The end of a Chapter

Another year has passed by as if its nothing. Time has been going fast, they told me the older you get, the faster time will go. So I try not to think about it that much. It was a great year, This place is wonderful and I really felt at home here. So much possibilities to be involved with and knowledge to be learned. So much amazing people met, friends made and love found. Part of me is sad I’m leaving it all behind, I wouldn’t have had any problems staying here. But last year I left with an idea, The idea to travel Through Europe and visit different projects. meet friends I have made over the years in other countries, See this tiny world were living on which we mostly take for granted. This was always in the back of my mind, Besides. this world is so small, No matter where on this earth you are, you can take a plane and be at any place the next day. Thats why tomorrow morning, I will be on the road again, This time towards Transylvania. With good memories stored and bearing in mind that I can go back here any time I want. and meet the wonderful people I now call my friends once again!

Yesterday I was able to finish the front entrance of the house, Previous week there was quite some rain and wind, not the nicest weather to saw planks and work with electric tools, besides that Aiste was visiting so we did some work we could do together, for example planting some trees, and chopping wood, working on the garden and planting some potatoes, artichoke and flowers! cleaning a bit :)). she also thought me how to knot bracelets, played Shithead etc. we tried to be as productive as possible when the sun started shining and enjoy ourself’s whenever the rain hit. This week the weather was great! and I couldn’t just leave this place with the awesome entrance project unfinished. where my brothers Esci and Crayray helped with. So here it is, Before and after pictures!

I’m really curious whats going to happen in the future at IzReal. Recently a friend of Bas bought some land next to “ours”. Oliver, a very cool British dude with quite the connections in the Natural Homes Scene. together they have mad loads of plans involving Natural Building etc. there probably will be a lot of Natural Building going on here, So if you want to learn something about this, you should keep yourself updated! I really hope with all the stuff going on Bas will be able to finish at least the outside of the house this year, for we failed to complete it last year D:

How does one end a post like this? Gheghe, I have no idea. It doesn’t matter really I suppose, I want to thank everybody I met in Vilnius for the wonderful time you have given me, whether you offered me your place to stay, invited me to events, saw each other a lot or even if we didn’t see or speak each other for a while now, You will all be remembered! all of you! Labai ačiū draugų. And of course everybody at IzReal that either stayed for a longer time or came to volunteer for short time! But mainly Bas, For giving me the opportunity to do this, have patience with me and giving some guidance and sharing all the knowledge he has to offer.

Bedankt mattie bom battie, en mogen u nog van vele pastas genieten. hou je taai broeder!

It was a great year!

It was a great year!

 May Our Paths Cross Again.

4 thoughts on “The end of a Chapter

  1. Really glad you guys are into cards :) Any time there is spare on the builds this summer, I’ll be keen!

  2. fijn als je je blog bij blijf houden zodat we een beetje met je mee kunnen reizen! Have a plesant yourney and safe return!

    • I will Surely write about my hitchhiking adventures whenever I have the chance. I’m not sure yet how things go at my next project. But they have internet, So I’m most likely able to continue writing :)

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