Winter is Coming.

Slowly the weather is turning, last week was actually doable, but the week before. Osnap. it started freezing at night like crazy. Every morning there were big layers of ice in our buckets and wheelbarrows, getting thicker and thicker. When you feel like adding some more clay, you suddenly realize that all the clay is frozen and almost unable to use. It was an exciting period. For i was spending the time here alone. Basz had to go back to NL for a while.

In school they teach you to calculate, teach you to write and read. try to teach you rights and principles obviously only useful for living in the System. But they don’t really teach you how to grow food, And especially not how to keep warm in cold weather except for maybe the occasional. “put the thermostat on 20°” So for me this was an exciting time. For i had to figure out how i’m gonna be able to keep this house around the 20° while its freezing outside, this is something i know how to do in Theory. But obviously Theory is something different then actually doing it. Indeed we have a Rocket mass heater, and a nice cozy fireplace but my lack in experience was to great. I generally woke up around 10°, yup. thats dang cold. So then I would fire up the rocket stove for the rest of the day, but nope. I was doing something wrong and couldn’t get the house above 15°. Luckily i have sweaters, and my Desk where i spend most of my evenings is almost in front of the fireplace. You guessed correct, after dinner i would light the Fireplace until i went to sleep to keep me warm. only to wake up in 10° the next morning to try solving this mystery once again. I can remember very well, this one evening after cooking some Delicious Macaroni for me, myself and I realized the living room was actually 17.4° What a great feeling. I beat the 15° (“Euphoric state of mind Busting dance moves all through the living room on my extremely awesome Beat-full musix FYI: Brock Berrigan“). Luckily after 6 days, it stopped freezing. and weather turned back to “”normal”" between 4 and 7° outside. I gave up on heating the house though i kinda got used to the colder temperatures in the living room, and felt like wasting shit loads of wood. In the end, after dinner I would spend my time close to the Fireplace anyway and wouldn’t be aware of the 13° living room temperature.

I think the point i’m trying to make is, That for the first time leaving da “City Slickers Life” and spending 2 weeks alone here @IzReal, I started to realize what things have to be done daily to keep general things comfortable in this kind of lifestyle. obviously temperature of the house is one of them, No thermostat you can turn up or down whenever you feel like it. If its cold you gotta chop sum wood and burn dat shit. Chopping wood daily was actually something i really enjoyed. I would do this most of the time when the sun went down. so i could Enjoy chopping wood, While watching the amazing painting the sky drew for me with its beautiful colorful sunset.

Or for example thinking ahead a vew days, because if the clay is frozen due to not storing it inside, you cant use it or continue your work the next day whether you like this or not. Same for the water well, water comes through the hose, so if you forget to hang it low in the well it would freez. happens a vew times…. Cooking was not really a problem, normally you have to think about other peoples belly’s, and have some dinner done at an appropriate time. but these 2 weeks alone were amazing. I just started whenever i felt a little munchies and made what i was in the mood for. Then i would make enough food for 2 people. so basically i ate the same stuff for 2 days. then cook again for 2 days and so on.

What i also came to realize in these 2 weeks of solo time at da IzReal is this simple things as loneliness//boredom. I remember when i told some friends about my plan to Hitchhike through Europe searching for Ecological/sustainability projects by myself they though i was crazy. Not only because of the supposed “dangers” hitchhiking would bring me, but also because of Loneliness and my lack of good social skillz. The big difference is. when you hitchhike, you meet new people, lots of them every day. You talk to them, you give them your story, in return they give you theirs. some are interesting some are not so much. Some invite you to join them for a vew days,(like the 2 Belgian dudes i spend a vew days with in Berlin) Some you will never see again. When you are alone on the road, you have to talk to people whether you like this or not. and by doing so all these awesome things happen, simply because you surrender your self to them so you allow them to happen. This is why i didn’t feel lonely or bored at all while hitchhiking.

But then you spend some time all by yourself, on a 5hectare land, kinda isolated from lots of people and cities. and basically don’t really talk to anyone in real. For i had everything i need and no reason to leave this place (which i actually really enjoyed) I just noticed that at the Fridays and Saturdays, I actually felt weird for a while, i’m not sure if it was just Boredom, or Loneliness. i just had this craving to do something, go somewhere. meet people. Socialize. Hang out with some peepz i know in V-City. Yet i didn’t feel like randomly driving to Vilnius for an hour, go to a bar and socialize… This probably because Ausra has left the country, and i cant call her anymore to crash at her Couch so easily:( So instead i skyped with my brothers and played Dotehz. forgetting all about this weird feeling:)))

Of course some work has been done also. The front portal thingy is closed now, not finished for sure but definitely on its way. Here some Before and,,, Well not exactly after, more like an in between. pictures

and the entrance on the pantry side has been made. Massive heavy door dang.

A random Autum Sunrise for you enjoyment below here. and 2 pictures of some really interesting trees i made when i made a little walk through the woods and surroundings before the leaves were all gone.

Did you know that in Lithuania it is tradition to honor your ancestors every first weekend of November? They do this by visiting there graves and light candles on them. i got recomended to check out a cemetery at night, so i did. and it amazed me. i have never seen something like this before. Lithuanian graves are very well taken care of and seeing so much candles really made a big impression.

Basz haz returned today, so things instantly turned crazy again, also soon were gonna have some new visitors. A dude from Italy, and some people from England, who will hang around for a while and help around.

Molis ir šiaudai, Tai ko jums Reikia!

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