Warszawa Day 2

Slawek (my host) n Pio(his son) are really kind. Slawek especially is an very open person, and speaks his mind. he’s a rather free person, he used to be a hippie and you can see this in his way of doing. If you ask him something he replies. If you ask him again the next day or whatever, he will most likely reply something like: you already asked that, you know the answer. I really liked to talk with Slawek, his way of being is very interesting and easy to connect to in my opinion.

He is helping this Polish girl finding a job in Warszawa. (not exactly helping finding a job. but he offers her his place to stay until she can manage on her own) maybe I just never crossed peepz like this. but I’m not used to this you know. therefor I really respect the fact that he does something like this.

The lady doesn’t speak English. I don’t really speak Polish. with the use of google translate I tried to tell her my story and where I came from. This didn’t work out so well, eventually she called a friend to translate. she wanted to join me that day because she had nothing to do anywayz. after pointing out i wanted to see the abandoned Silos (Pio recommended me to check) we got ready and left the home.

The Silos were pretty close. I think about 20 min walking, but to get there is something els.
Communicating with her was funny. it was sign language, I tried my best polish. and like pointing in the direction we should walk worked pretty well. there was also a 20y old dutch polish translation book. but making a nice sentence with that isn’t the best way either. so most of the time it was just gibberish, sign language and pointing on the map or at things.

We crossed the park behind Slawek his house, crossed the road onto the bus station.
Pio already told me what to expect, but i wont spoil for now. Basically we walked over the bus station. she thought me 1 to 10 in polish (but I already forgot) and i thought her 1 to 10 in dutch. we pointed at different colors of buses and translated the word which was fun.
eventually we arrived at the end of the bus station.
We had to cross the railway to get to the Silos i wanted to see, this was illegal of course, but apparently its pretty normal here to do. for me this was really weird. back in NL i would never do something like this, you know you can get in trouble and all this bullshit i don’t wanna get into. but ah well. she was going straight over, so i just followed.

It was right before an train station as far as i know. so the trains were driving by slowly. The picture where you see the train was actually driving by while i was standing next to it taking pictures…. the peepz inside didn’t really seem to care or notice. we continued crossing the tracks. At the other side we had to follow the tracks a bit, it was rather funny. other peepz were crossing the CIMG0548tracks also. railway workers were walking by and driving crazy machinery. but as before. she was walking like it was nothing weird so i figured it was all not a problem. Eventually we got out of the track thingies and the silos became clear.

CIMG0549 CIMG0550

CIMG0551 CIMG0552

The Silos had a fence (moar like a brick wall) around them, so we walked around to find a place where we could hop over. Pio already told me to check the right side, there was a nice place to hop over. the place was guarded, but its usually 1 old dude who would be like. you cant be here. and wont bother you to much as long as you leave once he spotted you.

CIMG0554We hopped over the Fence here, there even was a pallet standing there to make it more easy lelz. We got inside of the property. for some reason i wasn’t scared at all. Usually when i do things like this in my country I shit my pants for getting in trouble and whatnot. but here for some reason I didn’t caret. i just hopped over. some people even saw us. but the guard was not there at the moment so in we went. yeeehaaaa.

The silos were amazing, they were pretty big and well. I like any architecture from way back then. When i can get close to those abandoned silos and check them out I’m rather excited. I started making pictures from the outside, one silo had no water in it. the other was full or probably 50 y old rotten maybe even chemical induced water shizznit. It was really awesome to see, and of course exciting. you were doing something illegal while at the same time its pretty normal to do. even when we were scouting the silo we saw other people walking around the other side (which were no guards fo sho) you can see them in the doorway in 1 of the pictures.

CIMG0553So after checking the silos from the outside Asia which is the name of the polish girl. started to go inside. At first i was like. what da …? why would you wanna go inside, the path inside the silo was made of wood and it was rather rotten but she just started walking as if it were nothing. Same as with the tracks, I put my thoughts on zero and started following her. luckily she was careful. I was really aware of the dangers. also because I “Know” wood, but seemed like everything was fine. and everything was :)

we were walking inside the silo with the nasty water. but it was the same as the other silo. In this picture you can see the stairs going up. she pointed it out and obviously she wanted to go up. We were this far now anyways we already walked half the circle on the inside to get to that stairs, and it seemed all cool. So we went up, when we were going up i noticed we were at the front side of the silo. where the guard hut was located. Pio warned me that i should be silent when i did this. i didn’t wanna make to much attention you know. Also i didn’t expect i would be doing this with a polish girl where i cant really communicate with. So when we went up the stairs and she started making sounds to check the echo i had a huge “Facepalm” moment. but well. it was to late now anywayz. if someone was there they would have heard or probably see us by now. and we didn’t hear any yelling from a guard yet. so i tried some owl sounds and crazy things. to check the echo. Asia was amused.

CIMG0558 CIMG0557 CIMG0559

But there it happend. we heard yelling. I didn’t understand of course it was in polish. But Asia looked at me and started going down the stairs in a rather bit faster pase then before. so i figured what was up. we got down the stairs. I was scouting the area for the guard but I couldn’t find him. at first we wanted to take the exit and walk around the silo outside (we dropped our bags at the door we entered half a circle away from where the stairs started.)

