrival I noticed the emptiness of this place. Damn I felt like I was in the Apocalypse.

Deserted Gas station trying to Hitch-hike at night.

Deserted Gas station trying to Hitch-hike at night.

Even though it was night and empty, I didn’t wanna stop trying until midnight at least. I started walking around searching for some truckers. but as expected they were getting ready to sleep. I applied my usual tactic, To park my backpack and myself at the shops entrance, then walk and talk to people filling up gas. It was a very empty gas station, very little cars coming in. There were also police patrols every 30 minutes or so. The few cars that did stop seemed rather friendly but were not going in my direction. Eventually the Police came to check on me to. They drove some circles when eventually stopping right in front of me. It was quite fun actually, They rolled down the window, before they were able to say anything I said to them in German, Good evening, I’m Hitchhiking to Nurnberg, are you heading in that direction maybe? (I don’t know how to write it in German) They started laughing. Basically we had a little chat, they were curious where I came from what I was doing here etc. I told them I’m hitch-hiking and that I got somewhat stuck on this gas station due to no cars. In the end they wished me good luck and left me in peace.

Eventually just chillin at this deserted Post-Apocaplypse gas station, two Romanian vans stopped. This is my chance I figured. I walked to the fist dude and started talking to him in Romanian. Its quite weird, when I’m in Romania, I have some trouble properly using the language, especially in a group. one on one its somewhat oke. But when I’m by myself it goes so much better. I managed to properly communicate with him, when I told him I’m from The Netherlands he was quite amazed and complimented my Romanian speaking :)). In the end I managed to get the ride approximately 100km, for 5 euro. Considering I wanted to get out of there I decided to pay. The ride was amusing, communication was in Romanian, He couldn’t not believe i’m hitchhiking and Volunteering like this. He was like, you’re from NL go and work there for Big moneh! Eventually they dropped me of on a bigger far better gas station next to Nurnberg. It was getting late though, After scouting the area and trying to talk to a few more people, I headed into the forest and popped my tent for a good nights rest.

Day 3

That morning I overslept a little, Usually pack my stuff before sunrise. Apparently I slept through my alarm this morning and it was just after sunrise. Well fair enough, I packed my stuff and headed to the Gas Station. I walked around a bit to check what cars were present, A few of them were actually Dutch plates, No people nearby though. I walked around some more talking to people, when all of the sudden I see this dude get into his Volkswagen van. I ran like crazy for he was heading to NL for sure. I waved, he rolled down his window while starting his car and with a big smile I asked him. I bet you are going back to The Netherlands! May I join you:))))))? Healyeah he replied, Hop in. I used to hitch-hike a lot back in the days. You cant imagine how great this feeling is, of waking up next to the road and almost instantly find a long ride “home”!

The dude was pretty cool, He explained me how he got sick of The Netherlands. Last year he and his wife bought a few hectares of land in Hungary, Now he is building his own stuff, has some chickens, pigs and goats, and lots of fruit trees. living life more like life is supposed to look like. He was going back to NL to work for two months so he can invest it in his property after.

It was great talking to him, When I started asking about this Hitch-hiking experiences I found out he hitch-hiked from Europe to Australia 40 years ago, it almost took him 2 years. For he hitch-hiked without a plan, he just threw his thumb in  Eastern direction going with the flow. I got to learn a lot about his experiences, he had great stories to tell. He told me though, he would not do I again in times like these. Back then things were different he said. We were getting close to Arnhem though, I was heading to Amsterdam, He was heading North. There our paths split.

Retired Awesomenaut, doing his Awesomenaut things.

Retired Awesomenaut, doing his Awesomenaut things.

I called my brother from anotha Mother Sascha to inform him on my arrival in NL. I figured I could try and hitch it, or take a train. Instead he offered to pick me up. for he likes driving, and even though Amsterdam/Border sounds like a long ride, its basically only about one hour :). We were enjoying our Fries with Peanut Sauce around 19:00 that evening!