Tour Da IzReal

Sunday 27th of April i arrived at IzReal, I’m sure ya all be curious whats ballin here.
so i will give you a little tour de IzReal so you can all get a little idea of how life goez around here.


This is the Crib, It originally was a little wooden house. Since 2012 Basz and his workers added more living space to it, Basically they added more living space on the left (the 2 windows) and they added a Second floor. The extension at the entrance will eventually become the “scullery” You should imagine that they build the house by them self, they bought good quality wood for the Frame of the house, for Isolation he uses a mixture of Straw and clay. The clay he digs up somewhere on his property and the straw he gets from the farmers around. To finish the wallz he adds a vew layers of clay n then Lime with water as a finish, to add some Fiber he uses those Cigar-ish plants that grow next to creeks (which he haz on the back of his property)

Building the extension Time-lapse

Using this system of layering, you might be thinking. How is this possible? no bricks? no cement? no glass-wool/plaster from the gamma? Well. Nature is Awesome, and using natural resources the right way will make things much more easyr. And most of all. its for free. At day the house keeps cool, at night the house keeps warm. (but of course when it gets to cold we have to fire it up a bit)

for a better explanation of how things work
Straw/clay Construction & Strawbale Construction Explained
or check
Tip n Tricks

CIMG0681 CIMG0683 CIMG0682 CIMG0686

If we walk out a bit to the west we can find the farm. his way of farming is EZ
He made rectangular containers (called Raised bedz), Because the ground is Clay-ish, inside the containers he loosened up the ground n Covers it with straw. Why you might think?
its simple. the straw protects the ground. At night when it gets cold the straw is like isolation. At day when the sun is shining, the moisture doesn’t evaporate straight away so basically you keep the ground temperature and moisture content in balance.
He doesn’t use chemicals or anything. Indeed sometimes snails or insects eat a crop, but so what? its not like they destroy all the farm and eat everything. there is still enough left for us humanz to live from. n there are lil tricks like planting onions or citronella to keep certain insects away.

CIMG0687 CIMG0795 CIMG0797

If its nice weather we cook outside on the Rocket stove
(its actually a hybrid. Between the 2 rocket stoves is a lil BBQ)
If you wanna take a shower we use the Rocket Stove or the stove in the house to warm up like 10 to 15 liters of water, we put this in a jerrycan with a lil valve, put it on top of the shower cabin. Then you haz awesome shower

Gotta take a poop lulz?
Go for the compost toilet, but don’t think you can flush your shit. Just throw some Sawdust over it. This way it dries fast so it wont smell, gotta take a pee? no problem. Just find a spot u like. Usually its in the bushes behind the toilet.

CIMG0780 CIMG0708 CIMG0709

Lets continue and check the property a bit more, If you like you can take this road-ish but this is not an obligation. The property reaches far into the horizon. Its a total of 5 hectare.


Getting close to the little Forrest (the above picture on the left) you will have a view like this, his property ends at the creek which you can’t really see at the picture below. But you can obviously see the light green treeline in the back. basically its somewhere in front of that treeline.

CIMG0784 CIMG0785

Also there is this fireplace we use in the winter to keep warm and chillax. Watching the stars here is amazing. Basically cuz you don’t have light pollution like in the bigga cities. At nights Black. Pitch black. Maybe you see the light in a window from the neighbor a vew km away. but no streetlights. no greenhouse lights, just darkness and stars.
Depending on the time n da month Moonlight.

So lets turn around and walk back to the house again.


We just passed the road on the left side of the yurt. now we will walk back on the right side of the yurt. Here we can find a vew sheds, used to store straw, water bottles n random stuff. also some wood but this lies oustide.

CIMG0692 CIMG0787

Maybe you have been thinking, where do you get your water? obviously he doesn’t have tap water, basically he has a Well, we pump up the water from the source in the ground. This is all natural and healthy to drink. No Fluoride in this water Whooohooo!

CIMG0779 CIMG0778

So this is basically the property and the things we use daily.
But of course you would like an impression of where we life right?
the house looks big on the first picture. It for sure is. But its not finished yet, so we only use a small portion of the house (the original one)

Below some pictures of how it looks inside.
When you enter you see the Stove/heating system and the kitchen.
The door behind me leads to the living area.
In the final picture the kitchen again with the entrance to the left of the cabinet, the light brown door is a small room to sleep in (I sleep in the living room below the red curtain)

CIMG0788 _MG_5201 CIMG0789 CIMG0790

I can imagine you be thinking.
2 computers? dafuq?
Indeed. If you have been reading: I told in To IzReal. Its not so much of an Eco village as i expected. Its much more modern as I thought, He is connected to the Net. but luckily its super cheap here. Also for internet he planted a satellite on the roof of his neighbors, the internet cable just runs outside through the garden into his house. (the neighbors may also use his internet for free) luckily Basz his way of thinking, and doing his thangs get close to Ecological principles. at least way better then for example BAM/Mons@nto principles gheghe.

I was considering becoming A Vegetarian when i left home. Once i arrived here I noticed this is not really practical. Although the work pase is very chillax here, the work you do is Heavy most of the time and physical n dirty. But most of all, Fun! And things to do with yo hands. Meat is important because it haz allot of protein we need. Without it, you just feel yo body draining of energy. So that’s why most here are not Vegetarian. No worriez though. We don’t eat meat everyday. Its in balance. Also the meat here is WAY better then in the west because it isn’t produced on a mass production scale and Pumped full of water. Even the meat in the supermarkets here is from local farmers. its Real meat. Good healthy Meat. from free walking an grazing animals. living a “better” life.
some of the fish are also fresh! though animal lover will probably still think this is madness! check it out!

Below some pictures of dinnerz we had.
What i would like to ad. If we use the Stove for cooking, the tube system runs through the walls and around the house. heating it up. so you get 2 in 1. after cooking, if we need more warmth we add some woodzies

Wall Warming whoohoo!
and soon even Floor warming with the same principle just on a bigger scale!!
Check Rockets mass heater @ for details.

CIMG0723 CIMG0729 CIMG0730 CIMG0710 CIMG0700

I love this place.
I hope you can imagine why.

Life is easy going here, no stress, no hurriez, no paperwork (maybe just a very little now n then), everything is fun, amazing and you learn new things everyday. No day is the same.


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