For some reason we stayed inside, i think because if you go outside you would meet the guard for sure. Now things got really exciting., imagine you are walking over rotten wooden planks 4 to 5 meter above 50y old rotten Nasty water, trying to not get spotted by the guard. trying to get to your bag on the other side and get out. Asia was in front of me, her pase was still careful. but fast. I had no trouble catching up with her. The guard probably saw our bags at the doorway and they stood there watching and yelling at us. they saw us walking inside the silo towards the door. they ware talking in polish. Asia was saying things. the guard was saying things. all i recognized was words like Polizia, Hollandia. she was probably telling the guard i came from holland. and she was showing me the silos bla bla. The guard probably be like. shit is dangerous get out of here bla bla.

Then it happened. there was this 1 part i remember crossing the first time. with very weakened wood. although she weight probably less then me. I would for sure fall through if i stepped on it the wrong way.

of course in all the hurry and distraction she did.

Everything happened so fast. I cannot explain it in detail. all i remember is that she was in front of me. she fell through the wooden boards, my reflex as fast as it apparently was, reached for her hand. i was able to catch her wrist in that 1 second it happened.

There she was. hanging 4 to 5 meters above very unhealthy water to be swimming in. There was this ledge. about 1 brick thick. she had 1 feet on that ledge. and i had her wrist in my hand. the guards saw it happen. they were yelling like crazy.

She managed to get most of her weight on the ledge, I was able to pull her up. She had scratches and bruises all over her back. arm and legs. my heart was beating. Du Dung Du Dung. polish yelling all around me. Basically i ignored the guards. I ignored everything, i didn’t care. all my focus was on her arm and getting her up the wooden boards again.

we managed to get to the guard safely. well it was not so much of a guard. it were 3 polish dudes. 1 older 2 of my age. 1 had a huge axe on his shoulder. i bet he tried to look intimidating. but i was not impressed. I’m not sure what i felt that moment. i was just happy she didn’t fell down and we were outside of the silo again. couldn’t understand what they were brabbeling anywayz. so i was in a state of awareness/waiting.
I think because they saw it happen they realized we learned our lesson, they took us to their hut. help cleaned Asia (pronounced as Asjah) her wounds. they didn’t speak English either. they were talking polish. allot of Polizia. Hollandia, Amsterdam. that’s what i could understand of course, eventually they shaked our hands. opened up the gates and let us go.

Asia was kind of in shock i think. We sat beside the road for about 30 to 40 minutes. I didn’t check the time. She had to drop a lil tear. I did my best to comfort her, eventually we stood up. and she brought me to the Warszawa uprising museum (we took the bus this time)

Later that day when we were home and Pio could translate Asia her story she told me that the guards were saying things like. If she fell down she could have died, the water is not healthy to swim in. Especially with open wounds (which she had) and there were sharp pointy rocks on the bottom unlike the other silo. If we scouted the empty silo it would all be fine. they just didn’t like us walking in the watered silo. Also they said that if they called the police. Asia would get in trouble. big trouble. but i would probably be free to go cuz i don’t speak the language and i’m from the Netherlands.

Luckily everything turned out to be fine. it was a crazy experience. but no one died. and no one went to jail. That night some shit crossed my mind before i went to bed. things like. dang i saved a girls life?? but i think it was just my ego trying to pump himself. I managed to silence my mind. and slept like a rose. Asia though. she did not sleep so well. she had a lot to progress but she was very thankful for what happened.

———-  back to the rest of the day ————

the Mother of Slawek and the grandmother of Pio was this lady shown in the pic below. When you enter the museum you see like 5 portraits of the people that did the most important things for the country and the people in WWII. Can you imagine i chilled at the son of a woman who basically did all she could to save her country and free the people in WWII. i cannot. Slawek told me allot about how things were back then. imagine if you wanted to get a bread. you would be in the waiting line for a vew hours. if you wanted new furniture. maybe up to 3 days. you had to make shifts with family members. they checked once in a while. if you were not in the line if they checked. you would be put back on the end of the line. if someone with your family name was in the line. it was fine. whether this was a 10y old kid. or a 80 y old lady. you had like tickets you had to give away. for example different tickets for meat and furniture. so you cannot get more that someone els. if you wanted to get new shoes. you would buy shoes that were available. and later on the streets trade it with someone els to get the right size.


The rest of the museum was full of guns, clothes they wore. movies of dead ppl and hanged ppl. corpeses bodies and exploding bombs. tanks. assasinations…

To be really honest. i didn’t like it that much. I am aware that the days in the war were not that nice to be in. but actually seeing all these films about how things were. I never really saw any of that. I was interested in the history, Especially because slawek his family had such an important role in it. but dangg. dangggg son.. i was happy i got out of the museum. its hard to describe how i felt.

This was rather funny though. I never knew such a small gun existed. and never saw these mortar guns in real size. it was rather interesting. to see. also the stilettos they used were amazing. didn’t make a picture. but dang. those knives were crazy. they also had a needle (GoT)

CIMG0564 CIMG0563

After the museum we went home. had some dinner. Talked about the shit that happened.
as usual Slawek his reaction was amazing. basically he was like

oh you kids. you stupid crazy kids. but he could laugh about it. probably because we were both save home again i suppose.

After dinner we went to the Kings garden, its one of the bigger gardens in Warszawa. It was really beautiful. not much to say here i suppose. The pictures below will give you an impression. after kings garden Asia took me to a nice place in Warszawa where we smoked pipe and the usual “way to bigga beerz”.

also. Jaraj Blant!!! gheghe

CIMG0589 CIMG0567 CIMG0569 CIMG0578

CIMG0586 CIMG0591 CIMG0590 CIMG0599


here the EZ mode to Wsz Day 3

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